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Author's profile photo Jan Beissner

How to set up SAP AppGyver in your Business Technology Platform Subaccount

This blog post will teach you how to set up AppGyver in your existing SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) Subaccount. You can choose between a free plan and the standard plan during setup.
To try out SAP AppGyver, it is enough to activate the free plan.

SAP AppGyver is a service within the SAP Business Technology Platform. With SAP AppGyver you have a no-code platform that allows you to build your apps without writing a single line of code.


SAP AppGyver


To activate SAP AppGyver and SAP Business Application Studio, use the Booster Function (described in more detail in this tutorial) of the SAP BTP Cockpit. This will start the setup wizard and do the installation for both of the tools automatically for you.

To activate only SAP AppGyver within your existing subaccount, we need to go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure Cloud Foundry is enabled in your subaccount
  2. Add the SAP AppGyver Entitlements and Service
  3. Create a Role Collection for SAP AppGyver
  4. Create your SAP AppGyver Bookmark

1. Make sure Cloud Foundry is enabled in your subaccount

Within your subaccount on the Overview page is the Cloud Foundry Environment tab. If Cloud Foundry is enabled, you will find API Endpoint details as well as the option to disable Cloud Foundry. If you don’t see any details here, activate Cloud Foundry by clicking on the activate Cloud Foundry button.

2. Add the AppGyver Entitelments and Service

On the subaccount level, click on Entitlements on the left side and add the SAP AppGyver service via Configure Entitlements. Here you can select the individual plans that will be available later when creating the service.


Set SAP AppGyver Entitelments

Add your selected Services.


Search for SAP AppGyver and add the services

After you have set the Entitlements, you have to activate the service. To do this, click on the Service Marketplace tab on the left and search for SAP AppGyver. Click on the service to see details and click on Create to configure the service for the subaccount. Select the plan that suits you (free or standard) and click create. If you can’t see one of the two plans here, it’s possible that the Entitlements are not set correctly.


Create the SAP AppGyver Service for your subaccount

SAP AppGyver is now successfully activated as a service within the subaccount and is just waiting for your first project.

3. Create a Role Collection for SAP AppGyver

Now you want to start right away, but you get the message: SAP AppGyver – Access denied.


SAP AppGyver – Access Denied Error

This is because you have not yet given your user the necessary roles.

Creating a role collection allows you to organize the different roles in your organization. Click on Role Collections on the left side. In our case, we create a role collection for admin users. Here, you can also create additional role collections for developers.

Add the following roles (for admin access) to your Admin Role Collection:



For your Developer Role Collection, the following roles are suitable:




Add Role Collection

After successfully creating your Role Collections, you have to add yourself as a user. You can add your respective users within your created Role Collection via the ID.

Now you can use SAP AppGyver and realize your first projects!

If you still get an Access Denied error message, even though you have created the roles and assigned them to your user, it makes sense to reload the page and delete the cookies or access SAP AppGyver via the incognito mode.

4. Create your SAP AppGyver Bookmark

Now that you have access to SAP AppGyver, of course, you want to be able to access it quickly. The easiest way to do this is via a bookmark. Navigate to Instances and Subscriptions in your subaccount and you will find SAP AppGyver under the Subscriptions tab. Open the app and create a bookmark.

Now you can use SAP AppGyver and realize your first projects!

Here you can find more tutorials on SAP AppGyver to get started.

Do you have additional questions regarding SAP AppGyver?
Feel free to ask your SAP AppGyver questions to the SAP Community


Have fun developing!

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      Author's profile photo Raz Korn
      Raz Korn

      Hi Jan Beissner ,

      The easiest way to enable SAP AppGyver would probably be to run the Low-Code / No-Code booster as described in step 1 of the "Subscribe to the Low-Code / No-Code Service in SAP BTP" tutorial.

      Regards - Raz

      Author's profile photo Jan Beissner
      Jan Beissner
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Raz,

      thank you! The Booster-Option is probably the easiest way if you want to enable SAP AppGyver and SAP Business Application Studio simultaneously. I updated the blog and added the tutorial as another option.



      Author's profile photo Johan Jaksland
      Johan Jaksland

      Hi Jan Beissner 

      I'm trying to set this up both via the Booster-Option and by the steps you provided, but in neither I am able to find the options for AppGyver. Is it not available for trial accounts?

      Br Johan

      Author's profile photo Thomas Sambruni
      Thomas Sambruni

      Hi, this seems not working for trial BTP accounts.

      Author's profile photo Abdul Latif
      Abdul Latif

      Yes, not working.

      Author's profile photo Esmee Xavier
      Esmee Xavier

      Hi Thomas and Abdul. The free tier for SAP AppGyver is not yet generally available. We are hoping to make it live soon, and then you should be able to try it out with the trial BTP account.

      Author's profile photo Ludo Noens
      Ludo Noens

      Just wanted to make you aware that there is a difference between Trial and Free-tier. The latter is only available on the Live (productive) landscape and can easily be converted into a standard subscription without having to migrate your apps / projects. Trial is a separate landscape and once you decide to go for a subscription, you'll have to start from scratch and/or migrate what you have in Trial.

      The SAP AppGyver subscription is only available on the Europe, Frankfurt (AWS) data center (also known as eu10).

      At the time of writing this, the free tier service for SAP AppGyver is not available.

      Take note that there is also a free community edition of AppGyver available, which can be considered for trying things out. But do take note that this is not to be confused with free-tier.


      Author's profile photo Janarthanan Elangovan
      Janarthanan Elangovan

      Hello Ludo Noens ,


      Thank you for detailed information. Any approximate tentative date/time on availability of SAP AppGyver in

      1. SAP BTP Free Tier
      2. SAP BTP free trail account.


      It could be much helpful if we get to know the release/available of SAP AppGyver Entitlement in SAP BTP.




      Author's profile photo santosh das
      santosh das

      When the SAP AppGyver will be available for free trial accounts

      Author's profile photo Rohit Kumar Bubna
      Rohit Kumar Bubna

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for sharing this detailed blog.

      Following the steps, I have been able to configure the AppGyver subscription .

      I am able to create a Business Application using BAP but not able to create an AppGyver project - I get an error message during Create .


      I have added all the roles as mentioned above for my user. Would love to get your view.