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CCM MCP Integration Scenario in SAP Process Control 12.0

CCM-MCP Integration in SAP Process Control

Automation is the key to improve compliance efficiency and reduce compliance cost.

Currently it needs to be decided how to setup the semi-automated performance of controls – either with Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) or Manual Control Performance (MCP).

Both functionalities have a lot of benefits but also disadvantages.

By using CCM the data to be analyzed is generated automatically by the defined control logic in data source and business rule but exception is sent only to one or multiple users that need to solve the issue. A multi-level/step control performance is not supported or need to be defined via manual assignment of new owner / next processor.

By using MCP a multi-level /step control performance is supported, and additional required steps and performers are already defined during master data setup. But the data to analyse need to be generated manually without any technical support by the GRC application.

To support the semi-automated performance of controls better an integration of Continuous Control Monitoring CCM functionality and Manual Control Performance is required.

In case the business rule does not detect any exception/deficiency the case will be closed with status Adequate/Done.

In case the business rule does detect an exception/deficiency a workflow will be sent to the assigned performers. The exception will be added as attachment in one of the step of the Manual Control Performance Plan. That step will be listed as completed. And the workflow will be sent to the performer of the another step and then continued as MCP workflow.

Functionality has been released in SP14 and above . If you are below V1200-SP14 , you would need to implement notes to leverage this functionality.

1.Step performer mandatory to assign in first step under performance plan.

2.Multiple step performers can be assigned.

3.We can create performance plan under control in organization and can assign BR in control (BR to control should already be assigned in Business Rule Assignment Screen shown in step 3)

Here I am going to provide steps to use this integration scenario :

Step 1: Create a data source in rule setup

Step 2: Create a business rule using that data source. Here we create a business rule having deficiency and of configurable type.

Step 3: Assign business rule to control in Business Rule Assignment link under Rule Setup tab. You can see below we assigned the business rule created above to a control of automated type.

We can open the control from organization under Master Data tab and notice it shows business rule assigned under Business Rules tab :

Step 4: Go to Master Data and create performance Plan in control in the organization:

Assign a control performer in step -1 + Perform with BR = NO (mandatory step)

Assign a business rule + Perform with BR = Yes in step -2

Step 5: Assessments -> Planner – >Plan manual control performance using the control .

Step 6 : Check work inbox of performer. Work item shall be sent to the user.

Step7 : View the results opening work item:

Navigating to step -1 , we can perform various steps : set to done, Save, Report issue (will navigate to create adhoc issue screen)


Navigating to step -2 :

Clicking on link provided to view job results (same we see in job monitor)



Kindly use this functionality at best integrating continuous control monitoring with manual control performance.

Kindly provide your thoughts and ask questions in comments section. You can find more information and post your questions here SAP Process Control

You can @mention me and follow me for more content and I would be more than happy to assist you.


Thank you

Vaishali Bhardwaj



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      Uppdeep Singh Mann

      Thanks for sharing this update.