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Author's profile photo Shailashree Lakshminarayana

Custom Card using deep links on New Home Page


As an SAP EC consultant, I came across a new requirement from the customer asking for a custom card to change the address from the new homepage. This custom card allows the employees to add/edit their address from the new homepage


Technical Requirement

A custom card for an address change from the New home page under organizational updates needs to be created using deep links. This custom card leads the employee to the address portlet on their employee profile.



Using the deep link.

To use a deep link, add it to the base URL of your SuccessFactors instance.

  1. Determine the base URL used in your system. The base URL can vary slightly by the customer and by region but always ends in “”

For example, if the main SuccessFactors login page is:

Then the base URL would be  

2. Insert the deep link immediately following “,” starting with a slash.

For example, to add a deep link to the logged-in user’s people profile, you would use

3. Add a question mark (?) separator to the end of the deep link path, followed by a supported                  URL parameter, as a name-value pair.

4. Go to Configure People Profile. Under personal information and address information, select                 the block Id to attach it to the URL.


Screenshot of Address portlet block Id


5. Add the block Id to the URL

6. The same Link is added under the address portlet in configure people profile


Screenshot of URL added in configure people profile


Creating a Custom Card for Address Change/Edit

  1. Goto Manage Home page
  2. Add card  (Address change) under organizational updates
  3. Provide all the necessary details (name, picture)for the card
  4. Attach the created deep link in the URL section under the navigation
  5. Assign the target group to  access this card on the new home page and Save


  1. Screenshot%20for%20Config%20of%20Address%20change%20card


Results/ Conclusion

An employee could change or edit his address directly from the new home page. This custom card leads them to the address portlet on the employee profile. please refer to the screenshots



Screenshot of Address Change Card on new Home Page


Screenshot of Address Change Portlet


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      Author's profile photo Eleodora Lima
      Eleodora Lima

      Hi Lakshminarayana I liked the Post very much, thank you for sharing.

      I have also a question if you mind: Do you know how would be to build the deeplink in case you don't have a "static" value in your link for the parameter: " _s.crb= <value> "? That happens in admin pages like: "send system Message E-mail notification" or "Proxy Management"

      On the link in question you will have for example:

      This is an Admin Center Link but it changes on the mentioned above parameter (_s.crb= <value>) for each new login for each user (due Admin permissions I presume).

      Is it possible to create a Favorite or a Custom Card using such links?

      Thank you very much!

      Author's profile photo Andrew Senior
      Andrew Senior

      Hi, thanks for the details.

      We are looking to do somethign similar as your address change example, but deep link to the "Upload Profile Picture" within an employee profile. However, that transaction is a javascript call as opposed to URL. Do you know how we can call the "upload Profile picture" java box directly from a custom card on homepage?


      thanks for any help