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FAQs: Pre-requisites to Successfully Install and Run SAP Intelligent RPA

Dear all,

Recently we ran customer facing workshop to enable them to use specific use cases from our SAP Intelligent RPA botstore. SAP Intelligent RPA like other SAP BTP services is easy to adopt, thanks to booster configuration and SAP Intelligent RPA content, you can be productive in the first hour itself.

Still in few customer conversations there were known technical difficulties in configuring desktop agent, that prevented the fruit of first hour experience. Many IT organizations prevent certain settings that was the main reason for these challenges.

There is a troubleshooting guide provided as part of our product documentation for standard installation and usage challenges and errors. Consider this blog in addition to the troubleshooting guide based on my customer conversations. I will try to present the content in an FAQ pattern for simplicity in consumption of information.

SAP Intelligent RPA is a cloud product and will be frequently updated. I will try to maintain this blog periodically to reflect the latest set of configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Is SAP Intelligent RPA supported in Mac or Linux?

Answer: Please refer to our documentation under Supported Operating Systems. Our SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Studio is a cloud based design and development environment. It is dependent on SAP Intelligent RPA Desktop Agent which is a windows application. Hence at present users are required to have one of the Windows Operating System configurations to get started with SAP Intelligent RPA. Support for other operating systems is planned in our roadmap. SAP will communicate such additional platform support through its official release related communications. There are multiple questions posted on this topic, I am referring to one such response as well from the community Q&A.


Question: I installed SAP Intelligent RPA desktop agent. As a first step, validated my user credential. Still the desktop agent shows the status as “Waiting for User to Enter Credentials”

Answer: Please review this community post for the recommended browser setting which is required for a successful agent registration process with SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory. A setting like this may require your internal IT approval if your organization follows security policy in this regard.


Question: Browser extensions are disabled in my IT landscape due to organization security policy

Answer: SAP Intelligent RPA Desktop Agent installation automatically installs the web browser extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After installation is complete, you need to enable SAP Intelligent RPA extension in the browser extension settings page. Kindly refer to our documentation for instructions.

In one customer conversation, their organization IT disabled extension configuration by default. In such cases, if you refer to the provided documentation page, you can find link to Chrome Store link to install and configure the extension outside of the installation. This will give you a path to install and configure browser extension with your IT department approval.


Chrome Store Download Page


Question: What are required client and server side configurations to get started with SAP GUI based UI automations?

Answer: Please refer to the required configuration settings from our documentation.

  1. Enabling Scripting on the Client Side
  2. Enabling Scripting on the Server Side


Question: What are the required configuration settings to get started with Recorder functionality with Win GUI / Web GUI UIs?

Answer: You can refer to our documentation for the required configurations to get started with WinGUI / Web GUI based Recorder with SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Studio.


Question: Do we need admininstrator privilege to run Desktop Agent Installer?

Answer: Yes, you require Windows Administrator rights to run SAP Intelligent RPA Installer. Please refer to our technical pre-requisites section in the documentation for additional information


Question: Do we need to restart the desktop agent every time?

Answer: Both design environments (Cloud Studio & Desktop Studio) take care of connecting with Desktop Agent. So frequent restarts are not required. Desktop Agent has an option Automatically Start at Windows Logon. If you turn on the checkbox, at every reboot of the windows system, agent will be started automatically. Please refer to our documentation for additional information

Question: To execute bots do we need internet connectivity all the time?

Answer: Yes, at run there are exchanges between desktop agent, cloud factory and the design environment (Desktop Studio & Cloud Studio). For ex, you will see occasional health check up message at the launch of a bot. So internet connectivity is required all the time when using SAP Intelligent RPA tools and services.

Do you have more questions?

  • Please refer to our product FAQ page in this community site for additional questions/information
  • After reviewing this blog and resources provided in this blog, if you are still having a question, please use the Q&A section of this community site and ask your questions

Good luck in using SAP Intelligent RPA.

After many years, I am writing my first blog in this new community space. Kindly share your feedback/comments.

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      Author's profile photo Ashlin Kandan
      Ashlin Kandan

      Hi Raghu,

      I am going to use the Cloud Studio soon - This is helpful.

      Thank you!


      Author's profile photo Raghuraman Ramakrishnan
      Raghuraman Ramakrishnan
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Ashlin.