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SuccessFactors LMS Virtual Learning Templates

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing well!

While working on various projects, I see many consultants facing issues downloading support files from SAP prescribed download links in implementation guides, this is due to lack of right permissions. Hence, decided to come up with this simple blog. I still recommend to cross check and download the latest .txt files from Support Downloads Link

Aforesaid, this blog post will cover entire meeting rooms configuration parameters, you can simply call it as a reference guide for your VLS implementations. You can simply copy and paste the contents from the below into the text area and go ahead with configuration – System Administration >> Configuration >> VLS Configuration

What is VLS?

Virtual meeting software provides a space for virtual classrooms in SAP SuccessFactors LMS. Employees can join the virtual meeting room to interact with an instructors. Due to covid-19, most of us started working from home or preferred locations, the requests for VLS implementations started pouring in and has been a critical ask too from many clients globally. Using VLS, the users can simply join a virtual training room with a meeting invitation link in an email message.

SAP SuccessFactors supports these virtual meeting rooms for virtual classrooms.

  1. Adobe Connect
    • Adobe Connect Meetings 11 (cloud only)
    • Adobe meeting room software, SAP supports Adobe Connect Meetings, not Seminars or Webinars
  2. WebEx
    • Cisco WebEx Training Center WBS40 (cloud only)
    • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center WBS40 (cloud only)
  3. MS Teams
  4. Zoom
    • Zoom Meeting 2.0 (cloud only)
    • Zoom Webinar 2.0 (cloud only)
  5. Microsoft Skype/Lync
    • Microsoft Lync 2013 (on-premise)
      Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2016 (on-premise)

Configuration Parameters:

Configuration parameters for all the above virtual meeting rooms:

Adobe Connect:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!– The Adobe Connect virtual meeting connector class. This should not be modified. –>
<!– It is the implementation class for Adobe Connect Training. Adobe Connect Webinar is not supported. –>

<!– ========================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for Adobe Connect –>
<!– ========================================== –>
<!– Server specific information –>
<xml_api_address>XML ADDRESS</xml_api_address>
<server_address>SERVER ADDRESS</server_address>
<!– Adobe Connect Administrator User Credentials–>
<username>USER NAME</username>
<!– Adobe Connect Custom field-id –>
<!– When installing a new Adobe Connect Server Database, administrator adds custom fields and updates field-ids here–>
<!– Fields typically start with x followed by digits, such as, x-836402698 –>
<lms_user_name_custom_field_id>USER NAME CUSTOM FIELD ID</lms_user_name_custom_field_id>
<lms_user_type_custom_field_id>USER TYPE CUSTOM FIELD ID</lms_user_type_custom_field_id>
<!– Adobe Connect Folder ID in which new Meetings are created. Obtain from Adobe Connect Installation–>
<folder_id>FOLDER ID</folder_id>
<!– Adobe Connect Learner Group ID–>
<learner_group_id>LEARNER GROUP ID</learner_group_id>
<!– Adobe Connect Instructor Group ID–>
<instructor_group_id>INSTRUCTOR GROUP ID</instructor_group_id>
<!– the default account password for learner/student –>
<!– Min password length =4, max password length=16 –>

<!– ==================================================================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for SuccessFactors Learning. This should not be modified. –>
<!– ==================================================================================== –>
<!– The ELMS server VLS configuration URL –>


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!– The WebEx virtual meeting connector class. This should not be modified. –>
<!– It is the implementation class for WebEx meeting center and training center. –>
<!– WebEx Meeting Center does not support walk-in joining with a password or early join. –>
<!– WebEx Training Center supports early join adn walk-in with a password but attendance for walk-ins is not supported. –>

<!– ======================================= –>
<!– configuration parameters for WebEx –>
<!– ======================================= –>
<!– Server specific information that should be provided by WebEx.–>
<xml_api_address>XML ADDRESS</xml_api_address>
<url_api_address>URL ADDRESS</url_api_address>
<site_name>SITE NAME</site_name>
<!– WebEx Administrator User Credentials that must be a user with Site Admin privilege.–>
<username>USER NAME</username>
<!– WebEx listing type option
<!– Listing type controls how your meetings appear to WebEx users of the site. Although the instructor is always –>
<!– responsible for managing attendance, how you set the listing type influences who can find and attend the virtual learning sessions –>

