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Most Important Commonly used Materials Management Standard Reports

Dear SAP Folks,

Refer to the below Materials Management commonly used standard reports.

Inventory Management

MB24: Reservations for Material

MB51: Material Document List

MB52: List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand

MB53: Display Plant Stock Availability

MB54: Consignment Stocks

MB58: Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer

MB59: Material Document List

MB5B: Stocks for Posting Date

MB5L: List of Stock Values: Balances

MB5S: Display List of GR/IR Balances

MB5W: List of Stock Values

MBGR: Display Material Document by Movement Reason

MBSM: Display Cancelled Material Document

MMBE: Stock Overview

MR51: Material Line Items

MB5T: Stock in Transit CC

Inventory Management – Inventory Information Systems – Material

MC.9: INVCO: Material Analysis Selection, Stock

MC.A: INVCO: Material Analysis Selection, Rec/Iss

Purchasing – General

ME2O: SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)

ME80: Purchasing Reporting

ME81: Analysis of Order Values

MKVZ: List of Vendors: Purchasing

ME80F: Purchasing Reporting: Purchase Orders

ME80FN : General Evaluations

Purchasing – Purchase Requisitions

ME5A:List Display of Purchase Requisitions

ME5K: Purchase Requisitions per Account Assignment

Purchasing – Purchase Order

ME2S: Services Per Purchase Orders

ME2B: Purchase Orders by Requirement Tracking Number

ME2C: Purchase Orders by Material Group

ME2K: Purchase Orders by Account Assignment

ME2L: Purchase Orders by Vendor

ME2M: Purchase Orders by Material

ME2N: Purchase Orders by PO Number

ME2W: Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant

Purchasing – Outline Purchase Agreements 

ME3C: Outline Agreements by Material Group

ME3K: Outline Agreements by Account Assignmen

ME3L: Outline Agreements per Vendor

ME3M: Outline Agreement by Material

ME3N: Outline Agreements by Agreement No

Purchasing – Source List 

ME06: Analyze Source List

ME0M: Source List for Material

Purchasing – Purchasing Info Records

ME1L: Info Records Per Vendor

ME1M: Info Record Per Material

ME1P: Purchase Order Price History

ME1W: Info Records Per Material Group

Purchasing – Quota Arrangement

MEQM: Quota Arrangement for Material

Purchasing – Purchasing Information System – Material Pricing Group

MC$<: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection

MC$>: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection

MC$0: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection

Purchasing – Service Entry Sheet

ML84: List of Service Entry Sheets

MSRV3: Service List for Purchase Order

Logistics Basic Data – Material Master

MM50: List Extendable Materials

MM60: Materials List


I hope this is useful for all of our community members

I believe, It will be helpful and will provide sufficient information to the readers

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Thanks & Regards

Venkatakrishnan Subramani

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      Author's profile photo Bhumika dodia
      Bhumika dodia



      Useful info. gathered....

      Author's profile photo Marco Beer
      Marco Beer

      Hello Venkatakrishnan,

      That‘s a good and helpful list of transactions, especially for beginners.
      You might want to add one transaction, which is not too commonly known, but has some great functionality. I only recently came across it too. The transaction is „ME80FN“.

      Kind Regards

      Author's profile photo Venkatakrishnan Subramani
      Venkatakrishnan Subramani
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Marco,

      Thank you so much, following transaction added.


      Thanks & Regards

      Venkatakrishnan Subramani