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Author's profile photo Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash

SAP Business ByDesign Mobile Strategy – Way Forward 2022

We at SAP Business ByDesign always strive to serve our mid-market customers in the best possible way so that they can run their businesses smoothly. In this regard, there has always been a significant emphasis on bringing the powerful features of the solution to mobile devices.  

SAP Business ByDesign currently offers support to five mobile apps – SAP Business ByDesign Mobile, SAP Manager Approvals, SAP Time Recording, SAP Project to Go and SAP Project Cockpit.

Recently, there have been adjustments to the SAP Business ByDesign mobile strategy to simplify access to desired features on smartphones for customers and enable SAP to innovate faster. We strongly believe that focusing our energies on improving one central app would help us in achieving these objectives. 


SAP has decided to focus on the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile app (iOS | Android) to access SAP Business ByDesign features on smartphones from August 2022 onwards. The decision is based on careful consideration of factors such as user adoption, customer feedback and growth potential. 


  • No more juggling among apps. Users can access all the desired features in one app – SAP Business ByDesign Mobile where business processes are streamlined 
  • SAP can focus on delivering newer features to one app, rather than multiple apps. This helps in bringing innovations faster to the market 


  • After 1st May 2022, it will no longer be possible to download and install the SAP Project to Go (iOS | Android) and SAP Project Cockpit (iOS) from the app stores 
  • After 1st August 2022, it will no longer be possible to download and install the SAP Manager Approvals (iOS | Android) and SAP Time Recording (iOS | Android) from the app stores 
  • Existing installations on devices might still work if they are supported by the mobile operating systems. But it will not be possible to reinstall or update the apps anymore  
  • We recommend removing the installations from all devices and switching to the proposed alternatives  


SAP Manager Approvals and SAP Time Recording

The central SAP Business ByDesign Mobile app has made it possible for the users to access all the features of the two apps via its Manager Approvals and Time Recording tiles. We have noticed a steady increase in the usage of these two tiles signaling that they are now the preferred way to access the features offered by the individual apps. We recommend you switch to the SAP Business ByDesign mobile app as soon as possible. 

SAP Project to Go and SAP Project Cockpit

Most of our customers are already using the Projects feature on the standard desktop UI (available for tablets and desktop devices) and the Project Time Recording feature in the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile app (Time Recording tile) on smartphones. We recommend you switch to these alternatives as soon as possible. 

We are listening

Do you have questions or remarks? If yes, then please reach out to us via regular channels or by commenting below. We would look forward to receiving your feedback.  


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      Author's profile photo Mariana Prusorova
      Mariana Prusorova

      Hi Pramod,

      There is one feature in the App SAP Project to Go we are going to miss:

      Our client's employees record times for projects using the mobile app. For some project tasks they are assigned to more then one service.

      It is fine that the first service is preloaded in the app, but when the employee starts a second WT entry and wants to choose the second service he has to search for it.

      In Project to Go the list is limited to the services available in the project. But in SAP ByD Mobile the employee has to scroll through all available services in the company.

      Hope that you consider this for the future releases!

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Simon Dismore
      Simon Dismore

      Are you saying that Launchpad > Start Project Cockpit is being deprecated too?

      Thanks for feedback.