<!– ===================================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for SuccessFactors Learning. –>
<!– ===================================================== –>
<!– The ELMS server VLE configuration URL –>
<!– the default accout password for instructor
instructors do not have their own interface in the ELMS, therefore when an account
is created on the WebEx server, a default password must be supplied with the instructor ID –>
<!–Session telephony option
# NONE: This is default option. All the seesions will be created with no telephony option to attendees.
# CALLIN : All the sessions will be created with local callin option available to attendees.
# CALLINGLOBAL : All the sessions will be created with local and global callin option available to attendees.
# CALLBACK : All the sessions will be created with callback option available to attendees. –>
<!–Connector type option
# TRAININGCENTER: This is default option. All the seesions will be created of type training.
# MEETINGCENTER: All the sessions will be created of type meeting.–>
<connector_type>CONNECTOR TYPE</connector_type>
<!– Timezones available to the WebEx server
# name: The java timezone such as “Pacific/Apia”
# value: The Webex equivalent such as “1”
# This section should be modified when using time zones with no equivalent WebEx value.
# It maps the standard Java time zones to WebEx codes –>
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+12″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+11″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”MIT” value=”1″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Apia” value=”1″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Midway” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Niue” value=”1″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Pago_Pago” value=”1″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Samoa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Samoa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Adak” value=”1″ />
<timezone name=”America/Atka” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+10″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”HST” value=”2″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Fakaofo” value=”2″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Honolulu” value=”2″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Johnston” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Rarotonga” value=”2″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Tahiti” value=”2″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/HST10″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Aleutian” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Hawaii” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Marquesas” value=”” />
<timezone name=”AST” value=”3″ />
<timezone name=”America/Anchorage” value=”3″ />
<timezone name=”America/Juneau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Nome” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Yakutat” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+9″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Gambier” value=”3″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/YST9″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/YST9YDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Alaska” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Dawson” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Ensenada” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Los_Angeles” value=”4″ />
<timezone name=”America/Tijuana” value=”4″ />
<timezone name=”America/Vancouver” value=”4″ />
<timezone name=”America/Whitehorse” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Pacific” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Yukon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+8″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mexico/BajaNorte” value=”” />
<timezone name=”PST” value=”4″ />
<timezone name=”PST8PDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Pitcairn” value=”4″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/PST8″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/PST8PDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Pacific” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Pacific-New” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Boise” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Cambridge_Bay” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Chihuahua” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Dawson_Creek” value=”6″ />
<timezone name=”America/Denver” value=”6″ />
<timezone name=”America/Edmonton” value=”5″ />
<timezone name=”America/Hermosillo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Inuvik” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Mazatlan” value=”5″ />
<timezone name=”America/Phoenix” value=”5″ />
<timezone name=”America/Shiprock” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Yellowknife” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Mountain” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+7″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”MST” value=”5″ />
<timezone name=”MST7MDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mexico/BajaSur” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Navajo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”PNT” value=”6″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/MST7″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/MST7MDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Arizona” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Mountain” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Belize” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Cancun” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Chicago” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Costa_Rica” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/El_Salvador” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Guatemala” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Managua” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Menominee” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Merida” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Mexico_City” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Monterrey” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/North_Dakota/Center” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Rainy_River” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Rankin_Inlet” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Regina” value=”9″ />
<timezone name=”America/Swift_Current” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Tegucigalpa” value=”9″ />
<timezone name=”America/Winnipeg” value=”9″ />
<timezone name=”CST” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”CST6CDT” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”Canada/Central” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/East-Saskatchewan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Saskatchewan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Chile/EasterIsland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+6″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mexico/General” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Easter” value=”10″ />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Galapagos” value=”10″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/CST6″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/CST6CDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Central” value=”7″ />
<timezone name=”America/Bogota” value=”10″ />
<timezone name=”America/Cayman” value=”10″ />
<timezone name=”America/Detroit” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Eirunepe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Fort_Wayne” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Grand_Turk” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Guayaquil” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Havana” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Indiana/Indianapolis” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Indiana/Knox” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Indiana/Marengo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Indiana/Vevay” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Indianapolis” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Iqaluit” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Jamaica” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Kentucky/Louisville” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Kentucky/Monticello” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Knox_IN” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Lima” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Louisville” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Montreal” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”America/Nassau” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”America/New_York” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”America/Nipigon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Panama” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”America/Pangnirtung” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Port-au-Prince” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Porto_Acre” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Rio_Branco” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Thunder_Bay” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Brazil/Acre” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Eastern” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Cuba” value=”” />
<timezone name=”EST” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”EST5EDT” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+5″ value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”IET” value=”12″ />
<timezone name=”Jamaica” value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/EST5″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/EST5EDT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/East-Indiana” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Eastern” value=”11″ />
<timezone name=”US/Indiana-Starke” value=”” />
<timezone name=”US/Michigan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Anguilla” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Antigua” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Aruba” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Asuncion” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Barbados” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Boa_Vista” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Caracas” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Cuiaba” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Curacao” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Dominica” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Glace_Bay” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Goose_Bay” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Grenada” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Guadeloupe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Guyana” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Halifax” value=”13″ />
