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Eventing – Whats new in SAP BTP, Kyma runtime?

With open source Kyma 2.0 being rolled out to managed Kyma runtime clusters, there have been significant improvements and changes to various features and capabilities.

Among others, there are notable changes in the Kyma eventing, especially in the way one subscribes and consumes the events.

Disclaimer: This blog post focuses on SAP BTP, Kyma runtimes running on Kyma open source version 2.0. For existing SAP BTP Kyma runtimes which are on Kyma open source 1.0, they will need to wait until their Kyma runtimes are upgraded to Kyma open source 2.0.

A step back

In case you are exploring Kyma eventing first time, it can be used for two scenarios

Consuming Business Events from connected SAP Solutions


In Cluster Events for event-driven microservices


So What’s changed

There are no changes for

  • Publishing or producing the events
  • How the events are sent from connected SAP Solutions

The changes are in the way events are configured to be consumed by Kyma functions and microservices

Pre Kyma 2.0

You would be doing somewhat like below when configuring an event to trigger your function or a microservice.

There is a list of events for all the connected systems that you can choose from.


Kyma 2.0

With Kyma 2.0, you will need to

  • Select the Application name of the connected application
  • Type in the event name as a free text e.g. order.created
  • Select the Event version e.g. v1


Fewer Steps

  • No binding the application to the namespace
  • No Service instance creation in the catalog

To know about the details of the event, you can refer to the documentation or administration console of the respective SAP Solutions.

For example,

  • For SAP commerce cloud, you can check the official documentation
  • For SAP Cloud for Customer, you can refer to the Event Notifications User Interface.

What about when using YAMLS to create subscriptions

For subscriptions created via YAML files, there are no changes, you can still use your existing YAMLs and they should work without any issues.

For reference, you can check out these samples for

Why was this done?

This was a necessary change to provide a uniform experience for subscribing or consuming to not only business events coming from SAP Solutions. But also in-cluster-events produced inside the Kyam cluster.


  • The User Interface to configure events for Kyma functions and microservices has evolved
  • No changes in the way YAML files are used for Event subscriptions


Looking forward to your feedback and comments here. 

If you have further questions about Kyma, feel free to post them in the answers area of the SAP Community, here is a link.
To stay up to date with everything in Kyma, make sure to visit our Kyma topic page.

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