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Archive Conversion with SAP LT Tool

SAP offers for the execution of the conversion on the db as well as for the related archives the Landscape Transformation Tool (LT  Tool). There are a lot of kind of conversions possible. Some examples are Company Code splits, Controlling area merges or also renaming of supplier numbers for example.

In this blog we are going to focus on the archive conversion which will in most cases take place after the database conversion has already been conducted successful. The advantage is that the mapping of the db conversion can be taken over for the archive conversion as well.

To start with the archive conversion you need to call the process monitor for the merge package. This is done via Transaction code CNV_MBT_SLOP

There you start with selecting your relevant project, subproject and package

After selecting the relevant projects and packages you will reach to the process monitor.
All the steps which are relevant for the archive conversion are listed at the chapter “follow-up processing”

Initially you do have to active the follow-up phase to start of your archive conversion project.

Activation of Follow-Up Phases:

Activate the Follow Up package by using transaction CNV_AKTP and select U for Follow-up processing

Execute report “CNV_MBT_CWB_ACTIVATE_FOLLOWUP” via transaction SE38:


After a successful activation, following points will be shown in the LT monitor (TA: CNV_MBT_SLOP) in the section of the follow up processing


1.      Preparational Steps




Select from the project folder the package by doubleclicking


For the archive conversion only following steps will be relevant


You have to execute step by step


2.      Maintain archiving session for conversion:


Choose in the pop up


The selected archiving run (you can select also more than one) will be displayed on the top with status “green”. Just use the back button to leave the selection screen

If you have selected the wrong archiving run, you can deselect it in the same way, just by choosing the option “Archive is not relevant” and it will be removed from the runs which need to be converted.


3.      Prepare archiving session for conversion:


In the background archiving session are prepared for the conversion


4.      Scan archiving session for conversion:


In the background archiving sessions are scanned for the conversion


5.      Check package settings again

Settings for the archiving conversion are checked again



6.      Perform additional checks

Additional checks are performed in the background



7.      Generate conversion programs for archive conversion

Automatically the programs for the conversion are generated in the background



8.      Define jobs for archive conversion


Check that the correct package is quoted and just execute.


9.      Start conversion of archiving sessions


Start the conversion and check the progress in sm37


To sum it up, the LT tool is a really helpful tool, which guides you step by step through the archiving conversion which you try to execute. It supports all kinds of conversions (e.g. Controlling area merges, renaming of supplier / vendor numbers etc.).

Feel free to leave any kind of feedback or questions in the comment section of this blog.



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