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At the crossroads of your Career? These ABCDs will help you choose the right path

Is this the right job for me? Am I doing the right thing? Was this something that I always wanted to do? Do I need to further my skills or expand it to a different domain? Do I deserve a promotion in the next appraisal cycle?          If your answer to any or all of the questions is Yes, then please read on. At the end of this article you will feel a little more relaxed, be a little more focused, have a positive vibe about you and definitely you will be more certain about your future.

I have been through few crossroads in my career and unfortunately, had no knowledge about these ABCDs, so I learnt them the hard way. I would like to share these personal opinionated ABCDs with you in anticipation that you do not hit the road blocks like I did; and that these ABCDs will help you choose the right path forward in your career.



  • A = Always pick a mentor
    • A mentor will plan and guide you through the journey
    • She/he will motivate you when odds are against you
    • Mentor will congratulate you on meeting your goals or when you achieve those small milestones

Your mentor can be anyone – Expert from the industry, Parent, Sibling, Spouse, Friend, Colleague, Someone who has learnt it with practical experience

  • B = Be positive
    • Stay away from the negativity
    • Keep the momentum going consistently. Do not lose hope or get tempted to give up if you hit a roadblock
    • There will be the odd hiccups, but that just means you are on the right track

Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. It helps you think rationally and arrive at solutions and not excuses

  • C = Celebrate success
    • Give credit to yourself where it is due
    • Give credit to others who have helped you
    • Do not over burden yourself and take time off to celebrate

It is human nature to be critical. While critique is good, so is celebration. We should make sure we celebrate ourselves and thank people who have supported us in our journey.

  • D = Develop your skills
    • Do not stop learning. Keep enhancing your skills regularly
    • Learn from your experiences – both good & bad
    • Stay In The Know – Blogs, Podcasts, Seminars, Webinars 

Always stay connected with the community in one way or the other. Document your learnings so you can refer to them at a later stage.

Following these ABCDs is like studying Math in school. We always ask ourselves where am I using the school Math today? While we are not exactly using trigonometry the way it was taught to us in school, we are using the learning behind it, to excel in our career. Our brains have become more creative, more logical by learning the concepts of Math, which we use in our day-to-day lives. The same way, these ABCDs will mold your mindset and behavior to do the right things consistently, which will help you grow and be successful Champions of the future!

If you have your own ABCDs or theories of mitigating career crossroads, please comment them below. Let’s help each other to be the better versions of ourselves tomorrow!! 

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