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Improved flexibility in managing Sales Order Approvals using SAP Workflow Management (SAP Hyperautomation Webinar Series 2)

I was happy to present a session in the Supply Chain Management track at SAP’s recent second series of Hyperautomation webinar. The session contains a demo on how pre-built content packages, coupled with no-code low-code tools, can help citizen developers in companies of all sizes to accelerate business transformation by enabling them to —

  • Discover pre-built content packages available on SAP API Business Hub;
  • Import content packages that include workflows, business rules, SAPUI5 applications, and a preconfigured visibility dashboard;
  • Use a no-code approach to configure process variants, decisions, and visibility models; and
  • Activate and deploy new process variants.

During the session, you will see how easy it is to setup and configure a pre-built content package — in this case, Manage Sales Order Approvals, which provides —

  • The ability to flexibility create and configure a multi-step approval workflow variants;
  • Segregating decision login by easily managing approvers using Business Rules;
  • Process visibility scenario for tracking key performance indicators in real time;
  • Out-of the box integration with SAP S/4HANA, with pre-built integration flows (together with  SAP Event Mesh);


Let me briefly outline what you will see in the demo. First, a sales order is created in the S/4HANA system with an option for external approval. Whenever such a sales order is created with the help of SAP Event Mesh configurations, a workflow will be triggered in SAP Workflow Management.

This workflow will bring in the needed users and approval strategy from the business rules capability. And once the approvals are done in the workflow, then the sales order status will be updated in the backend S/4HANA system.

Complementing this entire end-to-end workflow is the process visibility dashboard  provided for the entire approval process so that you can track how the workflows are progressing. You can also track some key business KPIs that are related to the sales order. And you can derive insights as to where the bottlenecks are in the process and take steps to fix these issues in the system.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, SAP also provides a way to flexibly configure the workflow. So if, say, you need to change the approval process tomorrow, such as by introducing a new approval step, or by changing the approval process flow, you can go to the flexibility cockpit and configure the workflows using the process variants and start conditions, and many more such configurable options.


In addition to the Manage Sales Order Approvals package that we demo during our session, I want to let you know that the workflow  content library in the API Business Hub contains many more supply chain use cases that you can use. These packages come with an end-user guide, use case guide, and setup guide, and all are accessible to citizen developers and business users alike.

Manage Credit Block on Sales Order | Manage Sales Quotations | Purchase Requisition Header Approval and ReleaseManage Credit Memo Request  | Vendor Onboarding | Project Budget Approval



Watch the full session to dive deeper into the details and learn how you can easily leverage the prepackaged content to accelerate your journey towards digitally transforming, automating & extending the business processes.


You are invited to jumpstart your journey with SAP Workflow Management and its industry-based, pre-packaged content to enhance your process automation and extension needs. Here are some quick links to follow in case you want to learn more and try out our services.


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