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Last Change: 29th of June 2023


well, this Question was raised at lot of times in the past decade and was always answered with three things to know, not only from my side. Even after 25 Years that I had worked for SAP so far, there is still a fundamental group of people asking the question “why SAP BW?“.
Any coexistence to the actual situation around would be purely accidental and unwanted.

If you still ask yourself, why SAP BW/4HANA 2021?

The Blog – SAP BW/4 HANA 2021 – 3rd Generation in Sync with SAP S/4 will give you the answers.

And about three things cannot not be negotiated since the existence of SAP BW


SAP BW – three things to know

The first time I mentioned SAP BW on HANA in 2013 – Three things to know when migrating SAP BW on SAP HANA
The second time I have given an Answer was in 2014 – SAP BW? – three things to know…

Klaus Nagel presented in 2015 – The “advanced” DataStoreObject – renovating BWs persistency layer

Thomas Zurek answered that Question in this Way in 2016 – Why #BW4HANA?


My favorite Metaphor for SAP BW/4, and unfortunately it never saw the light so far …


Bringing SAP BW (on HANA) to the next Decade.
SAP BW/4: you know the name


A new World? (SAP) Cloud based only?

Believing Influencers like “SAP Analytics” (in German only), there is no place for on-premise tools anymore, wait for the next SAP Solution based on SAP Cloud Applications.

Data Architecture with SAP – Data Lake

Nice Thinking, with “one little rabbit foot” disturbing this ideal (SAP) World. SAP Cloud Solutions are based on Amazon Hyperscaler Platform, and who own this Data?
Rise with SAP“? The final destination is the Azure Hyperscaler Platform with no way back.

“data sovereignty” is the new Black to consider here.
Is this Question really answered beside the next circumstance “the cat that bites its tail?”.


SAP Customer – what is your choice?

The logical consequence which was already addressed in the Blog – SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure … is shown here …

Amazon vs. Azure – A Hyperscaler deeper dive


so, why SAP BW/4HANA?


the truth lies in between (for a long time)

the World we know it is not black or white, it is a cocktail of a lot ingrediencies which can be mixed in the right amount to reach the optimal result. It is never perfect and waiting for something which will never come was never a good Idea. Even today People call this(SAP) Roadmap with a Disclaimer right after the title. C’mon, I think the further development of Microsoft PowerPoint was Stopped in 2012 like SAP NetWeaver 7.50/BWoH and the only thing which was added was “Cloud” whatever that leans for the Products.

Erich Kästner framed It the right way: “Nothing good happens unless you make it happen

only wrong things happen automatically, you have to make right things happen …

Officially, the SAP Marketing doesn’t use the “SAP Data Value Formula” anymore, which doesn’t mean it is not valid anymore. So, I keep it like Erich Kästner and use it further.


SAP Data Value Formula – there is nothing wrong about it

SAP Data Platform – The fab Five

Blog – SAP Guardians of the Data Galaxy



Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”


find me on LinkedIn – Roland Kramer

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      Author's profile photo Peter Baumann
      Peter Baumann

      Hi I!

      Thank you for referencing my blog - even if I see my writing a little bit more differentiated to "there is no place for on-premise tools anymore".

      Also thank you for flying the flag for BW and the on-premise ecosystem of SAP data management. I'm a huge fan of BW, BO and so on and would really be happy to see a stronger roadmap and committment to a on-premise strategy here. But the world is changing and even if SAP cloud solutions aren't mature in every aspect and cloud in general have certain challenges, there are also the advantages and not at least the current innovation path.

      As I have a lot of colleagues, working on cloud data platforms like Snowflake, Azure Synapse and so on, seeing the huge success of these offerings currently, indeed there is only a way forward. But for sure SAP is not the first in the market and needs some more waves to bring everything together. As I read today, SAP Analytics Cloud celebrates 7 years being on the market. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is for 2+ years now. I just think it is build for some specific use cases bringing value to end users BW was never build for.

      Finally I'm happy to see here a vital discussion, as this is the way for getting a deeper understanding and differentiated picture what to expect from which solution.

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Peter Baumann

      Yes, SAP Analytics Cloud is the Spear of the SAP Cloud Applications and still needs attention when it comes to connect to the SAP Backends, see the Blog -  next Mystery solved – proper SAC Connection.

      As said: "married couples have problems to solve, which are not available when you are single" ... 😉

      And yes, I want to have the "vital discussion", despite we are currently the participants.

      Best Regards Roland

      Author's profile photo k deshmukh
      k deshmukh

      married couples have problems to solve, which are not available when you are single 😀 😀 😉

      Author's profile photo Jef Baeyens
      Jef Baeyens

      I forgot the name but SAP was working on something to Bridge the gap between onprem BW & cloud DWC, I think 'you know the name'  😄

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Uuhh, yes there was I heard of ... 😉

      Best Regards Roland