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Customized process to create SAP Business Partner in SAP S/4 HANA using Liquid UI

This blog post details about SAP Business Partner in SAP S/4 HANA and a scenario that shows you customized process to create Business Partner using Liquid UI that will help SAP users in reducing the processing time and more benefits.

SAP Business Partner represents a person, an organization, or a group of organizations in a company with business relationships. Using this business object, a large number of business transactions can be processed. Here, we can perform Sales and Purchase Order processing in one place. 

Those who have worked with SAP ERP know that SAP Business Partner replaces SAP Objects Customer and Vendor as well as all other partner objects apart from the Human Resources number. 

After creating the Business Partner in SAP, the transactional data saved here is available for Sales or Purchase Order. It acts as master data with which you can carry out all the business processes in the Organization. Thus Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting departments in an organization can access the centralized data and documents from SAP. The data includes order details, confirmation, shipping details, invoices, notifications, and credit notes.

SAP Business Partner helps companies to communicate with customers and vendors. You can update all the information about the customers and vendors at a single point so that both the customers and vendors have complete visibility of the information shared. For instance, if the vendor has updated the address and other contact details. Then the customers will have the updated information in SAP Business Partner. In this way, we are aware now of how SAP Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA system is meeting the data demands and maintaining data quality. Thus benefiting the business processes in various organizations.

Here, you will learn how to create the Business Partner with the Customer role using Liquid UI WS scripts. Liquid UI enables you to have a simplified User Interface along with a customized SAP process that will get rid of the manual entry of adding various redundant data, as explained below:

Prerequisites: Liquid UI WS, SAP GUI

Generally, the sales order process is performed after creating the Business Partner in the Customer Role. So, here we are selecting the role as the Customer. 

//Create this file inside your script folder for customizing the SAP Easy Access screen: SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.E0100.sjs. 

//Now, let’s start adding the below Liquid UI scripts to the above file.

STEP1: Customization of SAP screen:

  1. Initially, we have deleted the image container using the delete command on the SAP Easy Access screen.
    // Deletes an IMAGE_CONTAINER on the Easy Access screen

  2. Add a pushbutton on the Easy Access screen with a title as “Create Business Partner”  and added a process option that allows executing the function associated with the name mentioned. For instance, when you click the pushbutton, then in the back end the function (assignvalues) associated with the pushbutton will get executed to achieve your desired results.

    // Creates a pushbutton that executes assignvalues function on click
    pushbutton([0,0],"Create Business Partner","/nBP",{"process":assignvalues});

  3. Add three inputfields with the labels at your desired position on the screen. Here, we have created these fields as per our requirement to enter the values in the required fields of the BP transaction screen.
    // Creates three input fields with specified name and size 
    inputfield([1,0], "Create Role in BP", [1,16], {"size":18, "name":"z_bp_role"});    
    inputfield([2,0], "Title", [2,16], {"size":40, "name":"z_bp_title"});
    inputfield([3,0], "Name", [3,16], {"size":10, "name":"z_bp_name"});

    Note: You can create the required number of input fields on the screen to enter the details to create your Business Partners.

  4. Added this function to assign the values entered in the input fields on the Easy Access screen into the Business Partner screen. Also allows you to perform certain actions on the BP screen using these simple commands in the function. Also, saves the details at the end and creates the Business Partner. 
    function assignvalues(param)
    //Executes operations that are initiated from different screen to this screen (BP transaction screen)
    onscreen 'SAPLBUS_LOCATOR.3000'
    // Executes the function code of the Organization button that appears on the toolbar
    onscreen 'SAPLSPO1.0100'
    // Selects the option Yes available on the popup window
    onscreen 'SAPLBUS_LOCATOR.3000'
    // Assigns the BP role entered in the field to the Create in BP role field on the BP transaction
    set("F[Create in BP role]","&V[z_bp_matl]");
    onscreen 'SAPLSPO1.0600'
    // Selects the Create option 
    // Assigns the title entered in the input field to the Title field on the BP transaction
    // Assigns the Name entered in the input field to the Name field on the BP transaction
    set("F[Name]", "&V[z_bp_name]");
    onscreen 'SAPLBUS_LOCATOR.3000'
    // Performs Save

STEP2: Create a Business Partner using the Liquid UI – customized SAP screen 

The below process shows creating a Business Partner on the Customized Easy Access screen by adding the details in the fields that are used for creating a business partner as per the requirement for a business.

  1. After customization, the SAP Easy Access screen appears as shown below.
  2. Enter the details in the fields created on the screen and click the Create Business Partner, you will see the success message on the status bar as “Business Partner created”.

Here, I have shown the simple process of how we can create a BP with a few required details in one click. You can create a required number of input fields on the screen to enter the details and also process them as per your requirement.

Hope you liked this blog post and comment below for any customization-related post!

This customization process on SAP GUI using the Liquid UI helps SAP users to create a better User Interface with a simplified transaction process. You will learn more about the Liquid UI technology-related topics in future blog posts.


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      Author's profile photo Ramin Shafai
      Ramin Shafai

      Is there a reason you would customize BP gui tcode instead of using the Sap Fiori app Manage Business Partners?

      Sap's UX strategy recommends using Fiori always, unless the transaction has not been converted to Fiori. Then you'd consider customizing Gui transaction.

      And even then, Personas are what sap recommends.

      Am I not right?