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Author's profile photo Peter Engel

SAP Process Automation: Free Tier Availability

Are  you curious about how to automate processes with SAP Process Automation?

Then here is the perfect starting point for you: Free Tier for SAP Process Automation.

I will explain in this blog post  how you can activate the service in the BTP with our booster. Everyone who prefer a video can watch it here.


All others can read the article.

Activating Pay-as-you-Go

Your journey starts with creating your BTP account, as explained in this video.

For more detailed info on how to start using SAP BTP Free Tier, you can refer to blog posts from Riley Rainey


The Booster

To start the activation of the service you can use our guided procedures in SAP BTP called Boosters. On the left side of the screen click on the Boosters item in the menu:

The Boosters overview page opens and you can search for “free” (1) to find the Booster for our plan. After the tile with the booster is shown you can click on it (2).


The overview page of our booster opens and you can proceed with clicking on start.


The booster tests the prerequisites for our service and your credentials. After the green boxes show that you passes the test successfully you can click on next.

In the next step you can decide if you want to create a new sub-account or use an existing one. In our example we go with the new sub-account scenario (1) and we are click on next (2).

On the next page the system shows you all generated IDs which can be changed or accepted. The most important point here is that you can see correct service and the plan in the green box then click on next.

On the next page you are able to maintain users which are directly added to the SAP Process Automation service, of course you can add users later. The user which executes the bot will be already added to both roles, the admin role (1) and the developer role (2). to confirm click on next (3).

On the last page of the booster you see a summary for review. After the review click on Finish.

The booster starts the deployment which can take up to five minutes as we are doing a lot of work for you in the background to get the service ready.

After everything is done you the pop-up with the success message and you can navigate to the sub-account.

In the sub-.account click on Instances and Subscriptions in the menu.

You get now an overview on the activated services and you can move directly to the application by clicking on the icon in the red box.

SAP Process Automation is now shown up and you can start to automate your processes.


Your are now able to use the free tier service plan for SAP Process Automation. Happy automation building and stay tuned for further blog posts on the amazing new product.


For more information on SAP Process Automation, please refer to the following sources:


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      Author's profile photo Rainer Betrich
      Rainer Betrich

      Hi Peter,

      thanks for that pretty good news.


      all the best,


      Author's profile photo Iskandar Tyukmaev
      Iskandar Tyukmaev

      Hi! I create free trial account in SAP BTP Cockpit, but don't have "Set up account for SAP Process automation" in Boosters..i don't know why

      Author's profile photo Peter Engel
      Peter Engel
      Blog Post Author


      free tier is only available via PayGo. SAP Process Automation is not included in the trial offering.



      Author's profile photo Mohammed Alhaj
      Mohammed Alhaj


      Author's profile photo Taseeb Saeed
      Taseeb Saeed

      Thanks for sharing, i just created my free tier BTP and subscribed to free Process Automation.



      Taseeb Saeed

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Alhaj
      Mohammed Alhaj

      welcome any way SAP is big world i inespect german they show to world amazing busnies

      Author's profile photo Joseph Manipadam
      Joseph Manipadam

      Hi Peter,


      I have subscribed to the SAP Build Process Automation  'Free' Plan.


      But if I go to the store and try to ADD a Ready to Use 'Live Process'... I get the following error message

      ''Error creating service "sap_processautomation" from offering "process-automation-service" and plan "standard": Service plan standard not found.''

      Does that mean that adding Live Processes from the store is only allowed for the 'Standard' plan and not for the 'Free' plan.


      Could you please confirm