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Author's profile photo Digvijaysinh Jadeja

Cloud Integration Gateway – Integration monitoring using SAP Cloud ALM


This blog post gives an overview about how we can use SAP Cloud ALM for centrally monitoring transaction flowing on SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) , currently CIG is providing a very good transaction tracker to monitor but this blog post is exploring use case of monitoring integration transactions using SAP cloud ALM which can be single place for centrally monitoring multiple applications.

Use cases covered in this blog post

Configuration :Configure monitoring for CIG buyer (Ariba Network) transactions on SAP Cloud ALM.

Tracking : Track and trace CIG transactions on SAP Cloud ALM.

Alerting : using alert framework on SAP Cloud ALM to configure and receive email notification for all failure alerts.

Configuration steps : 

  • Create Client Application in SAP Ariba API Portal
  • Create OAuth Secret for Client Application
  • Link API Client ID to AN-ID
  • Create SAP Ariba CIG Service in Landscape Management
  • Create HTTP Endpoint
  • Alert Management

Create Client Application in SAP Ariba API Portal:

First step is to login to SAP Ariba API portal and add your application there (CIG Addon in this case but it can be any CIG buyer scenario) , this step will enable us to get details like application key, OAuth client id and OAuth secret key (since linking between central log store and SAP Cloud ALM is using OAuth) which are needed for further configuration steps.


Client Application on API portal


Create OAuth Secret for Client Application:

clicking on Action (top right in above image) will prompt for generating OAuth secret key and after submit we will have the OAuth secret key associated with the client application.

Link API Client ID to AN-ID (SAP Ariba Network):

Log on to SAP Ariba Network  > Click on your user name in the upper right corner and navigate to “Manage Profile” > Click on the option “Open API Client ID Config” > Click the “Add” button > Enter the OAuth Client Id generated in earlier step on API portal and save.

Note: this blog post is concentrating on CIG and Ariba Network transaction related monitoring , for other Ariba applications please follow product document.

Create SAP Ariba CIG Service in Landscape Management :

on clicking Landscape Management tile it will lead you to a screen where we can add required cloud service (CIG in this case).

Other parameters can be found from reference documents given in the end.

Create HTTP Endpoint

Choose the use-case “Integration Monitoring”
Root URL: Replace the automatically filled value with the SAP Ariba API URL
Choose OAuth authentication enter the OAuth credentials retrieved from the SAP Ariba API Portal:
Client ID: OAuth client ID
Client Secret: OAuth secret
Token Service URL: Extend your SAP Ariba OAuth URL with /v2/oauth/token
API Key: Enter the Application key

Open Integration and exception monitoring page, click on configuration button and search for the service created above. Once the service starts appearing, turn on the toggle to ON.


After the above step cloud service is ready to receive all messages, below the screen shows how it looks when SAP Cloud ALM receives messages shows those with appropriate status. This will become a home screen for any active monitoring of messages.

details of each message can be accessed by clicking on the messages. Where it will show all data like document ID, Status, direction, sender id, receiver id and other fields.

On clicking more for failed messages, it will show the detailed error message saying the reason for failure.


Alert Management : 

Alert management comes with a very good filter mechanism and it can be received on email as single alert or grouped alert (grouped for the configured alert criteria)


We can configure different filter criteria for alerts, which is a fixed list of fields like status, document type, sender , receiver …etc.


After this step we need to maintain required email id under notification management and associate that email id with our application in intelligent event processing.


  Now you are all set to receive an alert on email for your criteria – sample email below.


Summary and Conclusion:

while Cloud Integration Gateway is providing very good managed integration , SAP Cloud ALM offers central monitoring for all your cloud application/Integrations. Combination of both is like completing the circle. If you are using SAP S/4HANA cloud then you can configure it as one of the service on SAP Cloud ALM and have monitoring from all three components SAP S/4HANA – CIG – Ariba Network. Further you can try to check central monitoring for different IES scope items for integration like Commerce Automation or even try for other Ariba applications to understand end to end perspective.

For questions you can post to respective Q&A section

SAP Cloud Integration gateway Q & A

Product documentation/ help:

SAP Cloud Integration gateway product help

SAP Cloud ALM product help


With inputs from my colleague – Srinivasa Murthy, Nagendra.

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      Author's profile photo Shikha Ghodeshwar
      Shikha Ghodeshwar

      Hi Digvijaysinh,

      Thanks for sharing details. Do we need to purchase cloud ALM from SAP?

      Author's profile photo Satheesh Gannamraju
      Satheesh Gannamraju

      Hi Shika,

      SAP Cloud ALM

      Check out the above URL for detailed information and FAQ on ALM.

      No. SAP Cloud ALM is part of SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. Customers are entitled to use SAP Cloud ALM if they subscribe to an SAP Cloud Service that includes SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. SAP pays even for the hyperscaler on which we run SAP Cloud ALM, as part of fair use rights.

      Hope that helps


      Author's profile photo Kalyan Valluri
      Kalyan Valluri

      Thank you very much Nagendra and Digvijay for sharing step by step instructions and will greatly help CIG users adopt the feature.

      Author's profile photo Satheesh Gannamraju
      Satheesh Gannamraju

      Very well written and blog with step-by-step instructions !

      Author's profile photo Catia Silva
      Catia Silva

      Hi Digvijaysinh Jadeja thank you very much for the blog.

      We are using Cloud Integration Gateway.

      Does ALM only works as a kind of mirror for CIG? Is it possible to configure SRT_MONI errors on ALM?

      We are facing the issue that a message  ARIBA -> CIG -> ECC ends with error in ECC, but in CIG has the status COMPLETED.





      Thank you in advance,

      Author's profile photo Iftekhar Alam
      Iftekhar Alam

      Hi Digvijaysingh,

      Thanks for the detailed post. I am trying to connect Cloud ALM with Ariba test realm and in the landscape management i currently do not see the option  under service type  as "Ariba cloud integration gateway". I only have option Ariba Procurement and Ariba Sourcing

      How to add a new entry in landscape management  for cloud  integration gateway.



      Iftekhar Alam