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Understanding the error messages when mapping data from the Position to a Job Requisition

Hello Everyone,

In this blog post I am going to help explain some of the error messages that you can get when you try and create a requisition from the position management org chart.

The two rules to help create the requisition are stored under Position Management Settings.  The key rule we will be looking at is stored under ‘Field Mapping Rule to Create Job Requisition from Position’.  This rule defines the data to be mapped from the position to the requisition.

A customer had previously not used objects on the requisition form and were going through a process of updating the requisitions to utilize generic objects for organizational data.  Previously they had mapped organizational data to text fields on the requisition.


Error 1

When the job requisition was updated we got the following error messages when a requisition was created from the position org chart.

We first reviewed how the field had been set up on the requisition and to make sure the field definition on the requisition matches that on the mapping rule.


As we can the naming matches.  However a normal mapping from object on the position to an object on the requisition should look like this.

The ’Format’ argument needs to removed and updated.  This format was in the original rule to bring across the name and code into a text field, this is not needed any more as we are mapping to an object.


Error 2

Once the first error was fixed we came across the same error for another field.  This is because when the rule runs it stops at the first error.  Once error 1 is fixed it continues down the rule, hence we saw this error as this was further down the rule.  It was fixed the same way.


Error 3

The last error message we got was as follows.

The reason for this was that the job requisition did not have a field named ‘cust_SalaryRange’.  There are no validations when you create the rule mappings, you only see the errors when you run the rule in the position org chart.

You will get the same error message if you have not spelt the field name correctly.  Therefore please check the job requisition xml to make sure the field name is spelt correctly or whether the field is missing.

In this situation the job requisition did not have the field and therefore you need to delete the mapping from the rule.  The system will not skip the mappings if it can’t find it in the job requisition.

The key takeaways from the blog are as follows:

  • If you are migrating from static text fields for objects on the requisition you will need to adjust the mapping rule as shown
  • When you create and save your mapping rule there are no ‘on screen validation’ as to whether they will work, you only get to find this out when you create a requisition from the org chart
  • The rule will only throw one error at a time, so you will have to work through each error as it comes

Please fee free to add in any comments or other error message you may have encountered via the comments section.

In the next few weeks I will be writing a few more blogs about Position Management.

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      Author's profile photo Karen Perez
      Karen Perez

      Great blog! Thanks for sharing, Nathan.