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SAP Analytics Cloud Innovation Roadmap & Community Call Summary with Q&A

I was a few minutes late to this session today.  I am sure they had the disclaimer slide that everything in the future is subject to change.  SAP’s Iver van de Zand led the call


Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Adoption is shown above


Source: SAP


Closed loop

One tool for BI, planning, predictive

Investment areas are  shown above

Enterprise Analytics:

Focus on performance

Next area of focus is business content

Exploration views with data analyzer

Bring Analytics Analyzer and story better together


Decision Intelligence:

Predictive alerting

Predictive planning, what if



Embedding analytics such as Ariba Supplier

Make embedding deeper


Source: SAP

The road map


Source: SAP

Slide for reference


Upper right – optimized story and designer


Source: SAP




Source: SAP

Catalog – for end users to access dashboards

Users do not care which product

Analytics Hub is removed from price list, now have Analytics Catalog


Source: SAP

Want to embed SAC in all core SAP application

Limitation: accesses data only from that core application

If you want to combine with something else, need the full SAC license


Source: SAP

Status of embedded SAC

Green – available

Blue – planned



First audience poll question


Second audience poll question

Key Functionalities Highlighted


Source: SAP

Reporting – tied to enterprise analytics, trusted data

Data analyzer – data exploration go ahead strategy

Multi actions – planning, evolved with new functionality, automation for planning

Reporting upcoming feature is bursting


Source: SAP

Investing in Data Analyzer

Now in screen

It has its own artifact

Access from menu bar

Share insights

No model needed, directly from the source (BW or HANA)

Strategic exploration of choice


Last poll question

Question and Answer

Q: Is there a way to still get the fast track release notes even if you don’t have a fast track tenant? The fast track release notes helped us in a lot of discussions as we were able to see what will come in the next release and saw already some screenshots. So we would like to still get this information.


A:  SAP decided to publish the release notes only on quarterly basis. Customers on Fast Track Cycle can still view the Fast Track release notes by navigating to the What’s New Section just recently shown by Iver. The section will only show quarterly notes if your system is on QRC schedule. We encourage you to look at the SAP Analytics Cloud Road Map Explorer when it comes to new features as these innovations can also be found there.


Q: So the Analytics Catalog is for free and doesn’t need an additional license?

A: Catalog is part of the BI (business intelligence) license. capability needs to be activated by an Admin.


Q: On the Roadmap you never know how it will be implemented and still can be moved to a later release. So the fast track release notes were important for us. We can’t update our test tenant to a fast track as we need to transport between system. Can’t you publish it to SAP launchpad or a place which is accessible  by export user but not by “normal” business users?

A: we hear you and understand it’s a hot topic. we will take your feedback and raise this again to our product management teams.


Q: Is there a way to convert a webi report to the new SAC reporting frame ?

A: there’s no conversion tool to migrate/convert from Webi to SAC Story, but Webi documents can be used as a source for SAP Analytics Cloud using the “Live Universe Connector”


Q: Does Data Analyzer also supports BO UNV ?

A: Live Universe Connect support for Data Analyzer is on the pipeline, but we cannot yet commit when it will be released.


Q: You should develop a WEBI conversion into SAC. It will ease the adoption and migration. Not need to re develop 100’s of webi reports in SAC

A:   Please do use the Influence portal to raise this point if you haven’t already:

Please vote and share –>


Q: What does “limited availability” mean (in regards to Ariba, on one of the slides)

A: Limited availability means that it is yet to be made generally available to the market. so some select customers are part of this market introduction effort.


Q: Is it plan to “convert” business content on the new data model?

A: I imagine that over time, newer packages will be developed using the new model. i can’t comment if the older packages will be upgraded to leverage it, but probably this will happen once there is full parity.


Q: On one page you mentioned Commenting on Live BW planned for Q2/2022. But I can’t find this one in the road map explorer. So is it still in discussion or will it come in Q2?

A: Will need to look into this



Adding LDC (live data connection) to Data Analyzer is highly important


Matrix of business content templates


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