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Author's profile photo Penghong Jiang

Migration Cockpit (LTMC) 1 – Migrate Asset balance for fixed assets

Data migration has been extremely simplified by introduction of SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit, which is easy to learn and use. It can be accessed via tcode LTMC. Here I am going to share experience by step-by-step demo, which you can learn how to migrate financial related transaction data via LTMC, such as asset balance, open AR/AP and account balance, etc.

Let’s start with Asset balance migration.

1: Launch migration tool via tcode LTMC, fiori apps would get opened.


2. Create a new migration project. Mass Transfer ID can be manually updated or generated by system.


Create migration project

3. Search fixed asset object and open it.

4. Standard template can be downloaded here.

5. A xml file would be downloaded. Multiple pre-defined sheets are available in each xml template for migration, as well as field explanation. To be noted that sheets highlighted in yellow color are mandatory, and blue ones are optional for your migration. Eg

6. Preparation for migrate assets balance.

Before migrate asset to S4, we need to set parameter also like in ECC. T-code: FAA_CMP, set take over date and closed fiscal year. Screenshots from testing system.

7. Update asset balance template.

Suppose below assets to be migrated.

Update sheets to be used in template, all fields marked with “*” are mandatory.

Master detail sheet:

Posting information sheet:

Time-dependent data:

Depreciation areas:

Cumulative Values sheet, which contains APC value and accumulated depreciation till end of last fiscal year of assets capitalized before current fiscal year. In this case, only legacy asset 1 need to be updated in this sheet.

Posted value sheet, which contains all assets’ depreciation value of current fiscal year. In this example, both assets need to be updated.

Transactions (Transf. dur. FY) sheet, which contains APC value of assets those capitalized in current year, transaction type 100 used here for demo. Different project might use different take over transaction types. In this example, need to update asset 2’s APC value here.

Note: if parallel currency function activated, then you need to make sure areas with the same target ledger group should have the same value of column “Sequence No. of Asset Line Items in FY*”. Otherwise, system will treat them as different line, and convert another group currency amount from local currency in this demo case.

Once done, save it.

8. Upload template.

After upload template in, then it is ready to be transferred, first active the template like highlighted above.

Follow step active->validate->convert->simulate->execute

9. Validate data

Start transfer, system will start data validation, without any error, then process next.

10. Convert value, confirm value mapping between system and upload template. System already proposed the default mapping, it can be confirmed one by one, all confirm all together.

Process task -> one by one

Confirm mapping values – confirm all together

Make sure all field mapped.

11. Data simulation

Without any error, process next.

12. Execute import.

In case there is any error happened for value mapping, we can go back to update confirmation, and repeat the simulation and import.

Resolve error first, then process repeat execute.

LTMC data transfer done. Now assets can be checked in SAP.


You can also find other LTMC related articles –

SAP LTMC help linked here-


Kindly give me your valuable feedback / suggestions to make this article as more useful.

Next, I will share experience on AUC items migration by using LTMC.

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      Author's profile photo Afshin Irani
      Afshin Irani

      Hi Penghong Jiang,

      Firstly a very well written blog , much appreciated for this.

      What would be best approach to create  GL Master Data into S4/HANA using LTMC ? Any pointers would be much appricated.




      Author's profile photo Penghong Jiang
      Penghong Jiang
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Afshin,

      Thanks. GL accounts can be created via LTMC tool as well via standard template provided.




      Author's profile photo Regys Mene
      Regys Mene

      Hello Penghong Jiang,

      thanks a lot for the great blog. A short question: we are using the Direct Transfer Method to transfer fixed assets (including balances) object, and I managed to migrate the assets through Migration Cockpit, however only the master data, not the transactional data of it (CUMULATIVEVALUES, POSTEDVALUTION, TRANSACTIONS). Do you perhaps have an Idea why these are not being migrated?

      I see the values already in the source system ANLC table, however in the target system, in the ANLC table are only the new assets created without Values basically 0,00 for the KFs of the table (Column KANSW, KAUFW etc.)

      Thank you in advance!


      Author's profile photo Derek Wang
      Derek Wang

      Hi PengHong,

      thanks for your great introduction. it's really helpful.

      May I have one further question about one scenario. if customer want to migrate one fixed asset which had been expired or scraped before migration date, whlle client would like to reflect this in system. where to maintain the scrap transation and how to maintain.

      please refer to information below:

      FYV Acquis date Acquis Value Use Life(year) Depre Key Scrap date Migration date
      K4 01/01/21 12,000.00 10 LINK (straight-line) 31/08/23 30/09/23


      I try to provide information in the new upload template refer to informaion below

      Cumulate value - Till 2022/12/31 Acqustion value 12,000
      Accumulate Depre value 2300
      Post value - Till 2023/08/31 Depreciation Value 800
      transaction item Transaction type ???
      Amount ???

      but it seems one I entry transation type 200 in transaction item sheet for scrap, system will only offset the aquisition value, while it should reverse the accumulated deprecation value also,

      could you help to share which transaction type should we choose and what should be maintained there, thanks!

      Author's profile photo George Radicopoulos
      George Radicopoulos

      Hi PengHong,


      I am performing Asset mid year migration, my main issue is the depiction of current year depreciation before the Asset Data Transfer.

      I face a peculiar problem, i populate the below values:

      - Asset Transfer Date ex 01.08.2023

      - Asset Acquisition ex 4540,00 <<Cumulative Values>>

      - Accumulated Ordinary Depreciation ex. -2345,67 <<Cumulative Values>>

      - Accumulated depreciation  ex -681,00 <<Posted Values>>

      Posted correctly, but in Asset explorer the value -681, which is the depreciation during the year (from 01.01.2023- 31.07.2023) depicted with a thunder and says  Legacy data transfer, the problem is that in the Asset Legal Register S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet on 31.07.2023 depict accumulated ordinary depreciation - 681,00 and as a result NBV - 681,00.


      Thanks in advance