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Croatia EURO Currency changeover / introduction

As of January first 2023, Croatia introduces the EURO as national currency, replacing the KUNA as local currency in any SAP system that is running actually local currency values, be it LC1, LC2, LC3, be it in FI, CO, AA, ML.

There are actually two common ways what customers can do.

  1. Most obvious: create a new company code in EUR as of January 01 2023. Open to anyone, but of course also a challenge, and maybe also with individual solution situations which may prevent customers from choosing this path.
  2. Run a Local Currency conversion, the ‘EURO’ conversion., given the idea that you are not in S4H, and that also no other concerns are in the room, e.g. you don’t like a lasting downtime, you don’t want to run through lasting regression testing, you rather start from scratch centrally in your ERP system across all connected systems than running across all the necessary changes…

Yes, there are pro and con reasons, no path will be a walk in the park, an easy one, your individual situation may decide, which option is the better one for you.

For option 1, there will be further information (to come) linked to in this blog, when available. So this blog may serve also as a starting point for customers to question SAP on this, or your preferred partner, too.

For option 2, the famous ‘EURO’ conversion please find out how to go on, where to get information, whom to address for what:

  • As first central information source refer to SAP note 3093354 – Collective note for Euro changeover in Croatia. This note is continuously updated and subject to general information and other notes.
  • As second channel, you can address the SAP globalization team behind that central note as to establish a more general ‘big picture’ communication from customers towards SAP.
    • You can reach them via mail sent to mailbox. Please ensure that your mail contains the keywords ‘EURO entry Croatia’ so the team behind which is ‘global’ has directly directions.
    • State your case, if you have concerns or if you already know about issues from previous EURO experiences, as you will be hardly getting all information from one single component provider.
  • As third channel, and if you don’t have a partner nor own resources as to run a LCC by your own as a self-service, we recommend to contact SAP DMLT in very good lead time ahead to your project, say already now, and only for this purpose our component CA-LT-SRV is meant. The DMLT component CA-LT-CNV in turn is meant for delivery issues only, if you work alone or with your partner, and if you run into trouble on the EURO tool when executing yourself. It is not for explanation, education, application support, same like for CA-LT-SRV. ideally, and if you want to run this with SAP together in a joint project, you sent already your currency questionnaire filled in along to
    • Kindly note: beside having SAP in the lead to run the execution of the EURO tool, you may also decide to have SAP only to support on performance. For this case, you can refer to SAP note 963370
  • And channel four: there is a private JAM Group: Croatia EUR Changeover – Content/EUR Changeover – ECC ( – if you like to become a member, please request access by addressing

Generally: You may refer to SAP notes you see in that central Croatia note or also coming from the central LCC note 1130066 – LCC: Overview of current notes as of Release 46C – SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

We want to encourage you to make use of this blog information as to contribute with your experience, preferred either here or in the JAM group. You have now the ways how to contact SAP most efficiently, depending which option and involvement from SAP you wish

All the best, Uwe

Ps: hot from the press, please be aware on SAP note 3157864 – Local Currency Changeover for Company Codes with Lease Contracts – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

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      Author's profile photo Koen Van Langeraert
      Koen Van Langeraert

      seems that email address is not valid

      Your message to the Microsoft 365 group couldn't be delivered.
      The group DL_HR_EURO_CONVERSION isn't set up to receive messages from ...
      Author's profile photo Shay Oberziger
      Shay Oberziger

      Please send the request to

      Author's profile photo Maria Velyakova
      Maria Velyakova

      Hi Shay, I have just tried to send e-mail to, however has received the following error:

      Your message dated on 10 May 2022 12:22:20 -0000 to couldn't be delivered due to the following error:

      5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 550-'5.4.1 All recipient addresses rejected : Access denied. AS(201806271) []'.

      Any ideas how to resolve the situation?

      Best Regards, Maria Velyakova-Chalamova

      Author's profile photo Shay Oberziger
      Shay Oberziger

      Hi Maria,

      There was a typo in the mail I wrote. Sorry for that.

      Please send a mail to

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Maria Velyakova
      Maria Velyakova

      Thank you very much Shay!

      Author's profile photo Ognian Ravanov
      Ognian Ravanov

      Hello, I would love to hear ideas or proposals how to perform the EURO conversion under S/4 HANA. A good share of global companies with established business in Croatia have migrated to S/4 HANA and it will be a overkill to create a new company code in such an occasion.

      Author's profile photo Uwe Kaiser
      Uwe Kaiser
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Ravanov,

      all those companies are invited to follow

      1. SAP note 11 and become an influencer on SAP and its products
      2. If you are registered as SAP influencer, support SAP idea below, please, because this resonates on a broader level within SAP.

      However: like the central Croatia note is expressing it, we recommend that you also connect via the private SAP JAM Group.

      1. 3093354 - Collective note for Euro changeover in Croatia - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

      Finally, and excuse openness, but our customers should not be led into wrong hopes:  I don't think as of today that a solution will be available in time in S4H to allow a EURO conversion for Croatia.

      All the best, Uwe


      Author's profile photo Iryna Romanenko
      Iryna Romanenko

      Hello, thanks a lot for this introduction info. I have already sent email to join but without result. How long does it take to get reply or can I subscribe to the corresponding SAP Jam group in another way?


      Thanks a lot for help.