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SAP BTP Kyma Runtime – Extending SAP SuccessFactors | Video Tutorial Series

This video tutorial series extends the Getting Started with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Kyma environment tutorial playlist with two videos about SAP SuccessFactors system registration.

For the video tutorials covering how to create the SAP BTP Kyma environment, see

For the video tutorials about extending SAP solutions, see

For the video tutorials about extending SAP solutions in the Cloud Foundry environment, see

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Extending SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP provides a standard way for extending SAP solutions. In this article we cover SAP SuccessFactors.

The tutorial series assumes you have a Kyma environment running. For this, see

For additional information about extending cloud solutions in general and SAP SuccessFactors and the Kyma environment in particular, see Learn More below.

SAP SuccessFactors Extension Center

To integrate your SAP BTP subaccount with SAP SuccessFactors you need to access the SAP SuccessFactors Extension Center. This requires the following privileges

  • Metadata Framework (MDF)
    • Configure Object Definitions
    • Admin access to the MDF OData API
  • Manage Extensions on SAP BTP
    • Create integration with SAP BTP

The figure below shows how the privileges are granted to the custom role Extension Center using SAP SuccessFactors Admin Center.

As documented

Previously, the SuccessFactors Provisioning tool was used for this purpose. For information about the change. see

SAP SuccessFactors Provisioning

To establish a trust between the SAP BTP subaccount and the SAP SuccessFactors company (tenant), you need to access the provisioning tool. For information, see

To access the tool, using URL


As documented

SAP BTP Kyma Runtime Get Started

For the playlist, visit the SAP HANA Academy channel on YouTube


Register an SAP SuccessFactors System

Video Tutorial

In this video, we show how to register an SAP SuccessFactors system, including entitlements and creating a service instance using the Kyma Dashboard, which generates a SAP BTP destination for the system registered.

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – Documentation

2:00 – SAP BTP Cockpit: Register System

2:55 – SAP SuccessFactors Extension Center

3:35 – SAP BTP Cockpit: Entitlements

4:30 – Kyma Dashboard: Service Management

6:50 – SAP BTP Cockpit: Destination


SAP systems are paired at the global account level using the SAP BTP Cockpit. When we register a system an integration token is generated, which we need to add to SAP SuccessFactors using the Extension Center.

When the pairing is successful, the status will be Integrated in the Extension Center and Registered in SAP BTP Cockpit.

When creating a service instance using the Kyma Dashboard, Service Management, Catalog, the system name as registered need to be passed as a parameter.


The technicalUser parameter is optional (but required for the OData access with OAuth 2.0 SAML bearer assertion with technical user scenario)

As documented


For the documentation, see


Configure Single Sign-On

Video Tutorial

In this video, we show how to configure configure Single Sign-On (SSO) between a subaccount in SAP BTP and SAP SuccessFactors.

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction

0:50 – Download SAP SuccessFactors SAML metadata

1:05 – SAP BTP Cockpit, new trust configuration

1:40 – Deactivate user logon default provider subaccount

2:00 – Download SAP BTP subaccount SAML metadata

2:20 – Add ACS using SAP SuccessFactors Provisioning tool


The SAML metadata exchange between the SAP BTP subaccount and SAP SuccessFactors company (tenant) is manual process where we need to download the SuccessFactors tenant metadata.xml from URL (including the SHA-256 certificate).


Next, using the SAP BTP Cockpit we establish a trust between the SuccessFactors tenant and your subaccount by uploading this metadata file. To make this a mutual trust, we need to download the metadata for the subaccount and then complete the configuration using copy/paste of three URLs in the SuccessFactors Provisioning tool.

Using an editor with provides XML formatting like Microsoft Visual Studio Code may be helpful for the last step.

SAP BTP subaccount ACS added in SuccessFactors Provisioning tool.


For the documentation, see


Learn More

SAP Help Portal

For the documentation about creating extensions, see

The components involved are illustrated below. Note that for the Kyma environment, the Extensibility Service uses the Kyma runtime with the Destination Service created at the subaccount level. A Cloud Foundry environment is not required.

SAP Learning Journey

For a related SAP Learning Journey with links to the documentation on the SAP Help Portal and missions on the SAP Discovery Center, see

SAP Discovery Center

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SAP Developers

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SAP HANA Academy | Partner Innovation Lab

For a video tutorial series about building SAP SuccessFactors extensions in the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment, see


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