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Release and Update Cycle of S/4HANA Cloud

SAP is transforming itself into a cloud powerhouse, having a range of cloud applications, working on integration of those cloud solutions onto a single cloud platform. What about the lifecycle events of its core offering, S/4HANA Cloud? How are patches and new innovations are delivered in cloud?

As described in the SAP Activate methodology’s Release and Update Cycle of S/4HANA Cloud deliverable, there are three types of lifecycle event in S/4HANA Cloud: corrections, frequent feature updates, and release upgrades.

A detailed schedule is included in SAP Activate as an accelerator, where you can find the timing of collection of changes applied to the customer’s systems. Green, gold and red colored bars represent corrections, features and upgrades respectively. The update and release upgrade numbers are indicated in the white boxes, where updates are numbered after each major release.


S/4 HANA Cloud Schedule

To view a list of corrections included in changes applied, go to the Patch Collection Information note in the useful link section of the schedule accelerator, and download the pdf document that contains a list of affected component ID and description of corrections.


Example of component ID and description of corrections

Coming from a quarterly release in the past, there are two major upgrades for 2022. Additional new features are introduced every month as an update, where there is not a release upgrade in that month. What’s New Viewer is a great tool to explore and find out more details about new innovations that are in the updates and upgrades. Customer can easily filter by Line of Business (i.e. Manufacturing, etc), Solution Area (i.e. Quality management, etc), Category (i.e. CDS view, App, etc), Type (i.e. new or update) for one or a few collection of changes by the release number.


Example: A New CDS view of Quality Management for customer in Manufacturing


Unlike release upgrade, frequent updates are delivered without too much disruption from customer point of view, similar like corrections or patches. For release upgrade, regression test steps are grouped together in Activate methodology to provide more clear guidance for customer execution during the 2 weeks upgrade period.


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      Author's profile photo Bob Byrne
      Bob Byrne


      Author's profile photo Joerg Stahr
      Joerg Stahr



      so Is my understanding correct that there are only 2 major releases for S4 HANA per year?


      Is there always a downtimes  (non availability of the system to customers) associated with the releases?

      Author's profile photo Ying Huang
      Ying Huang
      Blog Post Author

      Correct, for 2022, there were two major releases. There is a monthly release (ie. 2208.1 in Sept) of new features in the month where there is not a major release.


      Author's profile photo Joerg Stahr
      Joerg Stahr

      Thank you.

      Can you please be more precise?

      Will there be a downtime = non-availability of the system during the continuous delivery / patching.

      Author's profile photo Ying Huang
      Ying Huang
      Blog Post Author

      Continuous Delivery is indicated as YYMM.n in the schedule and delivered the same way as patching. 

      You can also find the downtime information in the schedule link in the blog. 

      Author's profile photo Joerg Stahr
      Joerg Stahr

      Ok. So yes. the system will be down.