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Cross Tenant Live Connection between SAP DWC and SAC

SAP DWC and SAC are cloud based embedded offerings coupled together on a single tenant provided by SAP for both Data Modelling and Reporting purpose respectively. In an hybrid structure the combination of both results a very tightly coupled and highly efficient reporting architecture. SAP DWC uses Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Access (SDA) technologies to bring data from both SAP and Non-SAP source systems. Full-fledge Data modelling is still one of the challenges in SAC and that is why we have DWC in place to overcome this. In SAC it is possible to blend the data from multiple views but can create performance issues if data from the source is too huge. In a new modelling approach SAP is recommending to push all the business logic to the backend data modelling tool.

All the modelling actions can be easily performed in SAP DWC which is cloud based tool that allows both GUI and SQL based modelling and provides easy connection with both SAP and non-SAP source systems. The complexity of integrating multiple systems in one tool is resolved by introducing DWC.

From the navigation point of view you can access SAC tenant through DWC homepage by clicking the Product Switch button at the top right of DWC screen. Click on Analytics to switch to SAC on this tenant.



But, it is also possible to expose the SAP DWC data models  across the different tenants. This means SAP DWC data models can be linked to another SAC client running on a different tenant.

As shown below we have 2 Tenants and we will setup a Live connection from Tenant 1 to Tenant 2. DWC is currently present in Tenant 1 and we want to Live connect SAC on Tenant 2.


To Be Situation

To achieve this please follow below shown configurations in the Target SAC tenant and complete few prerequisites in DWC.

  • Logon to the target SAC on Tenant2 and create a new Live connection. Create%20a%20Live%20Connection
  • Select SAP Datawarehouse Cloud.
  • On Next screen Please fill in the mandatory details.
  • Name- Technical name of the connection.
  • Host- Login to DWC and copy the homepage URL from the address bar of your web browser.
  • Port will be by default 443.
  • Below prerequisite needs to be completed on the SAC from Tenant 2. Navigate to System > Administration > App Integration > Trusted Origins and maintain an entry by copying DWC homepage weblink URL. This could be same entry as host name when creating the Live Connection.
  • ¬† Now you can start building the Story in SAC on Tenant2 as the connection is setup successfully. Create a responsive story.
  • Select SAP Datawarehouse Cloud. Please make sure you are logged into DWC in another tab. Browser uses the cookies to automatically login to DWC since single sign-on is enabled automatically as Authentication Method when creating the connection.
  • In the next prompt you will get options to select your workspaces from DWC.
  • Select the required data model from DWC and click Ok.

One of the prerequisite in DWC is that the data model from DWC needs to be deployed of type Analytical Data Set else it won’t be visible in above screenshot. Navigate to the Data tab in SAC to find the dimensions and measures to be visible from the DWC data model.

Conclusion: We have now successfully setup a live connection between two Tenants – Tenant 1 and Tenant 2 and we connected SAP DWC running on Tenant 1 with SAC on Tenant 2 through a Live connection. This feature provides a lot of flexibility to our end users across multiple regions and to access the data based on their roles and authorizations.


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      Author's profile photo Tobias Mueller
      Tobias Mueller


      thank you for your contribution, Ravi.

      Just to add a remark to this:

      The embedded SAC in DWC is not being delivered any more to new tenants, starting Feb 2021. You can read the details here.

      The product switch on the top right can still be configured to a second SAC tenant. Find more here.