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Top 10 Benefits of Cloud ERP

As with my last post, I came across another article from our friends over at SAP Insights that I thought would great to share here in the community. It’s quite easy for people who are veterans in the SAPverse to forget what it was like in the beginning, before they even knew what ERP even was. In this article, Insights explains exactly what Cloud ERP is for those who might be knew to the space or for those who are considering upgrading from a legacy system. In this post I’m only going to share the top 10 benefits of Cloud ERP that they listed, but make sure to check out the full article here if you want the full picture.


Cloud ERP benefits

The Top 10 Benefits of Cloud ERP. SAP Insights.


  1. Lower cost: With traditional legacy systems, it was necessary to pay a flat upfront cost. Cloud ERP can be used as a subscription service and paid for in intervals. Think like Netflix. Would you rather pay 20 dollars for every single movie you want to watch, or would you rather pay 10 dollars a month for unlimited access to it all?
  2. Fast, flexible implementation: Cloud native applications are much easier to set up and maintain than legacy systems. Considering the system doesn’t require your own physical server, maintenance can be handled efficiently and remotely.
  3. Business improvement: Cloud ERP not only offers benefits to your finance and accounting departments, but also can improve general operations, automating menial tasks which help your business run faster.
  4. Simplicity and automation: I’ve talked about the benefits of automation many times before. Check out a post on that here.
  5. New functionality: Cloud software can be updated much easier than its legacy counterpart and software updates can be pushed out to every user at the same time. In the past, users had to wait for the availability of their vendor to receive the latest and greatest.
  6. Better insights: Cloud ERP offers analytical tools that unlock better decision-making abilities. The article states that “the ability to see trends, predict changes, and automate processes improves resource usage and vastly enhances customer service”.
  7. Support for mobile ERP: Cloud ERP gives your employees access to the things they need everywhere, all the time.
  8. Access to new technologies: Machine learning, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are all being built into modern day Cloud ERP systems giving your business access to the modern-day innovations that your business needs to compete.
  9. Deeper Security: If you didn’t already know, most security breaches occur primarily with on-premise systems.
  10. Scalability: As your company grows, you can simply add more computing power or data storage as you need it.


I would recommend checking out the full article, as it takes a much deeper dive into Cloud ERP. If you are new to this space, there are a multitude of articles on SAP Insights which explain what ERP really is. Are you a believer in the cloud? Or do you still think an on-premise system is the way to go?

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