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Author's profile photo Tayane Mazzarino

Understanding the Price Category information

Hello community,


Hope you’re doing fine today! This blog post provides you a deeper explanation regarding the Price Category feature which is mainly used in Maintain Business User and Business Catalogs applications.


Giving a quick contextualization, Business Catalogs contain a sample collection of target mappings and app launcher tiles relevant for a Business Role. With the Maintain Business Roles app you define business roles by combining predefined business catalogs and use them to control the access to your applications.

Since the release 1911 (hotfix collection 5), Business Catalogs are assigned to price categories (advanced use, core use, self-service use) defined according to each catalog existing in the system and are directly tied to it, which means that they cannot be changed. This assignment has been adapted to reflect the latest Use Rights as they are defined in the respective SAP S/4HANA Cloud Service Descriptions, which you can find in the SAP Trust Center.

These three categories reflect on the users and are used to differentiate them between levels of access, in other words, users are measured as individual persons and each has your user type based on the Business Catalogs assigned to them. Below you can find a short description of each category:

  • Advanced: full access to all S/4HANA Cloud capabilities, in particular to all differentiating,
    analytics, planning and configuration capabilities
  • Core: user type to address basic business capabilities within a line of business
  • Self-Service: mostly data consumption capabilities or lightweight tasks

If you look at Maintain Business Users app or download your Business Users you can see the price category of the employees. You don’t stipulate what price category they are in (neither via upload nor elsewhere) because this is determined based on the roles (and business catalogs and therefore the apps) that are assigned to that business user.

If a business user had only business roles with apps of the ‘Core’ category for example, that’s their price category. If they had an app that was of the ‘advanced’ category alongside ‘core’ apps, then the role assigned to the user would be of ‘advanced’ category – and so the business user inherits that same ‘advanced’ price category.

For calculation of this metric, SAP will retrieve all assignments of catalogues to users and derives the ‘highest’ classification which then results in the classification of the user. For that calculation, the classifications are ordered in the following way and the highest classification counts: ADVANCED > CORE > SELF-SERVICE.

Let’s check three scenarios to clarify how the classification works:


First scenario: The user will be counted as ADVANCED, even that there’s only one Business Catalog with Price Category advanced.

Second scenario: The user will be counted as CORE, even that there’s only one Business Catalog with Price Category core, once that there isn’t any advanced catalog.

Third scenario: The user will be counted as SELF-SERVICE, since that there’s only the Business Catalog with Price Category self-service.


To conclude, there is another case where the price category is present and may cause some doubts: when you create a custom app and need to add catalogs to it. In this case, I recommend you to assign a Business Catalog related to the business operations carried out in your developed tiles, but of course considering the price category, once that there’ll be users assigned to use the application. You can use the Business Catalog app to check all existing catalogs with their respective descriptions and price categories.


Hope this information is useful for you! I would greatly appreciate if you could share your feedbacks and thoughts in the comments.

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Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Aashka Shah
      Aashka Shah

      Hi Tayene,


      For some of the business Catalogs we see price category as "Individual Pricing per catalog". Can you please explain what that means? For example, if you look at "Cash Manager role", it shows business catalog "cash management - cash operations" with price category "Individual Pricing per catalog (AddOn).




      Author's profile photo Tayane Mazzarino
      Tayane Mazzarino
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Aashka,


      I checked in Business Catalogs app and the Price Category for Cash Management - Cash Operations is "Advanced". Would you please inform where you found the information "Individual Pricing per Catalog"?


      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Mark Hughes
      Mark Hughes

      For those who don't have access to the Business Catalog app, is there a reference showing all (standard / SAP-delivered) BC <-> Price Category mappings?

      Author's profile photo Tayane Mazzarino
      Tayane Mazzarino
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mark,


      I believe that it's not possible to have a reference showing all Business Catalogs if you don't have access to the app.

      What you could do is use the SAP Fiori Apps Library to search for an application and find the Business Catalogs related to this specific application. However, this will not provide you the Price Category, only the Business Catalog depending on what application you're searching for.


      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kumar
      Saurabh Kumar



      I can see a new price category call "Development Support", an idea what is all about?




      Author's profile photo Tayane Mazzarino
      Tayane Mazzarino
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Saurabh,


      Would you please inform where you're seeing this Development Support price category?


      Thank you!