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SAP WM: Can different batches of inventory of the same material on the same storage bin have the same SU number?



At the SAP WM level, SU management can be activated at the storage type level. Business departments can store different materials or different batches of inventory on the same storage bin. These inventories with different material numbers or batch numbers can be distinguished by different storage unit numbers. Even for the same material number / batch number / stock type combination, if the GR date is different, the stock placed in the same storage bin can have a different storage unit number (record its different GR dates).


Is it possible that the stock with different quant numbers placed in the same storage bin to have the same storage unit number? The answer is yes, SAP standard functionality can be achieved. This article is used to show this scenario.



1, The following storage type z03, the shelf strategy is I, and SU management is enabled.

Here, the mixed storage field value is set to P. As shown above.


By the way, when SU management is enabled for the storage type and the put away strategy is I, the mixed storage field cannot be A or X. Otherwise, the following errors will appear:

Error msg:With SU mgmt, strat.I together with mixed stor. A or X not allowed


2,Warehouse view data of material 788 master data.

Stock placement indicator is Z03.



3,Execute the transaction code MIGO to do goods receipt against the purchase order of material 788, and the batch number is 0000000453.

Continue to execute transaction code LT06 and put away for the stock,


SAP system can automatically find the shelf of the destination z03 / 15-01-01. Enter and save,

The system prompts that TO#60 has been created. Confirm the TO document.


4, Conduct the GR posting for purchase order again, the new batch number 0000000454, and the stock is also placed on the shelf of Z03/15-01-01. Look at the inventory data.

Check the quant data of the two items (different batch numbers),


In other words, there are inventories with different batch numbers in the same SU#1000000000. The quant numbers are 145 & 148, and the batch numbers are 0000000453 / 0000000454 respectively.


This effect is achieved by setting the value of mixed storage field in storage type Z03 to P. As shown below:


P – One Mixed Storage Unit per Bin.



Of course, this effect cannot be accepted in SAP project practice, because it does not meet the needs of warehouse management in most enterprises. In SAP project practice, the material / batch number / stock type combination of one SU is should be unique, thus business personnel can get unique stock data after scanning the SU number.



Note: This blog is based on SAP S4 / HANA 1909 system.



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