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SAP S/4HANA 2021 Fully-Activated Appliance: Known Issues

This blog covers latest information and known issues for the SAP S/4HANA 2021 Fully-Activated Appliance (2021 SP00), delivered via SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL).

The overview blog for the appliance can be found here.

The known issues for older appliance releases are here: 2020 / 1909 / 1809

If you would like to ask a support question, please do so in the SAP CAL Community.


Technical Topics

Initial system performance after instance creation or re-activate

When you create an instance or suspend / re-activate it, the system performance will be slower, especially within the Fiori Launchpad. Also, the first click on a Fiori tile will be significantly slower. This is due to initial caching in the system and will become faster if you continue working.

Other performance tuning tips are:

  • Choose the cloud provider location nearest to you (for good network latency)
  • Fiori rendering performance on the remote desktop is often slower than on your local laptop
  • The demo users contain a relatively large number of roles and Fiori tiles. You can copy these demo users in TCode SU01 and adapt accordingly e.g. remove roles, create your own roles / Fiori catalogs, or personalize the Fiori launchpad (see also the SAP Fiori Rapid Activation demo guide on the appliance demo page).

Note to SAP administrators: SGEN has been performed to pre-compile ABAP coding.

Remote desktop on Azure: no SAP Business Client installed

When you bring up an instance, the SAP NetWeaver Business Client is not installed automatically on the remote desktop. To install it manually, please follow these steps:

  • On the remote desktop, download & install the Microsoft .NET framework 4.8 (from > Download MS .NET 4.8 Runtime)
  • If asked about stopping background processes on the remote desktop, confirm to continue the installation (this will take a few minutes)
  • When the .NET installation has finished, reboot the remote desktop (using the regular restart feature of the remote desktop)
  • After the reboot has completed, log on to the remote desktop again and install the SAP Business Client by executing the file  Q:\flavor\S4HANA_Fully_Activated\NWBC770_8-80004841.exe
  • To allow the use of Web GUI applications in the SAP Business Client, do the following:
    Search for Internet Options in the Windows search. In the dialog window, go to Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > Enter https://vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain > Add > Close.

Transport system (STMS) is not configured by default

Please check the SAP standard documentation how to configure the transport system in a new system.

Messages about faulty HANA plugins versions (vch_old, afl_old, …)

The appliance contains orphaned metadata for some HANA plugins (plugin names are vch_old / afl_old / sap_afl_sdk_apl / sap_afl_sdk_apl_old).

This won’t affect the use of the appliance but may cause some confusion in transactions such as ST04 or /n/SAPAPO/OM13 that display an error message for the plugin status.

To remove these messages, run the following command from the SQL console in HANA Studio for both the system and tenant DB:

TRUNCATE TABLE _sys_afl.plugin_errors

Hourly error messages in transaction /n/IWFND_ERROR_LOG

In tCode /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG you will see hourly error messages (“No service found for namespace…”) for the users FIORIADMIN and BPINST. Those messages stem from a scheduled job and can be ignored (delete the entries if they distract you from the analysis of other errors).

Issues with specific business scenarios

Data Migration for direct transfer

At the time of publishing of the SAP S/4HANA Fully-Activated Appliance, the ERP system which is needed for the direct transfer migration scenarios was not yet available in SAP CAL. It is planned to be available mid-January latest.

Service: Solution Quotation not working

The Solution Quotation scope item (4Q5) cannot be executed in the appliance due to an issue with a Fiori app. The resolution is under investigation.

Portfolio & Project Management: “Transfer to ERP” button missing

In the demo guide for PPM in chapter 3.6 (“Create and release PS Project, transfer Budget Approved to PS”) the button “Transfer to ERP” does not show up. To resolve this:

  • Enter transaction code /n/RPM/CUST_COPY in SAP GUI
  • Mark the three entries
    • INM_NAV_CTX (INM Navigation Context)
    • INM_NAV_CTX_W (INM (Navigation Context Workcenter)
    • INM_NAV_INF_W (INM Navigation Information)
  • Choose the icon “Copy from Delivery Client”
  • Choose/create a customizing request and confirm the next steps

Master Data Governance: Empty boxes in the Fiori launchpad

Users for MDG (MDG_…) might see empty rectangular boxes on the SAP Fiori Launchpad instead of Fiori actions. To resolve it, go to “User Profile > Settings > Homepage” and check the option “Show one group at a time”

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      Author's profile photo Wallace Henry
      Wallace Henry

      A question... not sure if it is an item or that one id works in 2 areas:

      Getting started guide, section: Pre-configured business users in SAP S/4HANA, client 100 users.

      Userid S4H_PP is listed under both Production Planning and Plant Maintenance & Quality


      Is this proper?  Or should I have a different userid for the Plant Maintenance & Quality Mgmt.

      Thanks in advance for the guidance.  Wallace