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Author's profile photo Justine Angeles

SAP PaPM Cloud: Let us talk about Integration


Hi Everyone,

2021 is almost ending, and SAP Profitability and Performance Management made sure to leave a memorable mark by releasing the Cloud version. From the time it got released in May until this moment, we are very pleased by your curiosity towards this solution, which fueled us, experts, to write informative blogpost about it too — week after week after week. . . .

As one of my final blogposts this year concerning SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud), let me quickly answer an important question you have concerning the integration between SAP PaPM OP & SAP PaPM CLOUD.

What can serve as the bridge between my two SAP Profitability and Performance Management Solutions?

As SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud has SAP HANA Cloud as its underlying database, seemless connection to several sources and databases has been easier. Hmmm, what made me say that?

If you are not yet aware, SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA have these data accessing methods offered such as Smart Data Access (SDA) and Smart Data Integration (SDI) which are both capable to not just access SAP datasources but also made it possible to access even non-SAP sources and databases.

Since these methods are fully established and have several blogposts already, instead of me showing you how to create connections, let me share with you instead the documentations published by experts that helped me learn how to set SDA/SDI properly.

Also I have bumped into these nice step-by-step instructions prepared by SAP

After these collection of articles and documentations, I trust that you are now fully confident with connecting your On-Premise Datasources to Cloud?



So we just answered the initial question, didn’t we?

What can serve as the bridge between my two SAP Profitability and Performance Management Solutions?

Answer: Smart Data Access as it performs both buffering and real-time replication, then incase for any reason this option is not available for the source you are connecting into then Smart Data Integration should be used.


Since the holiday spirit is in the air, aside from answering above question, let me give you a bonus tip and trick on how I will do the connection from setup to reading in the modeling screen of PaPM Cloud. (This is just one example on how you can do it)

  1. Login as Admin to the underlying SAP HANA Cloud Database of SAP PaPM Cloud.
  2. Create SDA or SDI Connection pointing to the underlying database of SAP PAPM 3.0
  3. Create a HANA View for the SDA/SDI datasource you want to access, to make the data accessible to SAP PaPM Cloud
  4. Ensure that the default schema of SAP PaPM Cloud is then having the rights to read on the HANA View from Step 3.
  5. Consume this HANA View via Administrations > Connections in SAP PaPM Cloud.
  6. In the modeling screen of SAP PaPM Cloud create a Model View Hana View and successfully consume the data


I hope this mini blogpost helped you be more comfortable in making your On-Premise data accessible to SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud. Thank you for visiting my blogposts this year and for continously suggesting topics that will be interesting for our community.


In case we dont meet anymore this year, I wish you all Happy Holidays and stay safe.

See you again soon!!!

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      Author's profile photo Edwin Romero
      Edwin Romero


      Is there a simple way to send SAC-Planning data (plan data) to PaPM cloud to execute plan allocations, and then show the allocations results in SAC-Planning?

      We are proposing a process that includes the delivery of plan data (SAC-P) to the PaPM cloud to execute some allocations processes, but as I far know SAC Planning storage the plan data in an internal cloud db and PaPM use HANA cloud. Is there a live or import connection to do this?


      Author's profile photo Thomas Boerner
      Thomas Boerner

      Hi Edwin,

      On the roadmap of SAC Planning you can find an item for an open API for exporting data to other consumers. It's planned for Q2 2022. Once available, we plan to also use it for PaPM enabling scenarios as you describe. This should become available in Q3 or Q4 2022.

      Best regards, Thomas.


      Author's profile photo Randeep Singh
      Randeep Singh

      Excellent blog, thanks for sharing.

      In case where datasource is SAP ECC system (not on HANA), will SDA/SDI be the recommended option to send data to PaPM (On Premise /Cloud) ?




      Author's profile photo Thomas Boerner
      Thomas Boerner

      Hi Randeep,

      SDA and SDI work also well for data sources not running on HANA and are recommend also here. However, certain releases and support package levels of the other database might be required.

      Best regards, Thomas.


      Author's profile photo Loukas Karabelas
      Loukas Karabelas

      I wonder if using Cloud Connector instead of a direct SDA is an option. I tried to do it in a customer, but I can't find the HANA DB Cloud instance details, so I can enable use of SCC. The HDB embedded in PaPM is not visible in the Subaccount subsciptions and instances. There is access with HANA Explorer in tenant level, but not on Instance level


      Author's profile photo EMANUELE FUMEO

      Hi Loukas,

      please have a look at this new blog post, I think it might be interesting for you:

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Loukas Karabelas
      Loukas Karabelas

      Hi Emanuele

      That's to the point, many thanks. I'll try out DP agent.

      FYI, meanwhile I had customer to open a ticket about this and the reply from Support was that, in fact they plan to enable Cloud Connector access from PaPM internal DB, so SCC will be an option