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Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal

Earning “SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager” qualification

If you are interested in SAP Cloud Solutions and want to earn an additional qualification on top of your existing solution specific achievements, you should consider “SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager”.


SAP Certified Specialist – SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager

Activate Training – Relevant Courses

The relevant courses to prepare for the exam are similar to the main C_ACTIVATE13 certification, which are

  • ACT100 and
  • ACT200

Activate Qualifications – Topic Areas’ Differences

The main difference, as you can see in the comparison provided below, between the two tests is about the transition paths.


Topic Areas of E_ACTCLD_21 and C_ACTIVATE13 Certification Exams

The E_ACTCLD_21 focuses on the “New Implementation SAP S/4HANA Cloud”, unlike the other certification which requires you to learn about on-premise solution journey too.

Course Content Differences – Earlier and New Versions of Activate Methodology 

If you attended training on earlier version(s) of the methodology, such as C_ACTIVE05 (as I did and explained in the Earning “SAP Activate Project Manager” Certification blog), please take note of the differences in ACT100 content.

The latest course version (13) provides a separate learning unit on the ‘Workstreams’, which is helpful in understanding role specific activities too.

For instance, if we look at the “Customer Team Enablement”, in addition to explaining the Enablement Options, you also learn about the activities performed by each of the roles, such as the Team Training Coordinator from Customer IT performs the following activities;

  • Approval of target groups and curricular proposed by Education Services Consultant.
  • Control training and attestation/certification attendance.
  • Collect and follow-up on feedback from trainers and trainees on training and certification.
  • Control achievement of the competence level required.

The other roles within the workstream, as described in the course book are Education Services Expert and Trainer (Implementation Partner), and Trainee (Customer Business, Customer IT). 

In the previous course version (005), you could find the workstream related roles and activities by journey and phase.

Overall, the new ACT100 course is structured in 6 units, which provides the SAP Activate introduction, overview, and elements first and then explains the workstreams and transition paths.

Certification Exam

The E_ACTCLD_21 exam, in terms of questions and time, is half the length of C_ACTIVATE13. It requires you to attempt 40 questions in 1.5 hours, and provide correct answers to at least 26 to pass the exam.

You can take the exam through the Certification Hub, which has two subscription options:

After passing the exam, like other SAP certifications, you earn a digital badge.


SAP Activate Cloud Project Manager

Ready to take the exam? If you have questions about its training, let us – the community, know for answers. All the best!


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      Author's profile photo Gerhard Zotl
      Gerhard Zotl

      Dear Faisal,

      thanks for your post.

      I am currently preparing for E_ACTCLD_21 certification and have one question (hope this is the right place for it).

      Within ACT100 unit 5, lesson 1 there are workstream specifics by phases described. Within corresponding tables there are artifacts listed by workstream. Its not clear to me where to find more about these artifacts? As I would understand these artifacts are an outcome of tasks within these workstream I would expect to have them included within project plan and described on roadmap viewer?

      So how is the link between these tables and roadmap viewer?

      Thanks a lot!



      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gerhard Zotl

      As an example, let's look at the SAP Activate Methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Project Plan, as stated in the specifics of Discover Phase and Project Management Workstream. The Artifact is SAP Methodology Content (Roadmap Viewer).

      The activity here within the Partner Demonstration Landscape (Partner) is Request Demonstration Landscape (detail can be seen by clicking at the link). Now look at the Project Plan which states it in 1.2.1  (please see the image below).


      To understand it better, you'll need to refer to Unit 4 too which provides details on the workstream specific roles, tools, accelerators etc. in detail.

      I hope I have answered your question, and that other experts also can shed light on the topic.

      All the best with the exam preparation 🙂

      Author's profile photo Gerhard Zotl
      Gerhard Zotl

      Dear Faisal,

      thanks for your explanation!

      I have also one example 😉


      Unit 5, Lesson 1, Workstream Design and Configuration

      Here you can see artifact "Application Management Strategy (L0)". What does L0 mean, could not find a explanation of all the abbreviations?



      Unit 4, Lesson 2, Artifacts flow

      In Unit 4 - as you proposed - I checked and found this artifact within the flow, but no further description.

      Comparing with project plan:


      Project plan, discover phase

      there is no Application Management Strategy (L0)? I can only guess, maybe this is part of the topic "Define the Implementation Strategy"?

      Comparing with roadmap viewer:


      Design and Configuration, Discover phase

      here there is as well no description of the artifact Application Management Strategy?

      There is also no accelerator which could be used to create this artifact?



      Unit 5, Lesson 1, Design and Configuration - Explore Phase

      There is an artifact "Application Security Strategy (L1)" mentioned, whereas in Unit 4 Artifacts flow I could not find this artifact? What does L1 mean?


      So in the end it seems it does not fit?

      And there are artifacts mentioned without a clear description of content and without reference to roadmap viewer or project plan?

      Thanks a lot for any help ! 🙂



      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gerhard Zotl

      Let's discuss your example then 😉

      The artifact is created using SAP Digital Discovery (as mentioned in the Specifics). Its detail (including the procedural steps and links to the accelerators) can be seen at the Roadmap viewer by filtering the content (selecting Discover Phase and Application Design and Configuration workstream). To be able to use the referred tool and to complete the activity, you'll need to register. 

      Within the project plan, you can find the reference at the line 1.3.1.

      Now with regards to the Application Management Strategy artifact, this would be created by completing the activities referred in the artifacts flow, as it's part of solution scoping (end-to-end/modular processes in project scope).

      The explanation (in the manual) will be better understood when all of the related workstreams are also read. For instance, the Technical Strategy (sizing) requires Application Management Strategy, each of which has different levels (depending on the project phase), L0, L1 etc.

      The content fits very well but has to be read multiple times. And if anything isn't clear, you can raise it to the SAP Community. Here we have many subject matter experts, and learners (like me), who love such discussions 😀

      Author's profile photo Siddhesh Kandalgaonkar
      Siddhesh Kandalgaonkar

      Thanks Faisal.

      The Certification details say -

      • It is strongly recommended that candidates are in possession of an SAP Implementation Associate Consultant certification.

      Does it mean we need C_ACTIVATE13 certification before appearing for E_ACTCLD_21?

      Even though it's just a recommendation but better to have clarity. Which Implementation Associate Consultant certification is recommended here exactly?



      Siddhesh K.


      Author's profile photo Hanna Mazurkevich
      Hanna Mazurkevich

      Hello Siddhesh Kandalgaonkar , did you happen to find an answer to your question?

      As I see now it states

      Prerequisite Certification

      To be eligible for this exam, you must have passed one of the following certification exams: C_ARCIG.

      But the  SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway seems to be completely unrelated to this certification.