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Year in Review 2021 – Exciting, Inspiring, Productive,Fun

Year in Review 2021

We’re close before the end of 2021, therefore I want to share my experiences and thoughts about the year and the events which happened.

This year was a content packed and exciting year with a ton of new features, frameworks and tech to try out! If you’re interested in my SAP BTP SDK for iOS Highlight Blog Post go right here:
Highlights SAP BTP SDK for iOS 2021

New Ways of Delivering Content

This year we, the Developer Advocates, put a lot of work and thought into content delivery through our Social Media channels, SAP Community (Blogs, Tutorials), the SAP Developer YouTube channel and GitHub. For us it is really important to get the best content out there, so you can learn and hear all about the latest and greatest tech. With new equipment and fresh ideas we did take on that task and produced a lot of new content for the different shows we have available on YouTube.

Bundled with the new setup we got a ton of learning to do in order to understand the camera and audio devices but also on how to setup our home studio. It is really not easy to get everything configured correctly and setup. After a lot of trial and error we achieved something really good in the end.

In this section I wanted to point out a couple of videos I think represent our efforts nicely, and I would encourage you to check them out. 🙂

CAP Nov 2021, SAP TechEd 2021, UI News HANA 2.0 SPS 06 | SAP Developer News

SAP TechEd Recap, SAP CAP Nov 2021 Part 2 | SAP Developer News

Thomas Grassl Talking Tech | SAP TechEd in 2021 | Channel 1

The SAP Developer Advocates Most Popular Shows


Devtoberfest was going into the second round this year! We started putting together Devtoberfest in 2020 to present the latest and greatest SAP technologies to you. Devtoberfest is meant to be a celebration for developers by developers with the heart and soul of a coder in mind, and with coder, I mean all coders no matter if Pro Code, Low-Code, No-Code or any other type of technologist! 🙂

Because Devtoberfest was such a success last year we wanted to make it even bigger and better this year and so we did a complete revamp for 2021. Of course we kept the key elements which are the great tech talks, the sample code on GitHub, the coding challenges and of course the closeness to you as the community. For this year we thought about new things we could incorporate and make Devtoberfest even more celebratory and entertaining. That is why we changed up the topics to be, both SAP and general tech related, but also have fun elements available to really enjoy weeks of celebration. These fun elements we called Fun Fridays, which happened at the end of each topic week, where we brought in exiting speakers, had a virtual museum tour, and did entertaining activities together with you like the Gaming Night or Trivia Night.

What I liked a lot was the contest portion of Devtoberfest, using a virtual game board for tracking progress during the contest.

We hope you all enjoyed this years Devtoberfest and had a ton of fun chasing points, learning and hanging out with us. Let’s see what 2022 brings 😋!

Some of my Highlights

Devtoberfest Launch Party with Thomas Grassl and Juergen MUELLER

A Virtual Tour of the “Revolution” Exhibition at the Computer History Museum

Best Practices in the Cloud Native Era

Attitude with Iteration

Ask-the-Expert: Data Science in practice

SAP TechEd 2021

I can’t express enough how I loved this years SAP TechEd event! Not only because I was part of it but because it was such an amazing show like it was last year. Honestly, Channel 1 on SAP TechEd is just simply amazing! It is like watching a TV show packed with strategic, technological and entertaining elements.

For us as the Developer Advocates it was huge because we had the chance to get together in Germany to shoot not only the Developer Keynote in the SAP Code Haus but also see each other again after such a long time (Of course we had the tightest security measures so everyone was kept safe and healthy during that period). What I loved was that we were a big part of SAP TechEd both on stage and in the background covering the live chat, doing moderation on Channel 1 and creating the, as I think, fun Developer Keynote.

Our daily job is speaking in front of audiences, giving tech talks or doing moderation and we’re used to that, but being a moderator in a professional studio setup with lights pointing at you, multiple cameras filming in different angles and working with a production crew is simply fascinating and an experience I will never forget. This to me was, together with Devtoberfest, my absolute biggest highlight this year.

I can’t even put it all in words so let me just share some of my highlights!

SAP TechEd 2021 Developer Keynote – Improving Developers’ Lives (GitHub)

Improve Developers’ Lives: Developer Keynote and Open Discussion

Join Experts and Executives in the Keynote Exchange

Improve Development Productivity and Integrate for the Future with SAP BTP

Final Words 2021

I hope you enjoyed this year with us Developer Advocates as much as we did, and I hope to see you all again next year (virtual or in-person) for another inspiring and exciting year packed with cool new tech, news and events.

Take the time to rest, get-together with family and loved ones, do whatever makes you happy and replenish your energy levels for 2022!

I will take the time to finish up some of my miniature painting projects, music tracks and of course spending time with family, friends and my partner.

Again, a big thanks from me for being such an amazing community!

And as always, Keep Coding!

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Hi Kevin - it was nice to meet you and  Cecily Sorenson  virtually; thank you for organizing and moderating my Channel 1 session.  You both made it so easy for me to participate.  I enjoyed all the channel 1 content and energy everyone brought.


      I too enjoyed Devtoberfest, despite the fact that I am no longer a developer, but was able to make it to the 3rd level.  So far my favorite Devtoberfest guest series was the computer museum tour.


      Enjoy the holidays and your time off and see you in 2022.