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Author's profile photo Frederic Habermann

SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit a new sales transaction validation industry cloud solution

Today, retailers have to quickly respond to changes in shopper demand. Further they are challenged with gaining robust sales and inventory information at the store level to have confidence in sales data and accurate reporting.

Therefore we developed the SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit. It helps retail businesses to increase the satisfaction of their customers by providing real-time insights to the store product availability and ensuring the completeness accuracy of sales transactions.


What challenges do retailers have to face?

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, we were able to identify several other significant challenges for the retail industry. Retailers are confronted with transparency in sales and inventory at the store which is crucial for superior customer experience and efficient store management processes. Beyond that they are challenged by

  • Erroneous sales transactions updating the backend
  • Inefficient in the error solving process
  • Very limited storage for sales transactions with on demand access


What are the key features of SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit?

The SAP solution provides various features that the customer can be delighted with. They get better insights into their product availability and can ensure that inventory levels are aligned to customer demand. SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit contains

  • Automated correction process based on historical error modelling
  • Central repository of validated transactional data
  • Intelligent recommendations based on historical patterns
  • Collaborative error resolution workflows
  • Support for near real-time visibility on store stock movements
  • Embedded dashboards and analytics


How does the solution look like? 

We are using the latest SAP Fiori designs to ensure consistent user experience across all SAP solutions. SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit is designed to be intuitive as well as clean and provides a superior user experience.


What are the benefits?

We put the customer first, so it’s important to us that our solution creates significant value for the customer. SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit helps improve customer satisfaction by delivering the data foundation that ensures automated customer-specific merchandise offerings. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced errors and regulatory inconsistencies by providing error solving recommendations based to historical patterns​
  • Optimized labor productivity through automation and guided exception handling ​
  • Increased inventory accuracy with visibility into product sales in each channel in real-time​
  • Improved data protection and privacy compliant sales audit processes


All in all SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit allows to transform raw sales transactions into valuable validated data by offering an automated self-correction process using machine learning that is seamlessly integrated into the SAP back end.


For more details please you can visit our Help Portal for SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit.


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      Author's profile photo Josef Hampp
      Josef Hampp

      Great blog post! Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Praveen Duddi
      Praveen Duddi

      Can OSDTA work as a stand-alone application without needing to have SAP CAR ? or Would this eventually replace POSDTA ?

      Author's profile photo Mohamad Termos
      Mohamad Termos

      SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit is a cloud-native stand-alone application.

      Author's profile photo Vikas Kumar
      Vikas Kumar

      Do we really need SAP CAR ?

      Author's profile photo Karen Milone
      Karen Milone

      CAR and SAP Omnichannel Sales Transfer and Audit (OSTA) are two separate solutions. OSTA offers the sales auditing and data transfer functionality. CAR offers many other product capabilities so it depends on the customer requirements. OSTA is an Industry Cloud solution and not dependent on CAR.

      Author's profile photo Vikas Kumar
      Vikas Kumar

      Thanks for your reply Karen , so its now clear that OSTA is not dependent on CAR . Need one more info which modules which are available in SAP CAR and not available in OSTA ? This insight will be helpful to understand more if we can really need OSTA or still go with SAP CAR . Also , is OSTA a subscription based and not on primise ?

      Author's profile photo Karen Milone
      Karen Milone

      OSTA provides the sales transfer and sales audit functions. Similar , but not identical, to POSDT from CAR. OSTA is a cloud solution that is subscription based. If the customer needs any features more than what I described they would need CAR, or if they are not read to move to Industry Cloud solutions they would also need CAR.

      Author's profile photo Vikas Kumar
      Vikas Kumar

      Thanks Karen


      I see the system landscape of OSTA , not sure why it is interfaced to SAP CAR . Can you provide us some insights . Also , what capabilities I can see in OSTA (is there any list which we can refer )-  is that only AUDIT , ENRICH and send transactional data to S4 (using WPUTAB ; WPUUMS ; WPUBON ; WPUFIB ? And can we customize custom tasks ?




      Author's profile photo Ramakrishna Nuthalapati
      Ramakrishna Nuthalapati

      The cloud tool comes with the concept of processed and unprocessed sales?

      Key features of the cloud tool not mentioned clearly on unprocessed sales 🙂