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Author's profile photo Jacky Liu

Configure the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment Subaccount with SAP Forms Service by Adobe and Test with Postman


This section shows how to configure the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment subaccount, and the SAP Forms service by Adobe. This service API will be tested with with  postman


You have a subaccount on SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment and the subaccount has entitlement of service Forms service by Adobe .



Note : Please use Microsoft Edge Browser to do the configuration .

1, Create instance for ADS subscription

Enter BTP sub-account and create instance for Form Service by Adobe


2,Enter BTP sub-account and create instance for Forms Service by Adobe API



3,Create key for Forms Service by Adobe API instance .


The ads rest api document URL: URI + /swagger-ui.html

4,Assing user Role Collections

5.Upload template file into Forms Service by Adobe

a .Copy address of Forms Service by Adobe

b. The form template store URL is : a. url + /adsrestapi/ui.html

c. create form in ADS xdp temlate file from github in the following linkage :

e. Upload the downloaded XDP template file into ADS

Now the xdp template has been created in ADS

6, Test BTP form service by abobe rest api to render adobe form

a, use adobe live designer to open the xdp file from the following linkage:

s4hana-ext-cloud-label-printing/PrintLabel.xdp at main · SAP-samples/s4hana-ext-cloud-label-printing · GitHub


b, build  printing content data for render rest api call

use notepad open the preview data

paste the body in the following website to encode it to BASE64

Base64 Encode and Decode – Online

c, build body for rest API call according to swagger ui  in 2 :

d, test in postman

Method : Post

URL: From 3  URI + Swagger render api path

Authorization Type : OAuth 2.0

Authorization token url , client key client secret are from 3  instance key .

parameters :

templateSource:  storageName

TraceLevel, 2

body is from c




The End

Best regards!

Jacky Liu








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      Author's profile photo Murali Shanmugham
      Murali Shanmugham

      Thanks for sharing. We no longer required to create a BTP Neo subaccount just for using Forms service by Adobe 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jacky Liu
      Jacky Liu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, Shanmugham,


      This blog is base on BTP cloud foundry Forms service by Adobe .


      Author's profile photo Ramon Lee
      Ramon Lee

      Hi Jack,

      Awesome blog, but i got stuck after RoleCollections adobeservice have been assigned to myself.

      When attempting to access the Adobe Form Process i got a forbidden issue.


      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Hi Murali Shanmugham Hi Jacky Liu

      Please could you help me with a customer question in relation to how the SAP Forms Service by Adobe is charged? (CPEA consumption model)

      When using the Discovery Centre calculator, I can see this is charged in blocks of x forms per month but I would like to understand if this charge would apply for each sub-account that the service is activated under?

      Regards, H

      p.s. Ryan Gosnold

      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Replying to my own question ^^ as I got confirmation from the product manager who looks after this service:

      << An important point: The licensable entity is not forms, but ‘form requests’. It’s one ‘form request’ per 5 pages.

      A customer purchases a global account and then activates Forms by Adobe for each subaccount. E.g. create and assign one subaccount for Prod, Test and Dev if they like.  

      However, this does not change anything with respect to the charge, because the charging for this forms service is based at the global account level. >> 

      Hope this helps.

      Regards, H

      Author's profile photo Jacky Liu
      Jacky Liu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, Henry,

      Thanks for the sharing this information ! I think this explanation from PM team explain the cost estimate in discover center in the following linkage .

      ads cost estimate


      Best Regards!

      Jacky Liu

      Author's profile photo Tom Franckaert
      Tom Franckaert

      Hello Jacky,

      Very nice blog but when I try to test it (Get new access token) with postman I run into an issue.

      The following 2 popups are displayed and no access token is returned.

      Am I using the wrong grant type because when I use "Authorization code" I'm also obliged to fill in field "Auth URL"

      Any help is highly appreciated.


      Author's profile photo Tom Franckaert
      Tom Franckaert

      Solved it myself.

      Still, nice blog. 😉

      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Kumar Sinha
      Ashutosh Kumar Sinha

      Hello Tom,

      I am having same issue that you faced. Could you please help me with your solution to resolve this.

      Thank you.



      Author's profile photo Rohit Patil
      Rohit Patil

      hello sir,

      if u  struggle to get access token  add    this line last      " /oauth/token"    in

      "Access token URL"

      Author's profile photo Declan Moore
      Declan Moore



      I'm having some trouble with the final part of this guide. I'm up to 6c and have the body of the request created in Notepad++ including the encoded xml. Beyond that I am not sure what to do next.

      I have installed Postman (which I have not used before) and it is unclear how I test the API from Swagger UI in Postman? I seem to be able to import the API ref from API Business Accelerator Hub or directly from the URL and can then see a collection with all of the various methods for each API but I'm not sure if this is right - and I'm unsure how to get my API call page to look like your's in 6d.

      Could you provide some further clarity to how you get from 6c to 6d?


      Thank you