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How to Import Financial Plan Data

I have seen that some users are still not clear about how plan data import works or how it behaves in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Finance.

For this reason, I am writing this blog post, I would show you an example of a case where the mistake is common.

Let’s call this Case X, below I am putting an example of the description of the issue given by a user:


Planned values missing on Profit Center in the SAP Firori app ‘Profit Centers – Plan/Actual’.

“SAP Fiori App: Import Financial Plan Data”

— Support Assistant —
Product / Product Area Selected
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Finance

Path Taken
Management Accounting and Margin Analysis
Overhead Accounting
SAP Fiori App: Import Financial Plan Data

Questions Answered

Q: What error do you encounter?
A: Cost Center and Profit Centers are not showing the same values.

— Description —

The Cost Center Plan was uploaded to the P system and is displayed in the Cost Center report (for Cost Center 10101301 assigned to Profit Center YB110). But the same values are not populated in the Profit Center report (for Profit Center YB110). 


Following, I would explain with an example, how the import plan data app works and why the user has these results.

In this example, I am using the SAP Fiori App “Import Financial Plan Data” to upload financial plan data stored in a comma-separated values file (CSV file).



In this example let’s see why it happened:


Step 1 –  Import Cost Center plan data


I import plan data records stored in my CSV file.




Attention! The Profit Center will be derived.






Now I can see the result in this reporting


The Cost Center 10101301 and Profit Center YB110 have as plan data the amount of $1.000,00


Step 2 –  Now I am importing the Profit Center YB110 Plan Data with a different account number 410000000

Attention! The third row defines the planning scope.

You must define the scope of your plan data in the source file. To do this, enter an X for each field that you want to be part of the scope of your plan data.

In the source file, you specify the plan data that you want to be imported into the system. Each plan data value in the file that belongs to a field marked with an X contributes to the selection of plan data that will be overwritten by new plan data. This means that existing plan data in the system that contains any of the combinations of these values will be deleted before new plan data is posted.

Attention! There is advised about the plan data will be reversed.


Result in table ACDOCP:

New plan data from the file are imported, but according to the plan data scope, before all plan data for Profit Center YB110 will be reversed (with Cost Center = blank):


Result in reporting:


Cost Center Report:


Profit Center Report displays data aggregated by Profit Center:

Plan data from the Cost Center are reversed on the Profit Center level


So what is the solution for Case X?

If you use a different account for Profit Center plan data you must follow these steps:

  1. Upload Profit Center plan data
  2. Upload Cost Center plan data

or adapt planning scope in Profit Center file:

Add column RCNTR for Cost Center and include it in the planning scope (set “X” in the third row) and leave it blank.

The upload will then only reverse plan data for the Profit Center with the Cost Center blank and it will not reverse plan data for Cost Centers.


I hope that this example helps you understand how the SAP Fiori App Import Financial Plan data work.


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      Author's profile photo Jack He
      Jack He


      Thanks for sharing.

      Do you know if there is any app/function that can lock the period or plan category so  users can`t load plan data again via app "import financial data" ?

      The app "manage posting period - cost accounting" can only lock some actual transaction by now.




      Author's profile photo Trung Nguyen
      Trung Nguyen

      Dear Guedes,

      Thank you so much for sharing. This blog is useful, I keep wondering whether plan entries were reversed after uploading new data.

      Best regards,

      Trung Nguyen

      Author's profile photo Mehmet Osoy
      Mehmet Osoy

      Dear Guedes,

      Thanks for sharing.

      As you write, the data is overwritten in the same planscope. Is there a way to ensure that the data in the same scope is not overwritten or could you make each entry "unique" so that the values are cumulated?

      Thanks for your help!


      Author's profile photo Felix Paxmann
      Felix Paxmann

      Dear Guedes,


      is it anyhow possible to upload the financial plan data on a less granular level without entering a G/L Account?


      Thank you and regards