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Author's profile photo Antonio Maradiaga

TIL: Virus scan functionality when uploading files via a Fiori app

In this short blog post, I’ll be writing about computer virus scanning and not the other virus that is around :-). The question I’m trying to answer is….. Is there a virus scan functionality that scans files uploaded via a Fiori app?


Computer being attacked by a malicious virus

TLDR; Yes!

There are two scenarios that I’m interested in, when the Fiori app is deployed on-premise and when the Fiori app is deployed to SAP BTP.


The virus scanning component in a Fiori FES (front-end server) is optional. Rules need to be defined in a scan profile so that the documents that are not compliant with the rules are rejected. More information about the virus scan interfaces can be found here.

Fiori FES Help documentation:


This can be found in the security section of the SAP Trust Center (, under Cloud Services: Reference Guide.

SAP uses a malware management process designed to keep the cloud service free of viruses, spam, spyware, and other malicious software. It consists of an antimalware agent deployment, regular scanning, and malware reporting subprocesses. Anti
malware software o equivalent is installed on servers in the SAP cloud landscape during the system setup process for data processing systems.

To protect servers against malware uploads, the antimalware management service is automatically configured to scan files where is applicable, based on the antimalware engine, when files are uploaded to the application.

In short, yes… all SAP Cloud servers contains software that protects its systems from viruses. You can find more information in the Feature Scope Description for SAP BTP, Cloud
, ABAP, and Kyma Environments

SAP Malware Scanning Service

Also, you can use the SAP Malware Scanning Service to scan documents uploaded by your custom-developed apps for malware. The app that you develop can call the SAP Malware Scanning service to check for viruses or other malware. Check out the SAP Malware Scanning Service APIs in the SAP API Business Hub –

Note: Thanks to Oscar Herrera and Sissy Haegele for their contribution on this topic.

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      Author's profile photo Rainer Betrich
      Rainer Betrich

      Hi Antonio,

      thanks for sharing.

      I`ve tried to get some more information on that, but struggled a little bit. Hopefully you can answer my questions:

      • the only source I`ve found for some tests is, right?
      • according to the rest api is in status beta, while the SAP BTP What's new viewer shows an statement that's general available starting in the mid of December. Link
      • according to the documentation the service could be consumed via an entitlement / service instance that needs to be created in an Subaccount, right?
      • so the question for me is right now, which commercial model is required to get my hands dirty. ( for example SAP BTP Trial is obviously currently not supported ).

      BTW: It's also not listed in the SAP BTP Discovery Center.

      Thanks for your time and your answers.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Sissy Haegele
      Sissy Haegele

      Hi Rainer,

      to get your hands dirty you should start with a BTP PayasyouGo. With that contract in place you`ll be able to use "free tier" service. No investment would be needed to use free tier services.

      To sign a Pay as you Go:

      Overview of "Free tier" services, able to use with "Pay as you Go":

      "Malware Scanning Service" is already available within a Subaccount which has "beta" enabled. It will be soon available for all landscapes. There was an issue to display it.

      best regards. Sissy

      Author's profile photo Rainer Betrich
      Rainer Betrich

      Hi Sissy,

      thanks for that update.

      As we only have some partner based commercial models ( Subscription and PAYG) in place I think we have to wait. Do you have an idea / timeline when "Malware scanning Service" will be available for the "non commercial services"?

      All the best,


      Author's profile photo Krishna Kammaje
      Krishna Kammaje

      I am a little confused. You say

      In short, yes… all SAP Cloud servers contains software that protects its systems from viruses

      What cases do we need 'SAP Malware Scanning Service'?