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Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office supports now “KEEP FORMULA ON DATA ”: one feature that makes a BIG difference !

The preservation of Microsoft Excel formulas in Add-in reports provides great advantages in PLANNING scenarios that I think it’s important to detail.

Indeed, from early November, planners can reference standard Excel formulas in our Add-in Excel grid and keep it after data refresh.

Let’s explore 3 major  functional use cases that are now opened with this

  • Reference in SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD grid aside Excel calculation :

This will help to integrate SAP Analytics Cloud and your own Excel KPIs, as it is now possible to plan in our Add -in grid referencing any external data from Excel.

This will also limit the need of Calculated Measures in the model as the data is calculated via a native Excel formula, and its result is written back to SAP Analytics Cloud on real time.

See one example where a Discount % entered in Standard Excel, (as part of pure Excel Margin calculation) is written back to SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD and can be published.Price and Volume are also referenced by a formula.

  • Reference another SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD Model:

Using in-cell Excel formulas opens also the possibility to “bind”  and plan in two models, referencing one or several data from one model into the other one.

See one example where a measure “Gross Revenue- Plan “in a Financial Model (Model 2) is fed by a calculated planned “Gross revenue “from anther operational planning Model (Model 1).

  • Use a Pixel Perfect Report for Data entry in SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD

Finally, this feature opens great opportunities to planners who want to keep their own Complex Excel Templates for Data entry.

In that case, data entry is performed in Standard excel and the link to SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD can be transparent to the users via in cells-based formula.

 See one example where a standard Pixel perfect report (Standard excel at the top, in green) is used to plan data in SAP Analytics Cloud (Add-in report at the bottom in blue).

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      Author's profile photo Christoph Tillmann
      Christoph Tillmann

      Great - maybe best - feature! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Jim Mooney
      Jim Mooney

      When will the help site reflect the current release, add-in version installed

      is 2022.2.132 but help is still only on 2021.24

      Author's profile photo Garrett Tedeman
      Garrett Tedeman

      This is an absolutely key feature.  Kudos to the SAC dev team on this one for sure!