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Author's profile photo Bernd Freibott

Occupational Health & Safety with SAP EHS, WCM and MoC

(Anmerkung: Um eine Version in Deutsch der Videos zu sehen, auf die Lösungslinks klicken und im Video-Entry-Screen auf Version in Deutsch klicken.)

For ‘Assuring Operational Excellence with SAP Work Clearance Management and SAP Management of Change’ follow this link!

To assure occupational health & safety, a healthy workforce and operational safety, SAP provides a series of solutions tailored to the safety practitioners’, the occupational health practitioners’ and safety engineers’ needs and methodology.

In the core of it all is the SAP EHS Risk Assessment solution for workplace and job related risk assessment, supporting risk detection (exposure profile), risk assessment, and risk mitigation (corrective actions). An outcome or this SAP EHS Risk Assessment is also the medical protocol planning for SAP EHS Occupational Health, based on the exposure profiles and the activities of the employees. Within SAP EHS Occupational Health, all medical services are provided and documented; a functional area that has new importance due to COVID pandemic and the consequent vaccination campaigns.

A special topic within occupational health & safety is the management of handling hazardous substances and chemicals, from purchasing over warehousing to usage, i.e. to assure

  • safe handling and storage,
  • availability of all safety related information at any point of time or location of storage or use,
  • availability of hazardous substance inventories,
  • availability of substance related information for health risk assessment.

All this is covered within the SAP EHS Chemical Management solution, with all relevant integration into SAP EHS Risk Assessment and SAP EHS Occupational Health. For example does the SAP EHS Chemical Management solution provide the relevant data about chemicals for the substance related health risk assessment within SAP EHS Risk Assessment, from with on the other end are derived the medical protocols within SAP EHS Occupational Health.

A further important solution in the context of proactive safety management and safety culture is the SAP EHS Incident Management, as central solution for incidents, accidents, near miss, hazard observations, unsafe behaviors.

To the wider are of occupational health and safety, i.e. operational safety, we have to add the SAP solutions SAP Work Clearance Management – to assure safe maintenance processes, work permit processes, Lockout/Tagout procedure – and SAP Management of Change – to assure safe change processes, e.g. for major asset or process changes.

Below, one can find for each of these solutions a brief introductory video, giving insights into the scope of the solutions and also a glimpse on the solution itself in from of a mini demo conveying a bit the look and feel of the solution.



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      Author's profile photo Jawwad Ahmed Khan
      Jawwad Ahmed Khan

      Good work, very nice document.

      Can you please provide the course codes for all EHS modules.

      EHS - Incident Management
      EHS - Health & Safety
      EHS - Environment Management
      EHS - Management of Change
      EHS - Work Clearance Management

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Bernd Freibott
      Bernd Freibott
      Blog Post Author

      Have you checked:


      EHS10 –  Introduction to SAP S/4Hana Environment, Health & Safety

      e-book of EHS100 -  SAP S/4HANA EHS - Environment Management e-book EHS100_EN_Col17

      Author's profile photo Burag Kalayciyan
      Burag Kalayciyan

      Hi Bernd,


      Thank you for this blog.


      My customer wants to do risk assessment in permit to work process. So is it possible to integrate WCM with EHS Health & Safety Management?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Bernd Freibott
      Bernd Freibott
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Burag,

      can you mail me at regarding this?



      Author's profile photo Kumar K
      Kumar K

      Hi Bernd,

      Thanks for share such a nice and crisp details.

      As part of Work permit process, we have to also do risk assessment of the work area to ensure there are no high risks related and to ensure safety measure.

      We have SAP S/4 HANA EHS Health and Safety modules (Risk assessment).

      Do we have any integration between EHS system and SAP WCM?


      Warm Regards


      Author's profile photo Bernd Freibott
      Bernd Freibott
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Kumar,,

      with present solution we have no out-of-the-box as part of standard WCM. However, our development department is working on a new Permit-to-Work process that will come with S/4HANA 2023 Private Edition supporting Fiori Apps unterstützt wird, i.e. also mobility. In the future, also an EHS integration ins planned, but there is no roadmap or timing yet available.

      As for now, the customer can do a custom development to create that integration.