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Recreate a cancelled onboarding record

For many onboarding customers, it is a common requirement, where you cancel an onboarding record due to no-show or other reasons, only to have the same person being available for a hire at a later date.

In this scenario, when you try to onboard the person, you will run into errors similar to “SSN (National ID exists”, etc. The work around will be to purge the record.

To purge the record you will need the person’s UID. Since the record is cancelled earlier, and if we have not made note of the UID someplace, we are in a “near dead end”.

If you do the have the UID, when you try to purge the record, you could potentially run into a scenario where the purge does not delete the record.

In this blog post, I share my experiences on the work around I followed, and Integration Reports that I built, to support the scenario’s shared above.

Gather the UID of the cancelled onboarding record

You can get the UID of the cancelled onboarding record by creating a report in Integration Center, using  Simple File Output Integration. After selecting Simple File Output Integration, select the entity “ExternalUser”.  For fields select userId and username.


Selecting fields in ExternalUser entity


In the configure fields, you will see the output. You can filter on the username field, which is always the externalOnboardee email address. With this you can capture the UID of the cancelled onboardee.

Purging the onboarding record

You will be able to purge the record, only if the status of the record is “d”. To identify the status, you can update the IC report discussed above to include the field “status”.  The report output will provide the status, which might be “e”.

The other option to view the status is to use the config step “Data Inspector”.

As seen in the figure, in the entity field select “Table_USERS_SYSINFO”.  You click the option Filter Criteria, and define the condition. You will use User Sys ID and enter the UID of the record you want to purge. If the returned record show the status is not equal to ‘d’, we will need to update the status before we can purge the record.


Data Inspector

To change the status of the record, we will create another integration center report. In the Integration Center, select More Integration Types. In the displayed screen select the options as displayed in the screen below:


More Integration Types


Click Create. In the displayed screen select the entity ExternalUser.

In the configure fields option, in the left side for the field “operation” select the option “Upsert Single”


Update the IC settings


In the fields section, select the field userId, and select the option, “Set as associated field”


userId association


In the displayed screen, select Entity Tree View, and select userId. Click, Change Association to userId.

In the filter field enter the UID that you want to purge.

Scroll down and select status. In the Default Value field, enter “d”.

For productName, enter ONB in Default Value.

Click Next

Click Next

In Scheduling, select Suspended/NotScheduled.

Click Next and click Run Now.

When the IC is completed successfully, the status of the record will be changed to d.

You can start your purge of the Onboarding record.



  1. KBA:  3112907 – [Onboarding] How to change the status of the user from active external suite (e) to Inactive external suite (d) : This published KBA says you need to open a support ticket, to change the status of the record, before you can purge the record. In this blog post, I have discussed how you can change the status of the record using Integration Center. There is no necessity to open a support ticket to have the script executed. You can do it yourself.
  2. KBA: 3052056 – [ONB 2.0] How to delete or permanent purge an inactive onboardee use: A good KBA to refer/read through if you are not familiar on how to purge a record.

Conclusion:  Cancelled an ONB record, and being able to re-use the same record details to start an onboarding process is a common business need. The product SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding does support this need. As discussed in this blog post, you can purge the record and be able to use the details such as FName, LName, NationalID etc and initiate onboarding process.

Do leave your experiences and comments below. Thanks.



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