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Author's profile photo Venkata Giduthuri

All you want to know on SAP HANA Cloud

Last Update: August 10, 2023

The purpose of this blog is a one stop shop list to all the important information resources of SAP HANA Cloud. It is to help the development and data management practitioners to quickly get up to speed on what it is, what’s the latest, and share best practices from other practitioners. Please bookmark this blog as I plan to update it when new information is available.

Since its inception in March 2020, SAP HANA Cloud is helping customers as an integrated platform supporting all types of data and workloads. Key use cases are:

  • As a gateway to all the enterprise data. Connect any data anywhere and execute multiple workloads on a single copy of data.
  • Real-time HTAP applications (native HANA). Combining analytical and transactional workloads
  • SAP application extensions and side car scenarios, allowing to create hybrid scenarios
  • Storage and processing of multiple different kinds of data (spatial, graph, documents, etc.)
  • Built-in ML with Predictive Analytics Libraries (PAL) and Automated Predictive Libraries (APL)
  • Peta byte scale analytics on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Ability to migrate on premise SAP IQ customers to the SAP HANA Cloud Data Lake with the option to upsell the HANA service.


Following are the important information sources:


Getting Started


SAP HANA Cloud Community


SAP Help (Documentation)


Migration to SAP HANA Cloud


Key Articles & Blogs


As a reminder this blog will be kept up to date so remember to bookmark and check back for new content.


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      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      Excellent list of resources, Venkata Giduthuri. Thanks!


      For those interested in getting certified for SAP HANA Cloud, three exams were released with SAP TechEd 2021 with the learning content freely available on For information and insights, see


      For our partners, the SAP HANA Academy and Partner Innovation Lab created a series of video tutorials which maybe of interest.

      (as the number of URLs per comment are limited, I'll just add an anchor point)

      Author's profile photo Venkata Giduthuri
      Venkata Giduthuri
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Denys.

      Author's profile photo Claude Philippe Medard
      Claude Philippe Medard

      amazing content.

      one more bullet point to add: unmatch ability to devise complex rules engine for any compliance check use case....

      Author's profile photo Johan du Plessis
      Johan du Plessis

      Is MDX support dead, or just not yet implemented?

      It would be a shame to loose a industry standard connection to rich HANA data! Migrating consumer tools are not as easy as just snapping a finger and have it available on SAC, nor is SAC the ideal consumption method for some OLAP use cases...

      Author's profile photo Jan Zwickel
      Jan Zwickel


      the support of MDX has been removed on purpose in SAP HANA Cloud after evaluating the usage by customers in the past and some other constraints. Can you give us more details about the scenario in which you would like to use MDX?



      Author's profile photo Johan du Plessis
      Johan du Plessis

      Hi Jan,

      Direct integration with Excel and other OLAP tools like XLCubed is quite amazing. MDS is unfortunately not an open API, so it is not possible for third-parties to build on it. MDX is an "open standard" and there is some support for it. Removing MDX from HANA does make it a bit of a walled garden.

      In the financial services sector we have many users who want to see the numbers, and see the raw numbers in Excel without fancy dashboards and graphs.



      Author's profile photo Javier Martin
      Javier Martin

      Hi Venkata, great blog with very interesting summary of Hana Cloud links. Thanks for sharing it.

      Author's profile photo Venkata Giduthuri
      Venkata Giduthuri
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Javier.