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Discovery Mission: Visualize employee sentiments leveraging real-time analytics

In this blog, am going to discuss about the new mission that we have published in the SAP Discovery Center, “Visualize employee sentiments leveraging real-time analytics”.  The objective of the mission is to help you understand different components of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with respect to analytics, the integration with SAP & Non-SAP sources, how to federate the Non-SAP data sources more effectively for real time reporting. And how serverless runtimes such as SAP BTP, Kyma runtime helps us with data replication from SaaS solutions such as Qualtrics to SAP HANA Cloud.

Consider the scenario where the organizations in the current COVID-19 pandemic is trying to engage their teams to stay motivated, to understand the factors that may impact employee’s productivity, well-being and finally business decisions related to vaccination status & office reopening. As a part of this discovery mission, we provide an analytics solution on SAP BTP thereby having a unified view across employee surveys expressing their sentiments towards working from office and vaccination, analyzing COVID-19 and Omicron outbreaks in different parts of the country where employees are located.


Cross Application Analytics using SAP BTP and SAP Kyma

As shown in the architecture diagram, you will learn how to federate data from Google BigQuery to SAP HANA Cloud for accessing COVID related public datasets that are being updated daily. You will also be provided with a Qualtrics Employee survey by the Mission experts which you can distribute to users for completing a survey focusing on Employee experience. To replicate the real time survey response into SAP HANA Cloud, we will provide the python code using Qualtrics survey response APIs as part of the mission. You will validate the python code using Google Colab, thereby allowing us to execute the code through browser. Once validated you will use docker to containerize the code and make it available in public repository using Docker Hub.

Finally, you will deploy the image into SAP BTP, Kyma runtime  and expose it as an API.  The API can then be used a web hook in the Qualtrics Survey thereby allowing us to execute the python code every time a user completes a survey. And you can either federate the employee data from your existing SAP systems(SAP S/4HANA or SAP SAP Master Data Governance) or use the test data provided as part of the mission.

We have covered another alternate option of embracing hyperscaler services for replicating real time response from Qualtrics using Google Cloud Platform App Engine (Standard).


Cross Application Analytics using SAP BTP and GCP App Engine

In this architecture above, once we validate the python code using Google Colab, we will deploy the code in Google Cloud Platform App Engine and expose it as a service. The service can be used as a web hook for the Qualtrics survey. All the necessary code and step by step instructions are provided as part of the mission.

Finally, you will learn how to build data models based on all the data sources in SAP HANA Cloud using SAP Business Application Studio and use these models to build meaningful SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards. The dashboards will provide insights based on Spatial Analytics like which part of the country is most affected by COVID cases and how many employees are there in the nearby counties. You will also see the employee survey feedback, understand their sentiments, and take business decisions related to employee focus, office reopening, and other operational scenarios.

All the necessary data, GitHub repositories for developments based on SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Kyma and GCP App Engine are provided as part of the mission.  You should be able to complete the mission by setting up the trial accounts for the following components:

  1. SAP BTP Trial [ SAP HANA Cloud & SAP Analytics Cloud]
  2. SAP BTP, Kyma runtime
  3. Google Cloud Platform Trial [AppEngine & BigQuery] .
  4. Docker Personal Tier Setup & Docker Hub Account
  5. Google Colab for python code validation

For Google Cloud Platform free trial, please refer this link  GCP free tier  for 90 day 300$ credit. To access Google Colab, you just need to sign in with your Gmail account.

For Qualtrics, we can provide access to a generic Employee Survey. And the necessary API tokens , survey ID for python code validation and deployment.  All the step-by-step process to complete the federation, integration, development and building SAC reports has been provided as videos in the mission.  For step-by-step information, you also look into the project cards or Readme files in GitHub repository.

Here is the link again for the Discovery Mission, Visualize employee sentiments leveraging real-time analytics. You will also be getting cool badges for completing the Discovery missions. Please check this  link to know more about the Discovery mission badges.

We have covered multiple BTP components in this Discovery Mission . If you are interested in posting questions to a specific topic,  you can refer the links for SAP HANA CloudSAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.

It was a team effort to complete the mission with additional contributions from  Unnati Hasija  and Tumaris Yalikun . Please take a look into the mission and share feedback on your BTP journey. We are excited to hear your feedback. Please feel free to comment on the Discovery mission here or you can reach out to us if you have issues accessing the mission.



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