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Focus on Insight -The foundation for Inclusion

In today’s business world, we are dealing with the diversity of geographies, time zones, age, gender, abilities, neurodiversity, ways of life, culture, religion and so much more.  This makes an inclusive work culture today all that more conscious an effort, and the only way forward is to lead with an intent to be inclusive and accessible to all. 

 So how can we know whether or not we are being inclusive of our colleagues?  How does one know if someone is being stereotyped, treated unfairly, or discriminated against at the workplace?  What are some of the signs to look out for?

Whenever one encounters someone behaving in a way that seems atypical/uncalled for – a sharp comment, surprising stubbornness,  or general unresponsiveness – it is highly likely that something has put the person in defense mode.  Understanding our collective needs and fears at a human level will help you to become more adept at figuring out whether you are inadvertently pushing someone’s hot buttons and therefore creating a feeling of exclusion. 

At SAP, we strive towards representing the diversity of the society and be the most inclusive Company on the planet.   For this,  the Inclusion, fairness, and respect are key factors in the workplace, especially within the workplace. Noticing if these social needs are being met, acknowledging them, and offering a solution is instrumental in fostering an inclusive environment.  

Diversity training not only helps to understand the diversity of your workforce but also offers actionable steps that allow us to overcome our inherent biases and engage in a way that is kind and inclusive towards everyone. 

My favorite part of “Focus on Insight” training  in SAP’s  learning e-module is the LENS approach which is a four-step process that allows you to create inclusion in any scenario. This approach helped me understand that while each of us is unique we still have many commonalities.  In our learning, the same frame work is applied in different diverse settings and helps us understand this in a story tell, experiential format. 

We are here because of our differences and not despite them.  When we bring our whole selves to work, we are most engaged and involved with heightened creativity and innovation.  By respecting those around us for their uniqueness, respecting a different perspective, providing a fair opportunity fosters an inclusive culture and drives innovation.  

Inclusion starts with “I” and “Focus on Insight” helps you heighten your awareness towards diversity and inclusion and what “I” (you) can do about it!  If you are at SAP, reach out to your success map  and go through the e-module that is self paced. 

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      Author's profile photo Yash Agrawal
      Yash Agrawal

      Thank you Annice for sharing. 🙂

      The LENS approach still helps me when I find myself in retrospect.