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MDG-BP: Innovations in S/4 HANA 2021

Hi All,

Season’s greetings, Wish you all a happy new year.

In my earlier blog, MDG-F: GL account innovations in S/4HANA2021 i talked about the innovations in GL accounts introduced with S/4HANA 2021.In this blog we will cover some innovations on MDG-BP which has aligned the addresses function more with the S/4HANA business partner.



Business partner in S/4HANA allows to maintain address specific communication methods in the BP address tab as well as address independent communication methods which allows users to maintain different email ID’s phones numbers apart from the one standard one assigned to the business partner.

MDG till S/4HANA 2020 didn’t have the function to maintain the address independent data, however from S/4HANA 2021 it allows this data maintenance and its under governance scope.



To incorporate this new feature a new UIBB has been added in the MDG named address independent communication and new entity types have been added to the BP data model which are all type 4 entities with leading relationship with BP_HEADER entity. Below screenshots shows it.





When we create a CR we key in the address-independent communication data into below UIBB as below


Address_independent UIBB

And the standard communication method is part of the address data as below


Standard address UIBB


Once the CR is approved all the way the data will be transferred to Address independent communication tab in the backend BP transaction.


Address Independent Data in BP

Below tables will be updated when this data is committed to ADR2 ADR6 and ADR12.

In ADR2 there are 2 records update one with standard flag and other with blank, standard flag data is the one which is dependent on the address, while the blank is the address independent data



Similarly in ADR6 address independent email address will be updated.

ADR12 will be updated with address independent website URL.



In this case i have created a vendor so URL field in LFA1 table will store



As S/4HANA evolves MDG is also evolving to ensure users have a seamless user experience and one stop solution for all their Master data governance and maintenance.

With this feature, MDG is now more aligned with business partner in S/4 HANA.

I hope you like the blog, do share you comments and views.

Stay tuned for more updates for MDG 2021 on S/4HANA.




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      Author's profile photo Daniel Reisberger
      Daniel Reisberger


      Very useful post! Thanks for that!

      This part is not correct

      "standard flag data is the one which is dependent on the address, while the blank is the address independent data"

      You have different ADDR Numbers for address dependent and address independent communication data.

      On BUT000 it is ADDRCOMM for the address independent communication.
      On BUT020 it is ADDRNR for the address dependent communication.