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Live Data Analytics – Creating Critical Connections to Non-SAP Data Assets

This post summarizes the Live Data Analytics – Unlock New Value and Insight webinar, originally webcast February 10, 2022. Watch this webinar on demand.

Live data analytics requires live data connectivity, which means connecting to all of the data sources you need to tell your stories. These data sources will likely include both SAP and non-SAP assets. Live connectivity to these assets removes the need to relocate the data in your non-SAP data sources. Instead, you direct focused queries to these data sources and receive focused data in return.

The benefits of live data connectivity include:

  • No unnecessary movement of data
  • Only focused queries requested, only focused data returned
  • Reduced data transaction costs
  • Database security controls are retained
  • No need to remodel data within analytics solution

Live data connectivity unifies your analytics, and simplifies data and security management. Because data continues to grow across diverse data assets, many organizations are finding live data analytics to be not just the most easily implemented and fastest way to unify analytics, but also the most effective way to plan for future analytics connectivity and manage change efficiently.

Your choice of live data connectivity will depend on numerous factors, including:

  • Data volumes too large for data download or replication
  • Significant changes in data technologies for high-performance
    • Cloud data platforms; In-memory platforms
    • Extremely fast & highly responsive
  • Live connectivity now very viable with strong performance
  • Live connectivity removes data latency
  • Live connectivity can enable unified security

You may also need a combination of live and import data connectivity to meet your specific needs. For example, Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud requires that data be moved to the SAC data environment, and may be uploaded on a schedule to ensure data is as current as possible

APOS Live Data Gateway

APOS Live Data Gateway, available on the SAP Store, is a middleware platform that enables live data connectivity and expanded data source options.

APOS Live Data Gateway supports 100+ data sources, including a wide variety of non-SAP sources. You can view the complete list of supported data sources here.

The broad availability of such data sources is complemented by these notable features:

  • Multiple SSO options supported
  • Self-service BI modelling
  • Scalability
  • High-availability support
  • GeoSpatial support

APOS Live Data Gateway’s architecture consists of three layers:

  • Data Virtualization Layer
  • Data Preparation Layer
  • Data Consumption Layer

Data Virtualization Layer

The Data Virtualization Layer provides a single point of connection to Cloud, relational, OLAP, Hadoop, and application data sources. Watch this video to learn more:

Data Preparation Layer

The Data Preparation Layer provides a common semantic layer for consistent data modelling. Watch this video to learn more:

Data Consumption Layer

The Data Consumption Layer serves data to analytics consumers. Watch this video to learn more:

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Power BI DirectQuery

As I said earlier, APOS Live Data Gateway lets you connect to a multitude of non-SAP data assets. In addition, it can help you integrate your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud data platform with Microsoft Power BI by enabling Power BI DirectQuery. APOS Live Data Gateway for Power BI and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides fast, efficient and transparent data access through DirectQuery connections for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. A DirectQuery connection is critical to handle medium to large datasets and cloud sources where an import connection is impractical because of size. Only the information required, is retrieved.

This edition of APOS Live Data Gateway provides the benefits of live data connectivity between Power BI and Data Warehouse Cloud:

  • Live connection to Data Warehouse Cloud with direct, targeted queries
  • No data import into Power BI means no data latency or analytics latency
  • Increased speed & efficiency of data process

5 Simple Steps to Live Connectivity

APOS Live Data Gateway simplifies and unifies live data connectivity across your analytics landscape. Follow these 5 simple steps to build your live data analytics:

This post summarizes the Live Data Analytics – Unlock New Value and Insight webinar, originally webcast February 10, 2022. Watch this webinar on demand.



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