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Talent Shortage: Treat your candidates like potential customers. Service-oriented application w/o password setting

In todays “war for talents” what counts for companies in Recruiting is low hurdles for application, speed in assessing candidate information and contacting candidates, perfect service for candidates and friendliness as well as continuous engagement – you need to treat them like your customers!

With standard Quick Apply, SuccessFactors Recruiting offers a good form for talents to quickly apply. However, the question is often raised by candidates as well as companies / HR Representatives why it is still necessary to provide Email twice and set a password to be entered twice. Within the standard configuration of Quick Apply this cannot be circumvented.

Further, many companies – although having beautiful Career Sites and great Employer branding – still “wait” for “qualified” applications, take “their time” to assess applications and do not keep in contact with candidates after application processes.


With the SuccessFactors Standard Features of Data Capture Form, Talent Pools and Candidate Relationship Management you can build a perfect service-oriented application process for your talents.

This blog showcases an innovative Recruiting scenario using Data Capture Form, Talent Pools and Candidate Relationship Management: With the standards of SuccessFactors Recruiting you can:

  • build an easy application form without password setting or entering email twice – just with the most important data
  • build up a huge Talent Pool, highly searchable and structureable, and many separate Talent Pools shared with specific people or groups
  • easily involve Managers, Team representatives to assess candidates besides the recruiters
  • be service-oriented and proactive with your candidates by proposing jobs to them which fit their interests and qualifications
  • keep in touch with your candidates using Email Campaigns

This process is also ideal for initiative applications.

In this blog I do not go into configuration details but will provide some hints and links to very useful related blogs.

In case you have questions on how to configure, please reach out to me or leave a comment.

Easy application form with as less data as possible and no password setting

Candidates apply to your company by providing just some relevant data and agreeing to your data privacy statement. Without actively creating an account or providing passwords.

This application process is NOT linked to a specific Job Requisition. It is more a general interest in your company as employer. Candidates just leave their data and their CV waiting to be quickly assessed and contacted. Of course this works completely mobile as well.

Just like a potential customer of your company asking for more details on your product.


Configuration hint: This form is built on a Data Capture Form linked to a Landing Page on your SuccessFactors Recruiting Career Site. “Area of interest” and “Availability” are Candidate Profile Extensions. For Details on how to configure, I would like to recommend the two blogs from Adil Khan: Enhance Talent Community using Data Capture Form & Talent Pools and Recruiting Marketing – How to customize Data Capture Form

Huge general Talent Pool and many specific Talent Pools based on candidate interest and shared with colleagues to easily involve Managers and Team Members

Just like in a Customer Relationship or Lead Management Tool where customer contacts are saved, clustered and searchable – so are the candidates in the Talent Pools.

All applications automatically appear in the general Recruiting Talent Pool = Candidate Standalone Search. Candidate are searchable e.g. for Recruiters based on provided information and based on Words / phrases in their CVs.

Further, applications automatically appear in Sub-Talent Pools based on selected Area of interest: e.g. Candidate selects “Project Management” in the field Area of interest, he/she will appear in the Project Management Talent Pool monitored by the Project Management Team.


Talent Pool statuses helps the team to keep track of what happed to candidates



I would like to recommend the blog by Kara Pastorek with useful Q&As on Talent Pools: Talent Pools in Recruiting – Continuing the Conversation

And another interesting Talent Pools Use Case: Blog by Sherry Meyer: Sustainable Talent Pools for Staffing in a Post-COVID-19 World with SAP SuccessFactors

Fast, Service-oriented and proactive contacting of candidates and proposing jobs based on their interests and skills

If a potential customer asking for your products would contact your sales team, they would speed up and become active to contact the potential customer and make an offer, right?

Why do you do it differently with candidates?

With this process, Recruiters or Managers / Team members would now:

Firstly: screen the candidates, contact them via Email or Phone and leave comments directly in the profile for other colleagues to read.


Secondly: follow the candidate in order to keep track of their activities in the Career Portal and add to Email Campaigns.

The activity feed enables Recruiters / Managers / Team Members to see what candidates are doing on the SuccessFactors Career Site: e.g. Logging into the Career Site, starting other applications, submitting or abandoning applications. Based on the tracking candidates can be supported in application processes directly or contacted in case of questions.



Thirdly: Search for open Positions that fit to candidate skills and interests and propose a concrete job directly to the candidate. The candidate can be forwarded and either invited to apply or processed directly on the job req.


Keep in touch with your candidates using Email Campaigns

Even if have not in the first run been successful with selling a product to a potential customer, you would definitely keep in touch and continuously update the customer with news etc.

Why do you do it differently with your candidates?

Make use of Email Campaigns that have been set up previously based on focus areas like Project Management, IT, Finance etc. and assign your candidates or Talent Pools so that they will receive Career-News on a monthly basis.

For running email campaigns Recruiters / Managers can track Views, Clicks on Links in the campaign and un-subscriptions.




With this blog I want to give some ideas on how to improve Recruiting using the Standards in SAP SuccessFactors. Here I want to also to recommend the blog by Amanda Crittenden on Close the Candidate Experience Gap: Five Ways to Attract the Best Talent and Protect Your Brand

If we treated our candidates a bit more like potential customers I suppose we would have less difficulties filling our open positions. SuccessFactors Recruiting can help us with described standard features.

I am really looking forward to your comments and experience on this process. Please also reach out to me in case of questions.

*all screenshots and candidate names are taken from a demo system and have no relation to real persons

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