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SAP Learning Hub, Partner Edition Turns One: Are You Leveraging It for Certifications?

SAP Learning Hub, partner edition just celebrated the first anniversary of its launch, which began a new era of accessible resources for SAP certifications. Today, when both workforce and technology trends are changing at a rapid pace, SAP Learning Hub may become one of the most important resources available to your SAP practice.

SAP partner organizations, like other businesses in the IT space, are feeling the impact of the talent shortage. Statista reports that hard-to-fill technology jobs – those open for 60 days without finding a suitable candidate – represent 56 percent of job postings in the Netherlands and more than 50 percent in Portugal and Belgium. Additionally, hard-to-fill tech positions exceed 40 percent in the U.S., Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and Ireland.

The shortage of tech talent is holding organizations back. Research for Gartner’s 2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap Survey found that the talent shortage, particularly the lack of skilled professionals with cloud expertise, is the most significant barrier to emerging technology adoption for 64 percent of organizations.

To position your SAP practice competitively, you need skilled consultants. However, there’s only a slim chance that you’ll find resources with the expertise you need outside your organization. The smarter strategy is to invest in your current team to ensure they can help you meet demands in your market by successfully deploying, maintaining and integrating SAP systems. To be proficient, your consultants need deep knowledge of each SAP product used in the solutions you offer. And the best way to ensure your team has that knowledge is to have them stay current with SAP certifications via SAP Learning Hub.

What Your Team Can Learn on SAP Learning Hub

When a member of your team achieves an SAP Certification, you and your clients know that consultant have deep understanding of the solution in its entirety. SAP Learning Hub, partner edition helps your team members prepare for more than 125 SAP certifications, based on your team’s roles.

With SAP Learning Hub, your consultants will find tools that help them prepare for certification, including:

  • Self-paced educational content on topics related to products across the SAP solution portfolio, including SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Visual SAP Learning Journeys, which you can tailor to your team’s skill levels and goals
  • Live online sessions in SAP Learning Rooms that enable members of your team to interact with SAP experts as well as peers
  • 60 hours of access to live SAP learning systems and sandbox systems for hands-on practice

Building and Executing an SAP Certification Strategy

Taking advantage of SAP Learning Hub, partner edition resources can put your business on a growth path. However, as with any business initiative, you need to plan and execute the best strategy for your business.

Begin by taking stock of your business to see which SAP products your clients use now and which they are likely to transition to in the future. Then, consider each consultant on your team, the certifications they currently have, and whether they have any skills gaps. Also, ensure you have the right number of consultants certified in various SAP products to support your growth plans.

Once you determine the certifications your team needs, direct your consultants to the SAP Learning Hub. After completing training on a specific product, each consultant will have two online exam attempts to become certified.

Never Stop Learning

While your team achieves certifications via SAP Learning Hub, you’ll likely learn something about your business as well. Although you may not have taken a goal-based approach to SAP certifications in the past, you’ll see that investing in SAP Certification as a part of your business strategy has measurable ROI, including a greater ability to pursue and win deals in your market.

Additionally, you may win more of your employees’ loyalty. Business education company Lorman reports that employee retention rates are 30 percent to 50 percent higher among companies with strong learning cultures than those that do not. The study also found that 86 percent of millennials wouldn’t leave their current positions if their employee offered training and development. Calculating the cost of recruiting and onboarding a new employee – if it’s even possible to find a qualified candidate – will immediately reveal the value of retaining the top talent on your org chart today.

SAP Learning Hub, partner edition has been available to you and your team for a year. Don’t allow another year to go by without taking advantage of this resource that will enable your team to increase the number of SAP certifications, expand your team’s skills, and use that expertise to grow your business.

Get started today.

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      Author's profile photo Brian Berkenstock
      Brian Berkenstock


      These are wild stats:

      • ...employee retention rates are 30 percent to 50 percent higher among companies with strong learning cultures than those that do not.
      • ... 86 percent of millennials wouldn’t leave their current positions if their employee offered training and development.

      With more people now working from home, and a lot of new hiring no longer limited by location, employers need to work harder than ever to retain talent. Offering ongoing education and inhouse career development look like great ways to do that.


      Author's profile photo Mary Marbelys Martínez Campos
      Mary Marbelys Martínez Campos
      SAP Learning Hub, Partner edition, includes access to a minimum of 5 consultants:
      Will each consultant have access to 2 certification attempts?