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Register for our Hyperautomation Hackathons 2022

After our preview of SAP Process Automation on SAP TechEd 2021 and the positioning of our LCNC-offering you surely can’t wait to get your hands dirty on our latest solutions.

For 2022 we are offering multiple Hackathon and Workshop events to provide an opportunity to build your own automation prototype to automate mundane tasks, that occur on your day-to-day business. With SAP Process Automation we are focusing on development of RPA-Bots and Workflow and with SAP Conversational AI you can build your own chatbot prototype that is truly able to deliver a personalized human-like conversation to its end-users.

The goal of this Hackathon is to utilize Design Thinking techniques in order to validate your use-case. In this event you will investigate if your scenario provides value to business users, and if it can be accomplished using technologies such as RPA, Workflow and Natural Language Processing. By doing so, you will be making sure that your idea is worthy of investment and participation. Furthermore, you will leave the Hackathon with a concept and a prototype that you can use to jumpstart your implementation project right away.

During the event, you will meet our experts and learn directly from them. So, you would get access to the state-of-the-art technology, receive professional support and exchange knowledge with your peers from other companies.


SAP Process Automation:

In this Hackathon we will provide a list predefined Use-Cases and real-life business challenges which can be automated with SAP Process Automation. You can decide which challenge is most suitable for you and start working on it right away. SAP Process Automation combines the capabilities of SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in an easy-to-use, no-code AI-powered experience. The new solution enables organizations of all sizes to:

  • Simplify automation with visual drag-and-drop tools and industry specific content
  • Automate faster with business context in a unified AI-powered workflow management and robotic process automation solution
  • Manage processes and automations with confidence on a trusted, enterprise grade, multi-cloud platform

The goal is to reduce the burden of repetitive, simple tasks on employees, in order to let them focus on strategic and valuable tasks. The flexible automation capabilities provide business agility, efficiency, and frees up resources for high value activities. It also comes with a user-friendly, web-based interface which is absolutely ideal for this format. We are also planning to give presentations, hands-on exercises and the expert trainers who can support your team if you are stuck.


SAP Conversational AI

As part of the overall chatbot ideation phase, we will define a concrete persona that would use the chatbot as an end-user. This persona can be anyone: It can be a customer experiencing poor service response times, an employee who wants first level support without calling IT, or even yourself – if you want to build your own personal chat-buddy during times of lockdown. After including the most basic things like name, photo, age, job and hobbies, you will identify the personas motivations, goals and pain points, which will need to be addressed by the bot. We will then build a prototype to begin addressing these pain points and achieving these goals.

And that’s the foundation of Hackathon: we take a real life business scenario – any sort of scenario – and we use the SAP Conversational AI Platform to begin solve it in a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the use case.

For training and building the chatbot we are going to use SAP Conversational AI. The SAP Conversational AI Platform covers all aspects and phases of chatbot development: training, building conversation flows and monitoring. The Bot Builder, which provides a user-friendly, web-based interface to create and monitor bots. The best part, it comes with a free trial, and everything you build can be taken home for internal presentations or further development.




Sign up for a free trial account for SAP Business Technology Platform and test our software by yourself here.

Or get in touch with us to discuss your use case.

And also thank you to Sarah Detzler and Evgeniy Gorbunov for being the partners in crime

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      Author's profile photo Sudhakar Jha
      Sudhakar Jha

      Hi Manuel,

      I was part of the SAP Process Automation Hackathon and really enjoyed it. It was a great learning experience for me.

      Somehow I missed 2nd one (SAP Conversational AI Hackathon (10 – 12. May)) as didn't get any notification.

      I have 2 questions:

      1. How can we on top of these event notifications? Really don't want to miss these hackathons,
      2. Are we sharing any mail or certificates with the participant who attended such an event?