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Author's profile photo Lena Stodal

Random Day Surprise // World Compliment Day

Surprise Surprise – it is Random Day Surprise in SAP Community! As today, March 1st, marks World Compliment Day, the SAP Community team would like to give a shout-out to our members because we appreciate you and want to compliment you on your engagement, contributions, and achievements.

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” — Mark Twain

We dedicate our Random Day Surprises to (fun) global holidays. Since 2003, people from all around the world are celebrating World Compliment Day to bring a smile to the face of others.
There is yet another National Compliment Day that originated in the US. As we are a global community though, we are celebrating World Compliment Day that has its origin in Europe, to be more specific in the Netherlands. From there it found its influence in Belgium, in Norway and ultimately all around the globe.

World Compliment Day addresses the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. It is just about consciously reflecting on what someone in your environment does well and letting that person know he/she is sincerely appreciated for that.

Alternatively, you can surely also celebrate:
National Fruit Compote Day (USA)
National Pig Day (USA)
National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (USA)
National Plan a Solo Vacation Day (unofficial, generic holiday)
National Horse Protection Day (USA)

Why is it important to compliment each other?

For instance, our team (SAP Community & Influencers) starts our weekly team call with a round of High Five’s, an idea that got initiated and brought to us by Svea Becker. We give a ✋🏽 to a colleague who helped us out during the last week, went the extra mile to support us with a project, who was extra supportive with a task or just made us smile 🙂
I personally like to see that someone is appreciative of my work and sees the little things. Who doesn’t like to be complimented and valued for what one does?

Is there any procedures or daily/weekly routines that you are doing in your team(s)?


❗️ Get active today with the following activities (and while doing so you’ll earn a badge today):

Compliment three fellow community members
If you manage to compliment just three people today, you will have accomplished everything this holiday has set out to do – spread positivity and joy! Use the comment section below to tag your fellow community member that you want to compliment today.

Get creative with your compliments
Try writing a nice comment/note. Go into detail and be detailed as to why the community member you choose to compliment is so appreciated.

Say thank you
If a situation may not warrant a compliment, offer a genuine “Thank you.” That and smile can make a person feel good, and that’s what this day is all about.


We wanted to take today’s opportunity to compliment some of you who accomplished great achievements during the last month. So shout-out to you, because you did a great job on getting awarded the following tricky badges for our missions:

Diligent Solver February 2022



Lakshmipathi Ganesan
Denys van Kempen
Bijay Kumar Barik
Sanil Bhandari
Dominik Tylczynski
Gregor Wolf
Tammy Powlas

Swift Solver III



Jitin Chawla
Morten Wittrock
William Yu

Fireball 2022

Sandra Rossi
Paulo Vitoriano
Bijay Kumar Barik




Christian Georgi

Grand Master Solver

Ido Millet

Grand Master Blogger

Taranamjit Kaur Dhindsa

Let’s continue: 

An additional resource for you to use to kick-off World Compliment Day is our Groups Coffee Corner.
Let’s use this thread <You are appreciated> going forward and let’s continue complementing and appreciating each other also on other occasions. For instance, any time when a community member helps you and/or was particularly nice to you, @mention them in the thread and let them know what you’re thankful for.

You know how our Random Day Surprises work: Any of the following activities count:

  • Publish a blog post, comment, question, or an answer
  • Like any blog post or comment
  • Vote any question or answer up or down
  • Follow any person, tag, blog post, question, or answer
  • Update your profile picture, “About me” text, expertise, spoken languages, or Elsewhere links

For World Compliment Day we designed a very special badge:

Happy complimenting each other!



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      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      Hi Lena,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      May I compliment you with this post and initiative?


      Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
      Lena Stodal
      Blog Post Author

      Dankeschön, Denys van Kempen!

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Thank you Lena Stodal  for the blog post - what a great thing to wake up to this morning!

      Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
      Lena Stodal
      Blog Post Author

      Stefan Schmöcker - for coming up with the Debugging Challenge.

      Daniel Wroblewski - for taking your time and helping me out on issues with Atom.

      Jason Lax - for being Spam Hunter No.1.

      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      As usual, wonderful to get a random surprise!

      Would like to compliment Caroleigh Deneen for her awesome badge designs, Lena Stodal for her tireless efforts to bring us interesting missions, and the entire SAP Community for sharing your knowledge with us. Oh wait, you mean I can't compliment all members at once? OK, then the third compliment I'd like to bestow is on Craig Cmehil for keeping the promise (a reference to one of our company values).

      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil

      Thank you! that really means a lot!

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      I just received a very lovely compliment from Carlos Roggan and wanted to show appreciation here because it fits the intention of this blog post. Carlos - Thanks for all you do for SAP Community!

      Author's profile photo Carlos Roggan
      Carlos Roggan

      Hello Mynyna Chau ,
      hey - I didn't know anything about compliments day 😉
      I just told you what was coming straight out of my heart - and you really deserved it 😉
      Keep doing your great work and making people happy - and thanks for mentioning me here anyways 😉

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Thank you so much, you make my day! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Bijay Kumar Barik
      Bijay Kumar Barik

      Hi Lena,

      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Happy for badges!

      My sincere congratulations to all on their achievement of SAP Community badge.