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SAP S/4HANA Cloud : Asset Accounting – FAQs


Welcome. There are frequent questions asked on Asset Accounting. This blog post will answer some of the common questions and will also give you relevant informational links for details and deep dive.


1) Is there a mass upload function for fixed asset in S/4HANA Cloud ?

You can do mass upload and change assets in SAP S/4HANA Cloud system through API’s.

On how to use the API’s you can refer to

User can refer the below API for Asset creation and change.


2) Is there any function for mass retirement of Fixed Asset ?

For Post-Retirement (Non-Integrated) – Without Customer, user can post mass retirement by clicking the button “multiple assets”. There is no such tool available for mass retirement and mass acquisition of fixed asset in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

For Post-Retirement (Integrated with AR) – With Customer, there is no such tool available for mass retirement of fixed asset in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


3) Is it possible to do the changes in Asset Class ?

The standard asset class cannot be changed. CBC user needs to create new asset class by copying from standard asset classes then User can do the changes based on their requirements.


New Asset Class creation by copying standard class

4) How to block standard asset class ?

Asset classes are standard asset classes, they cannot be changed. CBC user can create new asset class by coping from standard asset class, then block option will be available for new created asset class.


5) During the simulation of Asset Postings via the Migration Cockpit the below errors are appear:

System error occurs when calling function module in target system

Message no. DMC_RT_MSG231

Message no. DMC_RT_MSG039

Message no. DMC_RT_MSG041

User need to remove line items with zero value from “posted value” tab of Asset posting via Migration Cockpit. User can also refer KBA 3132044 for further information.


6) During Data transfer from the legacy system how to transfer the depreciation of the current fiscal year ?

Based on business requirements, user can use one of the following options –

  • User can transfer the posted depreciation for the current year to SAP S/4HANA Cloud system by using “posted value” tab for ordinary depreciation from Asset data migration template.

  • User can also perform the legacy data transfer without migrating the posted depreciation of current fiscal year. After the legacy data transfer, user can get the depreciation in the SAP system by executing the depreciation run.


7) Asset master created for new asset class has only one ledger and other ledger(s) are missing.

All valuation views are not assigned to asset class. The valuation view(s) which are not assigned to asset class are with status inactive and these are not considered during asset master creation.

CBC user must assign all relevant valuation views, accounting principle to newly created Asset class.


Specify Valuation Views for Asset Class


8) SAP FIORI App ‘Make Company Code settings Asset-Accounting-Specific’ gives an error AA821 “Company code & not defined in Asset Accounting”.

User can perform below steps to resolve the issue. User can also refer to the KBA – 2909548.

  • Open the * ‘Make Company Code settings Asset-Accounting-Specific’.
  • A popup with ‘Some objects in the display differ from the objects in the configuration (e.g. company codes).’ will appear, click ‘Continue’.
  • This will trigger a synchronization mechanism that will update the data of the company code runtime settings from the configuration. A success message should appear afterwards and the missing company code(s) should now exist in the display.


9) Is it possible to post asset transactions – ledger specific? i.e., AUC settlement, Asset acquisition, Retirement etc.

In SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2105, there is option to select ledger while posting. Users need to enter the required ledger while posting asset transaction.

Pls refer below blog for further information.

Asset Postings with Universal Parallel Accounting | SAP Blogs


Thanks for reading this blog post. I would like to see your comments and  would like to  answer questions which u can post  at Q&A tag area :


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      Author's profile photo Partha Sarathi Samantaray
      Partha Sarathi Samantaray

      Hi Raman,


      Thank you for the post. Can you put some light on the Legacy Assets migration approach in SAP S4 HANA Cloud?

      1. Fiscal year is calendar year but the system is going live in April. Previous year - 2021 and Current year - 2022
      2. As this is a mid year go live, we have taken cut over date as 31st March and the take over date in the system as 31st March as well.
      3. We are able to upload the asset postings for previous year through cumulative sheet, but facing issue with taking over the current year asset values, both Gross book value and depreciation value. Which sheet shall we use to take over the current year gross and depreciation value and how to fill it up? If it is the Posted value sheet, then how to fill it up precisely? Can you guide here?



      Partha Sarathi Samantaray

      Author's profile photo Christian Rainer
      Christian Rainer

      Hi all,

      for mass updates there are bots available within SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for following Asset Accounting processes:

      1. Update Asset master
      2. Asset Acquisition
      3. Asset Transfer within company code
      4. Asset Transfer across company code
      5. Asset Retirement
      6. Asset Retirement by Scrapping


      Author's profile photo Sivaram Bandaru
      Sivaram Bandaru

      Are group assets supported in S/4 HANA?