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Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli

Output Management and In-App Extension for Account Statement forms in SAP S/4 HANA

Summary :

The below blog focusses on the Output Management Configuration and execution of Account Statement forms .

Steps to be followed for configuration :



Configure the below set of Views . Note : This can be also done via SPRO.

V_T048B : Allocate Program for Automatic Correspondence



V_T048I : Call Options of Correspondence Types


V_T048O : Allocate Output Management for Automatic Correspondence



APOC_C_FORMV : Form Template



APOC_C_EMAILTV : Email Template



APOC_C_CHANNELV : Channel Print/Email

V_FIN_CORR_VRNT : Define Custom Variants for Correspondence Types



V_FIN_CORR_TYPE : Assign Labels and Company Codes



Once the above configuration is completed the Form can be tested by the below two ways :

  • In case of Fore ground processing or testing use the below Fiori application

Create Correspondence‘F0744A’)/S21OP


Create Correspondence Fiori App

Now Click on the preview you can see the below Standard OM form in the output


Print Preview

Email sending functionality is also possible using send email button :


Email Sending Functionality

For the background processing use the below Job scheduling Fiori application Schedule Accounts Payable Jobs as shown below :‘F2257’)/S21OP

Click on Create a new job

Select the template Correspondence : Account Statement
Set the parameters like company code and Customers
Also provide the variant name which is configured above
If you want both print and email options use the below check boxes
Once the job is scheduled you can find the logs in the below apps by clicking on the log or Results button
In-App Extensions of the Forms and Email templates 
Open the Maintain Form Template Fiori application and select the Form template
Download the Form Template :
Now Open the Adobe Life cycle designer and open the XDP file as shown below and make small changes like changing logo or adding new fields or fragments
Upload the changed template to the custom form template and change the configuration with the custom form name  and generate the print preview

Similarly Use the In-App Extension to change the email templates as shown below :

Open the Custom Email template and copy the standard email template

Dynamic variables shown in the above screenshot is available in the below CDS view and the view can be extended in case more variables are required for the same .



CDS Views

Now change the email template by changing the email subject adding additional variables in the email body ,Configure the custom email template and test the same.


Custom Email template


Custom Template configuration


Custom Template


Thus we can change the form layout and also the email template to adapt the same to custom functionality


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      Author's profile photo Andrew Fordham
      Andrew Fordham

      Hi Vijaya,

      If I understand correctly what you're trying to achieve, you want to employ the Adobe Form with Fragments approach for Correspondence used in S/4HANA Cloud in an on-prem scenario, rather than the standard approach using the RFKORD* print programs.

      Given the on-prem systems don't seem to ship with the BRF+ Functions that are associated with the Application Object Types, I am unable to create output in the Create Correspondence app.  I receive the error "Output Management nodes could not be created using BRF+", but I am unable to configure this in the Output Parameter Determination app, as the absence of the BRF+ function in on-prem means that the application object type is not listed in the Show Rules For dropdown listbox.

      How did you get around this restriction?  Were you able to dowload the BRF+ application from somewhere?

      Many thanks,


      Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Blog Post Author

      Andrew Fordham : Looks like this is not yet shipped for BRF+ did you try alternatively the tables mentioned in the blog ?

      Author's profile photo Andrew Fordham
      Andrew Fordham

      Hi Vijaya,

      I have populated all the tables that you mention in your blog (some were already populated), but the problem at runtime comes in the Create Correspondence app when the Preview button is hit.  The BRF+ IDs are selected for application object type FFO_CORR_ACCST from CDS view apoc_i_brf_object_type (table apoc_i_brf).

      The process calls method CL_APOC_OUTPUT_TYPE_CONFIG->IF_APOC_OUTPUT_TYPE_CONFIG~BRF_PARAMETER_DETERMINATION with the OUTPUT_TYPE function ID from apoc_i_brf_object_type, but this function does not exist in our S/4HANA system.

      Which release of S/4 are you working with?  Is there any way of getting these missing BRF+ appliations?

      Thanks, Andrew

      Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Blog Post Author

      Hi I am working with 2021 Version of S/4

      Author's profile photo Andrew Fordham
      Andrew Fordham

      Hi, we have as S/4HANA 2021 on-prem system as well.  We upgraded from 2020 recently though, so I wonder if that's why the BRF+ applications are missing.  I think I'll raise an incident.



      Author's profile photo Enrique Giraud de Haro
      Enrique Giraud de Haro

      Hello Andrew, were you able to solve the BRF+ issue?

      Author's profile photo Andrew Fordham
      Andrew Fordham

      Hi Enrique,

      No, we were not able to use OPD for Correspondence, so we used the old way instead.

      However, I did subsequently discover SAP note 2248229 which contains zip files with all the BRF+ applications used in OPD for each S/4HANA release.  I believe later versions contain some Correspondence document.

      Author's profile photo Ramesh Yuvashree
      Ramesh Yuvashree


      Thanks for this article. Really helped us. Is there any way to find the business context for this form template? We have requirement to add custom fields and logic to this form.

      Author's profile photo Jiri Zezula
      Jiri Zezula

      Hello Ramesh,

      there is no business context for Account Statement.
      You can extend data source for Account Statement by implementing BAdI: Adjustment of Data in Account Statement Before Rendering (ACCST_ADJUST_DATA_BEFORE_RNDR).

      This BAdI is called just before data for Account Statement are transformed to XML.
      You can freely edit data before they are passed to Adobe Document Service.
      There are attributes called 'CustomField' on several nodes in structure, which can be used to store additional data.

      Then you use them in Form.

      There are similar BAdIs for 'Open Items List' and 'Customer Statement'.

      Author's profile photo Krishanthi Nawarathna
      Krishanthi Nawarathna

      Hi Vijaya Chintarlapalli I'm getting the below error when previewing pdf of my Current HANA system. (version2021onPrem).AnyIdeaOnthis? prem.

      Author's profile photo Jiri Zezula
      Jiri Zezula

      As you are on On-prep solution, you can check SLG1 object FI_CORR. Error says, that 'Output manegement could not generate PDF document', this can be caused by incorrect setting of OPD for Open Items List. Eg. no Form Template is determined, no printer is determined.

      Author's profile photo Sergio Teixeira
      Sergio Teixeira

      Hi, We have used new OM for account statements. But this Fiori app 'Correspondence' does not allow to generate of multiple layouts for a whole Company code,etc. Also, now we can not use the traditional approach either.

      Any other Firoi app is available to generate multiple layouts for correspondence?