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Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy

Cross delivery handling unit in TM & EWM integration in S/4HANA 2021 Release

Cross delivery handling unit means a packing box (like carton) containing products from multiple deliveries as shown in below image. Carton P contains product A and B from two deliveries X and Y respectively.

Cross delivery handling unit is supported in SAP Extended warehouse management (EWM) , however it was NOT supported in Transportation management ( TM ) till S/4HANA 2020 release.  This limitation has now been eliminated in S/4HANA 2021 release. My present blog is to discuss on this new capability of Cross delivery handling unit with TM – EWM integration in S/4HANA 2021 release.

A typical flow for TM -EWM integration with S/4HANA is illustrated in below image. Note that the below image shows with embedded TM and TM , however this TM-EWM integration is also applicable for ERP ECC with decentral EWM and Stand alone TM also. Refer the below URL for my blogs on many other capabilities of TM & EWM.

Below image shows that the Transportation unit 6100002731 of EWM comprises 2 deliveries 80002631 and 80002632 with a single SSC handling unit 811234567000000296 . HU is also flagged (or indicated) as Cross delivery handling unit.

LDAP from EWM to TM updates freight order in TM and the item hierarchy of freight order 6100002731 shows a single package containing 2 freight units as in below image.

EWM updates ERP for the packing or handling information and the below image from ERP shows the handling unit 811234567000000296 with 2 deliveries 80002631 and 80002632.

One of the pre-requisites for this cross delivery handling unit is to ensure the same consolidation group in EWM for the corresponding deliveries. Below image shows that both the deliveries 80002631 and 80002632 have the same consolidation group 1000002385 in EWM, otherwise system will throw error while packing 2 deliveries in same handling unit in EWM.

This capability of cross delivery handling unit with TM-EWM integration will facilitate to optimize the carton capacity.

This blog is based on my personal tests , observations , insights in S/4HANA 2021 release. Will appreciate your feedback / comments.


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      Author's profile photo Patrick Dörr
      Patrick Dörr

      Thanks very much Mrinal Kanti Roy  for sharing your insights here. If this process is based on LDAP updates technically, so the advanced license for TM seems to be required here, right? Br Patrick

      Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Patrick,

      TM EWM integration with EWM TU requires adv license.

      With regards,


      Author's profile photo Nasir Ahamid Chapparband
      Nasir Ahamid Chapparband

      Hi Mrinal,

      Thank you so much for sharing these insights, just wondering for a given scenario how it will differ when you have embedded TMS with Decentralized EWM?



      Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nasir,

      Logically the scenario will be similar for embedded TMS with Decentralized EWM, however I have not yet tested that scenario.

      With regards,


      Author's profile photo Guatam S
      Guatam S

      Thanks, Mrinal for sharing this cross HU blog.

      One small query- can we expect  HU number which  update in freight order on the top of both FU will eventually propagate to individual freight units as well.

      I tried this functionality but didn't find HU at Freight unit level



      Gautam S

      Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gautam,

      Yes, HU number does NOT appear in FU.

      With regards,


      Author's profile photo Koen Van Antenhove
      Koen Van Antenhove

      Dear Mrinal,

      We have been reviewing this process prior to the 2021 version.
      Can you share your insights on cross delivery handling units prior to the 2021 version.

      What was possible, and what wasn't. Are there any blocking issues prior to the 2021 version?




      Author's profile photo Stalin Etay
      Stalin Etay

      Nice blog Mrinal Kanti Roy. One quick question, does the Cross-Delivery HU concept work with Advanced Shipping & receiving?

      Author's profile photo M. Brian Carter
      M. Brian Carter

      Hi Stalin,

      This appears to be solved in S/4HANA 2022 with the Advanced S&R:



      Author's profile photo Varun Gambhir
      Varun Gambhir

      Thanks Mrinal, its a nice blog.

      Just want to check, if the Cross Delivery HU will also work with ASR (Advanced Shipping & Receiving) in SAP S4HANA 2021 Embedded system?

      Author's profile photo M. Brian Carter
      M. Brian Carter

      Hi Varun,

      This is documented restriction in the S/4HANA 2021 release:

      ...but it appears to be solved in the 2022 release: 

      I haven't personally tested it, but the note referenced above indicates: "The usage of cross delivery packed handling units is supported by TM in a way, that local packages are generated to the respective Freight Order document."




      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      So, if you call your HU the truck, you could make the milk run.
      Question - will two deliveries need to be to the same Sold-to party or could be to the totally different sold-to parties?
      Then, how will you PGI to the correct Payer/Ship-to?
      Also, if one Customer cancels the delivery, could I assign another delivery instead, i.e. replace the Customer within the HU, which is the truck