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Author's profile photo Razia Sultana

How to enable unit based pay components?

Hello SAP Community!
I am Razia, SAP SuccessFactors Product Support Engineer for Employee Central Module and working with SAP for 7 years.
I have been providing Customer Support in Hi-tech and travel industry.

In this blog we will see steps along with screenshots, regarding ‘how to enable 3 fields related to pay component recurring in employee central when you want them to be unit based instead of Amount or percentage of another pay component’. In the end I’ll be sharing a troubleshooting tip which can be useful and avoided as it does not throw any error but makes this implementation a failure. This trouble shooting tip is not only useful for this scenario but any scenario where you are enabling a new field.

Product/Environment: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: It’s different data types, portlets/ HRIS Elements, data models, working with XML files or Mange Business Configuration tool.

Different types of pay components:

The three fields unit of measure, rate and number are used instead of pay component’s usual types that are amount or percentage.

Rate: This field supports Unit-based pay components, typically price per unit.

Unit of Measure: This field supports Unit-based pay components, for example, Day, Hour, and so on.

Number: This field supports Unit-based pay components(rate) as well as number of units(Unit of Measure).

Follow these steps to verify what pay component types are available for use in your system/instance:

  1. In your system go to ‘Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures’ tool >Create New : Pay Component > and click on drop down of Pay Component Type field.
  2. If you are able to see only Amount and Percentage then you need to enable these below three field IDs in the Corporate Data Model XML.
  3. If you have Role-based Permission access to ‘Import/Export Corporate Data Model’ tool. Download the corporate data model xml file.
  4. Open it in a Text Editor or XML Editor.
  5. Enable these three fields inside hris-element ‘payComponent’.

        <hris-field id="unit-of-measure" visibility="both">
          <label>Unit of Measure</label>
          <label xml:lang="en-GB">Unit of Measure</label>
          <label xml:lang="en-DEBUG">Unit of Measure_Lbl#417</label>
        <hris-field id="rate" visibility="both">
          <label xml:lang="en-GB">Rate</label>
          <label xml:lang="en-DEBUG">Rate_Lbl#418</label>
          <label xml:lang="es-ES">Importe por unidad de tiempo</label>
        <hris-field id="number" visibility="edit">
           <label xml:lang="en-GB">Number</label>
          <label xml:lang="en-DEBUG">Number_Lbl#419</label>
  6. Save the changes and then import the corporate data model xml from same ‘Import/Export Corporate Data Model’ tool.
  7. Go to ‘Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures’ tool > Create New : Pay Component  and click on drop down of Pay Component Type field, now you’ll be able to see Number type as an option to select.

Pay Component Type Number is used if you pay your employee based on a number or pieces/unit instead of a set amount.


Pay Component Types

Selecting it will show you these above 3 fields.


Fields display

This behavior is explained in Handbook Data Object Tables in Employee Central.


Handbook screenshot of number field definition


That’s it!  Now the fields unit of measure, rate and number are visible when Pay Component Type Number is selected for use.


Now for Troubleshooting tip:

  • In case after the Corporate Data Model XML import, Pay Component Type do not show Number value for selection then make sure that only one set of fields are present in it.
    Usually in corporate data model the fields are by default available in disabled state. That is why, you have to either, enabled the fields (if they were already existing in disabled state visibility = none) or added the fields (only in case these 3 fields were not already existing you can confirm this by searching for field id=”[field_name]”).
    When there are duplicate set of fields added, the system will consider them disabled.
    For reference check the screenshot of redundant fields configured in the below data model screenshot (using software: XmlPad – it gives a tabular view to easily visualize large xml files)


CDM redundant fields with different visibility

Therefore, whenever updating data model to add new fields via XML, make sure that the field is not already added with visibility equal to none. If it’s already present then you just need to enable them by setting visibility equal to both instead of adding duplicate ids.

Currently, Corporate data model XML file is not validating for duplicate field id presence.

See Also:

Knowledge Base Article:

2742289 – Pay Component Type “Number” is missing

2346140 – Pay Component – Unit of measure field is blank

Handbook: Implementing and Configuring Employee Payments in Employee Central

> Pay Component Type: Number or Percentage

> Unit of Measure


Please like, share and comment with your experience in enabling Number type pay components or share best practices that you follow when updating an XML file.

In my future blog posts you can expect more Technical Articles: troubleshooting tips, best practices, a series of Employee Central Basics on different topics, as well as some of Personal Insight blogs related to communication tips, technologies and course/book/event review.

Stay Tuned!

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      Author's profile photo Randall Allred
      Randall Allred

      Hi RAZIA, is it possible to have both an amount and unit of measure for a non-recurring payment? Example, I want to pay an amount but track a unit of measure such as hours or years for reporting purposes.

      Author's profile photo Razia Sultana
      Razia Sultana
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Randall Allred ,
      The Pay Component will work only with respect to it's type.

      If Pay Component Type is Amount then it will consider the Amount value.

      If Pay Component Type is Number then it will consider the fields Unit of Measure, Rate, Number.

      You cannot have a pay component which is of two types at the same time.

      For more info see Handbook: Pay Component Type definition

      In pay component non-recurring if you want to use type Number then you'll need to first add the Unit of Measure and number of units field in the data model. Rate and number field is not available in this portlet.

      This will display and work but then in data model you'll need to make the value field non-mandatory.