<timezone name=”America/La_Paz” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Manaus” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Martinique” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Montserrat” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Port_of_Spain” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Porto_Velho” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Puerto_Rico” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Santiago” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Santo_Domingo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/St_Kitts” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/St_Lucia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/St_Thomas” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/St_Vincent” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Thule” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Tortola” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Virgin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Palmer” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Bermuda” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Stanley” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Brazil/West” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Canada/Atlantic” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Chile/Continental” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+4″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”PRT” value=”13″ />
<timezone name=”SystemV/AST4″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”SystemV/AST4ADT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/St_Johns” value=”15″ />
<timezone name=”CNT” value=”15″ />
<timezone name=”Canada/Newfoundland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”AGT” value=”17″ />
<timezone name=”America/Araguaina” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Belem” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Buenos_Aires” value=”17″ />
<timezone name=”America/Catamarca” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Cayenne” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Cordoba” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Fortaleza” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Godthab” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Jujuy” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Maceio” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Mendoza” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Miquelon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Montevideo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Paramaribo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Recife” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Rosario” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Sao_Paulo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”BET” value=”16″ />
<timezone name=”Brazil/East” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+3″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Noronha” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/South_Georgia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Brazil/DeNoronha” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+2″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Scoresbysund” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Azores” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Cape_Verde” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+1″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Abidjan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Accra” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Bamako” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Banjul” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Bissau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Casablanca” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Conakry” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Dakar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/El_Aaiun” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Freetown” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Lome” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Monrovia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Nouakchott” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Ouagadougou” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Sao_Tome” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Timbuktu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”America/Danmarkshavn” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Canary” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Faeroe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Madeira” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Reykjavik” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/St_Helena” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Eire” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT+0″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-0″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT0″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/Greenwich” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/UCT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/UTC” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/Universal” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/Zulu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Belfast” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Dublin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Lisbon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/London” value=”21″ />
<timezone name=”GB” value=”” />
<timezone name=”GB-Eire” value=”” />
<timezone name=”GMT” value=”20″ />
<timezone name=”GMT0″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Greenwich” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Iceland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Portugal” value=”” />
<timezone name=”UCT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”UTC” value=”20″ />
<timezone name=”Universal” value=”” />
<timezone name=”WET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Zulu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Algiers” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Bangui” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Brazzaville” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Ceuta” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Douala” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Kinshasa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Lagos” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Libreville” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Luanda” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Malabo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Ndjamena” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Niamey” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Porto-Novo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Tunis” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Windhoek” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Arctic/Longyearbyen” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Atlantic/Jan_Mayen” value=”” />
<timezone name=”CET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”ECT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-1″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Amsterdam” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Andorra” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Belgrade” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Berlin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Bratislava” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Brussels” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Budapest” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Copenhagen” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Gibraltar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Ljubljana” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Luxembourg” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Madrid” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Malta” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Monaco” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Oslo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Paris” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Prague” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Rome” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/San_Marino” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Sarajevo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Skopje” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Stockholm” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Tirane” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Vaduz” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Vatican” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Vienna” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Warsaw” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Zagreb” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Zurich” value=”” />
<timezone name=”MET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Poland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”ART” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Blantyre” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Bujumbura” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Cairo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Gaborone” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Harare” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Johannesburg” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Kigali” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Lubumbashi” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Lusaka” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Maputo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Maseru” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Mbabane” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Tripoli” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Amman” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Beirut” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Damascus” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Gaza” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Istanbul” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Jerusalem” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Nicosia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Tel_Aviv” value=”” />
