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How SAP Integration Enhances Customer Experience

If you want to maintain a competitive edge and enhance your customer experience, you can’t keep relying on inconsistent data dispersed over disconnected systems. You need to work with real-time data.

Real-time data availability will empower your sales reps, customer service, and support teams, enabling them to meet each client’s needs, build trust, and supercharge your sales.

That’s where SAP integration comes in. Integrating your on-premise and cloud systems with an SAP solution will enable all your apps to communicate with one another seamlessly. You and your teams will have access to real-time data necessary for meeting consumer demands, thus improving their satisfaction with your business and turning them into brand advocates.

Here are the essential steps to take to ensure your SAP integration elevates the customer experience. 

Enable Self-Service for Better Support

According to the latest customer experience statistics, 67% of consumers prefer self-service over speaking to a live agent.

That’s because they find self-service faster and more convenient. They can resolve any issue quickly and avoid being transferred from one department to the next.

Offering self-service options can help you reduce churn, improve satisfaction, and save time for your customer service reps. Adding an SAP integration solution to the system will allow your customers to access the real-time information necessary for addressing all their pain points.

Provide Access to Accurate Order History

Keeping an accurate order history is vital for your business, but it can also benefit your customers. If they have access to all their purchases, they can make any potential changes, track their orders in real-time, and estimate delivery time. As a result, your team will deal with fewer calls on status updates.

Additionally, having access to order history will enable your buyers to reorder the same items seamlessly.

If they ever lose a receipt that may be necessary for proof of purchase when contacting technical support, your team can look it up and find it in seconds. With self-service, your customers can even locate them on their own.

Empower Your Support Team with Real-Time Sales Data

When a customer faces any issue with your product or service or has additional questions right after the purchase, your support team should have all the information at their fingertips. That’s why it’s paramount to provide them with access to real-time sales data, which is where every SAP integration shines.

You can connect your CRM and help desk software to ensure your support agents work with real-time customer data that will help them personalize and expedite their service and solve every problem without a hitch.

Even if someone contacts them mere minutes after a sale goes through, they will already have all the information for resolving the issue.

Reduce Customer Service Response and Resolution Times

As you know, slow customer service response and resolution times make for poor experiences that can nudge people toward your competitors.

Suppose they have trouble getting a live agent on the phone or keep getting transferred between different agents, having to explain their problem repeatedly. In that case, they might end up taking their business elsewhere.

With SAP integration, your service reps will have access to real-time information from every call or help desk ticket. People won’t have to wait to speak with the same agent they’ve interacted with earlier because all agents will have the data in front of them.

As a result, you’ll reduce wait times significantly and ensure every problem gets resolved quickly. That’s what consumers expect, after all.

Integrate Live Chat and an IVR System

The latest live chat statistics show that 50% of consumers prefer live chat to phone support, partly because they don’t have to wait (34%) and partly because it’s more convenient (27%).

Furthermore, 63% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that features live chat, while 60% of consumers expect an instant response when contacting a business via live chat.

Live chat is an important feature, but what about the other 50% of consumers who prefer speaking with a support representative over the phone when experiencing a problem?

You need to set up a call center, but you probably can’t have live agents available 24/7. That’s where an IVR system comes in.

With a robust IVR system, you can provide support during off-hours, close inquiries faster, enable more effective routing, resolve issues proactively, and collect vital caller data that your agents can use to resolve various issues.

With your SAP integration, you can build a streamlined phone system for CRM software to boost your agents’ efficiency and accuracy and supercharge customer experiences.

Integrate Your CRM with a Quoting System

Generating sales quotes can take a lot of time, which doesn’t bode well for your prospects’ experiences. But, when your sales teams deal with loads of data dispersed over multiple systems, they can’t generate accurate quotes particularly quickly.

That’s why you should integrate your CRM with a quoting system, which is another process you can streamline with your SAP integration. You’ll be able to send out accurate quotes quickly, as your sales reps won’t have to jump through hoops to access the latest, up-to-date information for generating custom quotes.

Offer an Omnichannel Customer Experience

The latest PWC report revealed that 80% of companies jumped on the omnichannel train in 2020. A decade ago, only 20% of companies invested in omnichannel customer experiences.

Adobe even found that companies with the most powerful omnichannel engagement strategies make 25% more closed deals, witness 10% higher average order values, and experience a 10% year-over-year growth.

Enabling leads, prospects, and customers to get in touch with you on various channels (e.g., email, phone, live chat, social media, etc.) will improve their experience considerably. The more options they have to contact you, the happier they’ll ultimately be.

Since SAP integration lets you connect all your systems, it can enhance the buying experience to the next level and help inspire long-term loyalty with existing clients.


SAP integration is fantastic for improving customer experiences, but it’s just a starting point of your ongoing efforts. Make sure your teams understand the importance of providing exceptional service and support at all times and that integrated solutions are only there to save time and help maintain a sharp competitive edge.

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