<timezone name=”CAT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”EET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Egypt” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-2″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Athens” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Bucharest” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Chisinau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Helsinki” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Istanbul” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Kaliningrad” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Kiev” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Minsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Nicosia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Riga” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Simferopol” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Sofia” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Tallinn” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Tiraspol” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Uzhgorod” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Vilnius” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Zaporozhye” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Israel” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Libya” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Turkey” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Addis_Ababa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Asmera” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Dar_es_Salaam” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Djibouti” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Kampala” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Khartoum” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Mogadishu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Africa/Nairobi” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Syowa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Aden” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Baghdad” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Bahrain” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kuwait” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Qatar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Riyadh” value=”” />
<timezone name=”EAT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-3″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Moscow” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Antananarivo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Comoro” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Mayotte” value=”” />
<timezone name=”W-SU” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Riyadh87″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Riyadh88″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Riyadh89″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mideast/Riyadh87″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mideast/Riyadh88″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Mideast/Riyadh89″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Tehran” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Iran” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Aqtau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Baku” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Dubai” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Muscat” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Oral” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Tbilisi” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Yerevan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-4″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Europe/Samara” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Mahe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Mauritius” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Reunion” value=”” />
<timezone name=”NET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kabul” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Aqtobe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Ashgabat” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Ashkhabad” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Bishkek” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Dushanbe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Karachi” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Samarkand” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Tashkent” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Yekaterinburg” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-5″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Kerguelen” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Maldives” value=”” />
<timezone name=”PLT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Calcutta” value=”41″ />
<timezone name=”IST” value=”41″ />
<timezone name=”Asia/Katmandu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Mawson” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Vostok” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Almaty” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Colombo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Dacca” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Dhaka” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Novosibirsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Omsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Qyzylorda” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Thimbu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Thimphu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”BST” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-6″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Chagos” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Rangoon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Cocos” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Davis” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Bangkok” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Hovd” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Jakarta” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Krasnoyarsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Phnom_Penh” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Pontianak” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Saigon” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Vientiane” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-7″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Indian/Christmas” value=”” />
<timezone name=”VST” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/Casey” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Brunei” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Chongqing” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Chungking” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Harbin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Hong_Kong” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Irkutsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kashgar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kuala_Lumpur” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kuching” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Macao” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Macau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Makassar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Manila” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Shanghai” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Singapore” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Taipei” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Ujung_Pandang” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Ulaanbaatar” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Ulan_Bator” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Urumqi” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Perth” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/West” value=”” />
<timezone name=”CTT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-8″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Hongkong” value=”” />
<timezone name=”PRC” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Singapore” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Choibalsan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Dili” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Jayapura” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Pyongyang” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Seoul” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Tokyo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Yakutsk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-9″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”JST” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Japan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Palau” value=”” />
<timezone name=”ROK” value=”” />
<timezone name=”ACT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Adelaide” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Broken_Hill” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Darwin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/North” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/South” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Yancowinna” value=”” />
<timezone name=”AET” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/DumontDUrville” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Sakhalin” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Vladivostok” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/ACT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Brisbane” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Canberra” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Hobart” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Lindeman” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Melbourne” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/NSW” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Queensland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Sydney” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Tasmania” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Victoria” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-10″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Guam” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Port_Moresby” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Saipan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Truk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Yap” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/LHI” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Australia/Lord_Howe” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Magadan” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-11″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Efate” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Guadalcanal” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Kosrae” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Noumea” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Ponape” value=”” />
<timezone name=”SST” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Norfolk” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/McMurdo” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Antarctica/South_Pole” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Anadyr” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Asia/Kamchatka” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-12″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Kwajalein” value=”” />
<timezone name=”NST” value=”” />
<timezone name=”NZ” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Auckland” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Fiji” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Funafuti” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Kwajalein” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Majuro” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Nauru” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Tarawa” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Wake” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Wallis” value=”” />
<timezone name=”NZ-CHAT” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Chatham” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-13″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Enderbury” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Tongatapu” value=”” />
<timezone name=”Etc/GMT-14″ value=”” />
<timezone name=”Pacific/Kiritimati” value=”” />

Microsoft Teams

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<description>Microsoft Teams Meeting connector</description>
<!– The plateau connector class. This should not be modified. It is the implementation class for Teams integration –>
<!– ======================================= –>
<!– configuration parameters for Teams –>
<!– ======================================= –>
<api_key>Application (client) ID of tenant from Azure portal</api_key>
<password>Value field from client secret</password>
<tenant_id>Directory (tenant) ID of tenant from Azure portal</tenant_id>
<application_id>Application (client) ID of tenant from Azure portal</application_id>


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!– The Zoom virtual meeting connector class. This should not be modified. –>
<!– It is the implementation class for Zoom meeting and webinar. –>
<!– Creation of an Instructor in Zoom with applicable license is not supported from Learning –>
<!– Zoom Licensed Instructors (Pro with optional webinar capabiliites) must exist in Zoom to use this connector –>
<!– Zoom Meeting and Webinar participant capacity are controlled by Zoom licensing. –>
<!– Learning Scheduled Programs do not support Zoom virtual meetings. –>
<!– ======================================= –>
<!– configuration parameters for Zoom –>
<!– ======================================= –>
<!– Server specific information that should be provided by Zoom.–>
<api_key>API Key</api_key>
<password>API Secret</password>
<!– ===================================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for SuccessFactors Learning. –>
<!– ===================================================== –>
<!–Connector type option
# meeting: This is default option. All the sessions will be created of type Meeting.
# webinar: All the sessions will be created of type Webinar.–>
<connector_type>CONNECTOR TYPE</connector_type>

Skype for Business / Lync

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!– The Skype for Business on-premises Server virtual meeting connector class. This should not be modified. –>
<!– It is the implementation class for Skype for Business on-premises Server. Skype for Business online in Office 365 is not supported. –>
<!– Skype for Business on-premises Server does not support creation of an Instructor from Learning, does not allow attendane tracking, –>
<!– and does not support walk-in joining with a password, although guests are supported. –>

<!– ===================================================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for Skype or Business on-premises Server –>
<!– ===================================================================== –>
<!– Server specific information –>
<url_api_address>URL ADDRESS</url_api_address>
<site_name>SITE NAME</site_name>
<!– Notes:
The site name and server address should be provided by WebEx.
The username must be a user with Site Admin privilege.
A meeting type must be specified in order to support creation of training events.
Only one meeting type is supported. –>

<!– ===================================================== –>
<!– configuration parameters for SuccessFactors Learning. –>
<!– ===================================================== –>
<!– The ELMS server VLE configuration URL –>

<!– Session enrollment. To ensure users login with their Skype or Lync username, set each users Skype or Lync username in a user custom column –>
<!– and set the custom column number below to this custom column number on the user record. –>
<!– To allow users to login as guest and privde their name when joining, set the custom column number below, but leave the value blank for each user. –>
<!– Microsoft limits the amount of guests to 250. –>
<!– Microsoft cannot record attendance back to Learning so instructors must take attendance even if users logged in as a named participant instead of guests. –>
<!– If the column number below value is not configured, the system will register users in the meeting with their Learning user ID. –>
<custom_column_number>CUSTOM COLUMN NUMBER</custom_column_number>

How to Implement?

Implementing VLS Guide: Implementing Virtual Learning Systems (VLS)

Hope, as always, this blog will help you in implementing virtual learning systems. Cheers!

See you soon with a new blog!

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      Author's profile photo shreya chakraborty
      shreya chakraborty

      Insightful! Thank you for putting this up. 👍

      Author's profile photo Nay Myo Wai Lin
      Nay Myo Wai Lin

      Hi ,

      Thanks for the blog , very help.

      However, i could not find the VLS configuration template from the download link.

      Author's profile photo Nagesh Polu
      Nagesh Polu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Lin,

      You should have right permissions to view or download the templates from the above link.

      Author's profile photo Nay Myo Wai Lin
      Nay Myo Wai Lin

      Hi Polu,


      It seems like i do not have permission, because when i open the above link. it just show "No data".

      I do have valid S-User ID, would you know what kind of permission do i need to download this template ?

      Thanks in advance.


      Author's profile photo Emerson Calesco
      Emerson Calesco

      i have the same problem.

      Author's profile photo Celia Bourgetel
      Celia Bourgetel

      Hi Nagesh!

      Our company isn't able to use the VLS with WebEx since we use SSO (ControlHub) - Do you see a fix in the near future?

      Thank you!



      Author's profile photo Emerson Calesco
      Emerson Calesco

      I still can't download it from the link, amazing

      Author's profile photo Celia Bourgetel
      Celia Bourgetel

      Hey Emerson!

      I believe you may be able to copy/paste and update whichever info you need to update

      Author's profile photo Nagesh Polu
      Nagesh Polu
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Emerson, As aforementioned, you need to have proper permissions to access downloads from download center.  Heard that soon SAP will migrate all these to some repositories like github.

      Author's profile photo Monja Scheidweiler
      Monja Scheidweiler

      Hi Nagesh,

      thank you for this implementation guide! Unfortunately the link "Implementing VLS Guide: Implementing Virtual Learning Systems (VLS)" does not work anymore. The page could not be found and so also the VLS configuration template is not available anymore.

      Do you have any information, why the site doesn´t exist anymore? And do you have the configuration template as a file? I don´t know, how to implement without it.

      Thanks and best regards,